Friday 8 November 2019

Happy Friday!!

Well folks, I’ve no idea why my blog is only allowing me to type in the centre, but it is!! Let’s see what happens when I press post!’

I’ve had a smashing day today. The wonderful Ali joined our Hochanda family. It was so good to work with her again. She’s brilliant. Our fab Abs was in, along with the seriously talented Tracey. Our Dee was launching her brand new stamps as well this evening. She’s such a love - and another very talented person. We had a house full. Good innit!!

I’m now packed and ready for the weekend. Trotting off to Brighton!! Whoop whoop. I’ve got a workshop on Sunday (spaces still available if you fancy joining us - just drop Mandy an email to: ).It’s the last one before the new year. Gosh, that makes me realise how close Christmas is!! Gulp.

Right, that was a quick update wasnt it.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and I really hope you are all safe and not effected by the terrible floods.


Monday 14 October 2019


It’s been more than a while since I posted on my blog. I honestly didn’t think the last time was February however! Good grief, where has spring and summer gone! Well, that’s that, the leaves are turning, and the rivers are bubbling away over their banks - and the heating is on.

You find me with just Dave the dog to keep me company. Sadly I had to let my beautiful Dylan go, which broke my heart, and I know Dave has missed him. He was 14, and really struggling to walk. But those eyes, still bright and happy. It’s such a tough decision isn’t it. I had him since he was born, so 14 years of happiness, which absolutely makes the sadness of his passing utterly bearable. Dave is loving the extra hugs, and the longer walks. He’s even taken to barking when he’s excited, which used to be his brothers job!

Work is still fantastic. I love my job. I’ve had a number of one day specials, which have meant I’ve been able to work with Jane Davenport and La Blanche goodies. I’m incredibly lucky! My Let Loose shows are still going strong, and we have introduced quite a few brand new companies to Hochanda, which is always exciting.

My stencils and grey board shapes 

Let Leonie Loose AALL and Create 

Leonie Pujol designs stamps and stencil and grey board

Let leonie Loose - Colouricious 

ODS Jane Davenport

Leonie pujol designs stencils stamps and greyboard

Of course, we also have very exciting news, our website is up and running! Mandy has sussed it out and is adding stock all the time. I hope you can pop on to have a nosey. If there’s anything you would like to see, just drop us a line. You’ll find the web site here

As usual, I’m going to promise to try and keep my blog updated.....fingers crossed xxxx. Happy crafting folks 

Monday 25 February 2019


So, today, we should have been celebrating my son, Jacob, 11th birthday. 

It often puts me in a quandary as to whether I should share this on public media, or keep things private. I really respect people who keep their private lives private, and question my reasons for making things public. However, yesterday at the craft show in Stevenage a lovely lady came over to see me who had lost her husband just a year ago. He used to drive her to the show, but this time she did it alone. The drive, the show and faced those overwhelming emotions. Which is such an achievement. Personally it meant a lot to me, as she told me she had watched me on tv and decided if I could smile and get on, then so could she. And in that moment I realised the potential of sharing - not just the good times, but the struggles, the hurt, and the loss. We all go through it, and if we can give a little comfort, inspiration or just a feeling of unity then that is a very positive outcome to something that has the potential to break us.

So, here I am. I definitely don’t seek sympathy. I’m okay. I’m sad, and cry (a lot!!), but I’m okay. This time the void Jacob left seems a little deeper, a little wider. It is accentuated because I am still grieving my sister, and her upcoming 40th birthday just breaks my heart. And of course, there’s always more to each story. The details which make grieving more complicated than it should be. 

All this said, I trundled downstairs with my dogs, Dylan smiling away even though his arthritis makes first thing in the  morning a bit of a struggle. He made me smile. The day is looking beautiful. I’m going seeing my friend, and then have work from home, but it’s playing with graphic 45 (I know, work right!!). So, although the sadness lingers in my heart, it can be also be filled with gratitude, love and joy.

To my readers, thank you. For those messages. For coming and seeing me at the shows and being so kind. But also, for sharing with me. It’s important isn’t it, after all, we’re in this together. And maybe that’s the most important reason I write this, to remind you you’re not alone, because sometimes it does feel that way doesn’t it. It’s going to be okay. 

Now, let’s get those dogs out and enjoy some blue sky therapy xxxxx

Saturday 10 November 2018


Well folks, the end of the year is fast approaching, and we just have a couple of workshops remaining before we wrap them up for this year and prepare for the next.

Next week we are going to be visiting Guildford again on Saturday. And then on Sunday we will be doing a split workshop with the very talented Anne Ruffles in Rottingdean.

I think there’s spaces available, if you contact our Mandy she’ll be able to give you more details. Email or ring on:

I’ll share next years dates with you tomorrow. Well, I say that, but we do have Nigel Mays 50th birthday bash tonight....what are the chances of me sharing anything! Fingers crossed though 😁