Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Alice and Leonie's London Adventure

Off our ladies trotted, surprisingly on time, to get their train.  Gin in the tin suitably chilled, tickets printed....of sorts!

The gin fizzed, as did the Pimms - all over Alice's dress unfortunately.  There began the days stainage.

Our adventurers formed their plan, and set off to The Underground.  They managed to alight and depart their carriage without incident - unlike the lady who misjudged the ferocity of the doors which clammed her in place by her buttocks.  Her friend pushed and shoved without success, and eventually she had to reverse and give in.  Alice and Leonie did find exiting The Underground a little tricky - but managed to find light after a few circuits.


They meandered, taking in lovely shops, glow in the dark ducks, badges, dresses, frozen yoghurt, strawberry bellinis, and eventually came to their first destination. Waterloo Station.  The art installation they had decided to visit had, of course, finished, days earlier.  However, they snook into the venue, stamping themselves to prove they were allowed. They chanced upon a fabulous chair, surrounded by space.  And a strangely illuminated table.

Chair (behind Alice)

Table of light


They had a little look at the fabulous street art, and breathed deeply to take in the paint spray fumes, then skipped out of the tunnels.
Alice, fumes, stainage and street art

Luckily they chanced upon a very lovely Cafe Bar, which had two perfect seats in the sunshine, right next to the rubbish bins. A few beers later, and plans in place for their very own amazing and quirky bar, off our ladies set, to Somerset House.

Near death by taxi reminded our girls, London can be a scary place! 

Eventually access was gained to Somerset House.  The Posh(er) tickets allowed our ladies to obtain free drinks.  They dined on expensive, but rather delicious,  houmous, breads and cheese, then took their places (and a little more prosecco) to shake their thang to the amazing Kelis.
All the boxes of empty food

Kelis - funk and souling it up

A jolly smashing time was had, but the clocks chimed and our girls had to leg it to catch their train.  Without a moment to spare, they managed to clamber aboard, popping themselves in first class, to catch their breath....the nice ticket man seemed fine with the tiny photograph of the tickets purchased, hooray! A relaxing journey home.

First Class joy...!!

Our ladies had a little meander to Asda, with the hope of a 24 shop, but were met with shutters.  No party could be found at the home of Matteous, so home our girls trotted, not taking up the rather obvious advances of a fellow drink hunter who stopped his car for a little chat!

Hot chocolate, with a cheeky Baileys chaser, rounded off a very wonderful adventure.

Petal of love

Thank you London.  Thank you Kelis. Thank you Miss Alice, my wonderful partner in crime.

Today I am a Little Greek.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Catch up, then back to work...

Just a little catch up with blogger land. I've had a brilliant few days, feels like I've crammed tonns in. Eer, I have I suppose, that'll be why!! 

We had a send off for our mate Georgie (part of the brilliant c&c team craft), she is working in America for a couple of months - literally swapping over to team Camp America. She'll be missed, but will be back!

I then tootled up north to spend Sunday with my sister, Carl and our mate Marie - and her adorable little boy Jacob. We had such a nice day at tatton park - and it was sunshiney!! Love that sunshine. Caught one arm. Just the one. Not even the full arm - just the forearm. I must have been walking really weird for that to occur?! 

Whilst up north I visited my lovely little gran, 92 next birthday. She's funny, she says she can't walk round the shops and stuff anymore, but honestly, she's amazingly mobile - and trots around the house without her stick. Longevity in these northern bones.

I then visited the lovely Anne-Marie and baby Joseph. Oh man, he is adorable. I had a cuddle, and me and Anne Marie had a good catch up. She's looking amazing. Mark even plays his guitar to Joseph - how cute is that.

Then....I know, there's more!! This is only from Friday night, and I worked late on Saturday!! Anyhow, then me and mr Frisby trotted off to London Town. Had a bloody marvellous day. We had street food in borough market, wine, beer in soho, then went to see the fabulous Angela Lansbury in blithe spirit. What a damn good play. All the actors were amazing. I loved it.

See, crammed!! And now I have to go to work. I don't think I've the energy....shall I ring in sick :) 

Wine o clock:

Awww, lovely little family :)

Baby Joseph in his new swing 

Home....I often forget how amazing it is in rossendale valley. It even smells fresh! And it was pure joy to walk the kids without seeing litter every 100 yards. The dogs had an amazing time.

Marie and little Jacob....haha, he hated having to leave the train

Saturdays fab creations from the clever Katherine 

Me and our sheila :)

awwww, Anthony and his lovely wife

Just one of the beautiful creations from Anthony 

Monday, 19 May 2014

Sunshine and zombie bears

Evening crafters. Loving the sunshine, how nice is it to actually feel the summer sneaking on in! Amazing. I've had a lovely few days as well. Yesterday Kathryn and myself had a brilliant spa day. I absolutely loved it. The treatments were brilliant - I picked it just for the mud, if the truth be known, which was really funny (and my skin did actually feel nice as well!).

I got home and made my zombie bear! Had to do a zombie bear....I mean, who doesn't want a moulding, bloody, and mad zombie bear! I also decorated a watch and a stripey monkey. All in the name of work. It was fun actually.

And then today, another lovely day. Myself and Alice had a walk in the sun with the hairy kids, saw lots if baby birds from ducks, swans and geese. Followed the rules of "sunshine = pints", then had a very lush selection of nibbles. New obsession - fruit in my salad. Looks pretty and tastes damn good as well!

I'll share some pics for you...prepare for scary birds and mud - 

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Ribbon flowers

I'm obsessed with ribbon. I own tonns of the stuff. And will never have enough! It's okay though, it's a very versatile product, so I know I will use the mountains of stash - eventually.

I decided to share one of the projects I wrote for Cardmaking and papercrafts. I like to share them as sometimes you don't get to see the photos in detail. However, the instructions will be in the magazine.

I wanted to use ribbon as my focal point. I picked beautiful grosgrain stripe ribbon as a centre piece on my card, teamed up with a lovely die and sentiment, nothing else is required.

The second sample was made using the fantastic luxury silky crush ribbon. It's soft and pliable, so perfect for making beautiful roses. Because it is so light weight all I simply needed was a little red double sided tape. The rose colour is perfect.

Last, but not least. Spots and more spots. Again, simple strong double sided tape holds the loops of ribbon in place. I began with the white dotty ribbon, followed by reversible red dotty ribbon. In the centre I placed a sentiment and a wonderful, delicate die.

Ribbon is affordable, beautiful and readily available. How's your ribbon mountain?

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Crafty days

Do you ever wonder where a room disappears too when you start to craft? I mean, one moment it's a room. You can see a carpet, there's definitely a table...but give a crafter 1 hour and that's engulfed. Nothing, just craft stuff, is visible. Good job it's fun.

Myself and Alice had a lovely crafty day, I was working on my next project for Cardmaking and papercrafts magazine, which was a good excuse to stick frozen on the telly, get out the chocolate, and get round a crafty mate! Alice is one of the producers at work - one of the voices in our head, and loves crafty/arty stuff.

We dug out the Cinch from We are memory keepers. I've wanted this machine for years - and I should have bought it years ago! It's fab. We could have made books for hours....aaaah, actually we did! Hours. I was absolutely made up with the results. I even managed to do a little bit of cool recycling as well! 

Now, I can't share my photos yet, you will have to watch out for them in the magazine. However, I can prove my sitting room is a tip, and show our happy crafty Alice :)

Friday, 25 April 2014

Creative stitching and lovely stuff!

Hey crafters, I've been meaning to update my blog for days - and thought I'd better get my finger out today as the lovely Sarah Payne is back in the create and craft building today.

Now, why is it essential I blog before Sarah goes on air...because I wanted to blog about our show which now seems ages ago!! 

I was absolutely blown away with the incredible samples Sarah brought in. Sarah makes some beautiful quilts, and her free hand machine embroidery is just stunning. I managed to take loads of photos which I can share with you.

We were selling the fab husqvarna sewing machine, which you will be able to purchase from c&c. If you want to look Sarah up, and maybe get some lessons, then she is on Facebook, she has a blog, and she even owns and runs a shop, Bee Crafty, with the lovely (and equally talented) Julie. 

Both ladies will be with us on c&c today, so please make sure you catch their shows: 11am and 1pm.

Okay, glorious creations to follow:

Friday, 14 March 2014


Getting ready for next weekend prepping using what's got to be my favourite range of dies - I love them all, it's got to be said, but I do extra love the bigz dies from sizzix. I love how they cut through so many different types of material, or through loads of layers if card. With ease. This is particularly fab when your prepping a workshop!!

I can't show you any finished results as yet, but I will pop up plenty of photos after the workshop. For now I'll have to just show you the packaging!!