Saturday, 10 November 2018


Well folks, the end of the year is fast approaching, and we just have a couple of workshops remaining before we wrap them up for this year and prepare for the next.

Next week we are going to be visiting Guildford again on Saturday. And then on Sunday we will be doing a split workshop with the very talented Anne Ruffles in Rottingdean.

I think there’s spaces available, if you contact our Mandy she’ll be able to give you more details. Email or ring on:

I’ll share next years dates with you tomorrow. Well, I say that, but we do have Nigel Mays 50th birthday bash tonight....what are the chances of me sharing anything! Fingers crossed though 😁

Sunday, 28 October 2018



Just wow.

Well, okay, I need to write a little more than that!! I couldn’t post yesterday as my app refused to work. It’s still playing up, so I’m hoping this actually posts and doesn’t disappear into the ether.

We arrived yesterday and hit the ground running. Which was perfect, as otherwise we would have all collapsed on bed and woke up at stupid o clock. Instead we went to a textile factory. The work is sensational. They are so talented. India is challenging - as we know - in that we see these amazing fabrics being printed and hand stitched. Months of work. For which the artists will receive very little. And then we here the customers are designer labels who sell them for a small fortune. The division of wealth in the world is sickening.

But it is humbling. Everyone looked happy. They seem so chilled out. The kids loved us being there. Smiling, chatting and fearless. Obviously that was my perspection. The reality maybe very different. But it felt like an incredible privilege to be there.

The sights are amazing. Driving around india is hilarious. But, when we had to cross the road, people do kinda stop. I say kinda. You have to take a leap of faith at times, but it’s mad yet fabulous.

It looks manic, yet the feel is a certain calm. The beeping is okay. The pushing is fine. It’s all no problem.

Block printing. Amazing. Loved it. The workers helped us out (although going “off piste” wasn’t the way!!). We then went to see the blocks being hand made, which again was mind blowing.

We have a really inspirational group of people travelling with us as well. It’s so nice to be surrounded by so many interesting people, from so many different backgrounds. I’ve loved getting to know people and heading their stories.

I’ll share some  photos, but there’s so many, so I’ll have to wait until my blogger is working properly.  Have a look on Facebook and Instagram, if you can, I’ll pop lots more on there over the 10 days.

I knew I’d love India.

I do.

I love this place

Friday, 26 October 2018

Colouricious block printing trip to Jaipur

Eeeek, we’re off! 

So excited. Myself and my chum Jenny are being tour leaders on this incredible journey. We will be visiting villages which make the blocks, seeing the masters at work, and doing workshops to learn the skills. Plus so much more besides.

I will pop photos on here, and let you know about our travels. 

Before then I’ve been to see my gorgeous little nephew, who’s such a wonderful little boy. And of course I’ve been working, which is brill. I’ll share a few photos.

The workshops are all still all going ahead, we’ve got the next on in Guildford on the 17th, and then a joint workshop on the 18th, with the talented Anne Ruffles. That will be held in Rottingdean.

If you would like to join us, then please drop Mandy a line on:

Okay, loo break (to much info!! 😃)

Teaching Charlie the joy of paint!!

Carabelle on let loose last Wednesday 

Packing for Jaipur 😃

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Staithes art festival


I did pretty rubbish at the daily blog post didn’t I!! I have excuses... I was ILL. Only a cold, but mother did it floor me. I suppose it’s because I’ve been run down, so it sneaked in. I think I’ve avoided a chest infection....fingers crossed!! So maybe trotting off up to Staithes wasn’t a great idea....but it seemed like the best medicine I could think of. Art. Good company. Beautiful scenery. Good energy. It’s the best way to mend.

The lovely Carolyn opened up her house to us, and we descended with paints, stamps, inks and goodness!! And within hours the house was unrecognisable. 

Myself, Lou, Kaye, Emma, the two Tamara’s and Carolyn chatted and crafted, then on Saturday trotted into Staithes for the festival. It’s utterly stunning. Beautiful little town. I love the quirky little alleys, the mix of architecture, and of course the wonderful views. Even better, a lot of the houses have been taken over by artists, so you can nosey inside the houses at the same time as looking at art!! Perfect combo.

There’s so much incredible art on display, it’s fantastic to see so much talent.

I better stop waffling as I can hear through my very muffled ears, the ladies are up and about, but I’ll share some pics.

Take care xxxx

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Another birthday then.....

First, I’d like to say thank you for all the lovely comments regarding me joining the clarity team. It’s so exciting, and couldn’t come at a better time. I read all your comments, thank you 😊

Before I crack on with work, this weekend saw another birthday. It’s a birthday month for our little family. Charlie, my auntie, me, then mum. All within the week. And of course the first lot of birthdays without my sister. It was a tough one. Thankfully I spent a full day with Charlie. He’s such a wonderful child, and he made me realise I want to be the best person I possibly can for him. I want to have adventures, explore and make sure he’s a happy bunny. I’ve also taught him great stuff like cold beans, blowing bubbles in his milk shake and dipping crisps in his soup!! Haha, his dads loving it!!

I did have loads of fun with the girls as well. I’ve said it before, and hopefully I’ll never stop saying it...I’ve got some good mates. Such a tonic.

Now, work. I’m sitting to design this evening, and have a great LLL show planned for this Wednesday, so will be back in my lovely workshop here in sunny Brighton, to prep. 

In the meantime, I figured I’d share some photos, as I know Ive been rubbish putting my makes on here recently. This week I’m going to try a bit harder....go on, put on your bets. Let’s see how many days I can achieve!

Here’s some cards made using the fabulous stamps from AALL and create. I love their designs, they’re so cool.