Friday 29 February 2008

Just a quickie (again)

I have been faffing about for ages trying to get recent photo's on Flickr, so it's now really late and I'm a little to sleepy to babble (hooray). Spent ages just trying to find my "very important pad" (why do I never just put it back in the same place - oh no, has to be somewhere new and incredibly stupid every time - is this just general dizziness or a part of my brain that loves to search for things so makes me hide things and thereby setting up the next game!!!). This is the little red book that I write everyone's details in when I take photographs, I use the term everyone loosely, as that wobbly part of my brain interferes here as well and there will be a lovely card with no idea as to who the artist was.

I have loaded quite a few new photo's along with some work I did for the lovely people at All About Crafts at Stitches (hello to Gill, Andrew and Tom). It was a great show, its great as you bump into so many of your crafty buddies, and lovely to work alongside Liz Welch (check out the link at the bottom of my page if you haven't been lucky enough to see her work - fantastic). Really there's no time for work with all the gossip you need to catch up on - but of course lots of work gets done as well. Great show, and met some really nice people (Alison if you are reading this that really means you!).

Anyway, as promised not to much waffle, I have lots to do tomorrow as I am prepping for QVC on Sunday and my head hasn't been working very well this week so need to get the creative energies flowing - I've already eaten my Easter Egg so looks like it back to the biscuits - thank goodness for chocy biscuits!



Wednesday 6 February 2008

Just a Quick reminder........

I just wanted to pop on and remind members of my club that there is a section entitled "Thank you, no Thank You" specially for all of you who may wish to pop a thank you message when you have received another members ATC. Have a look on the old posting (think it was September, but I could be very wrong).

That was a quickie........I didn't waffle