Tuesday 28 February 2012

Out of order, but....

I wanted to blog today about today, and then blog about the NEC weekend (last weekend) tomorrow, when I've sussed my camera out....so I am!

So today, we did another fantastic trip to great ormond street hospital. We crafted with some brilliant kids, and got to meet the doctor, Suellen, who specialises in the field of pain research, and who will be working in the new neurosensory laboratory.

As usual what an enlightening and emotional visit. Dr Clark is an amazing woman, the new laboratory will be only one of approximately 4 in the world to be a research facility based in the hospital - yet the research done here will benefit children all over the world. And not just children, the work done will actually see how we react to pain, and how that develops later in life (mentally and physically) so therefore things that need to be treated differently or avoided for risk of future negative reactions can be learnt and applied. The work is astounding. Prem babies do not have a developed nervous system and work here has already shown how they react differently compared to full term babies - and how it effects them in later life. I recon pain is something we all know a lot about, so we can all relate to this one, but when you hear about the work being done they really do investigate things in such complexity and depth.

It was such a good visit, what a fantastic hospital. Today it was very busy. For me, it's seeing parents who are visibly upset - as I can directly relate. However we don't go on the wards, I'm pretty sure a baby ward specifically would make me shed more than a few tears. Yet here are all these brave kids, and so many people on so many levels working to help them on every twist and turn on, what must be, such a traumatic and scary time.

Personally I thought today would be tricky emotionally. 5 years ago this week our Jacob was on a life support machine and we hadn't a clue what was going to happen - but i think experiencing such intense emotions just allows me a greater depth of respect for all the staff, and obviously I feel for those poor parents, who have to take every day as it comes.

I'm very proud to be associated with this campaign and really hope we manage to reach the target.

At work we're doing a bake-a-thon. I can't bake, but I can buy and eat - ( obviously only as the cash is for charity :). Hopefully this year we'll be able to do a few more things as well....thinking caps on!!

The GOSH event launches next week on Tuesday - please have a nosey on c&c and ideal world to see if you "need" anything (£1 will be made to GOSH from every order) or can make a donation.

Thank you so much xx

- thank you for popping along and having a read, Leonie

Sunday 19 February 2012

The origin awards

One for the team! Debbie and i collected the award (nope, there wasn't any booze!) :)

Stephy won presenter award, Joanna best cardmaker and indigo blu best stamps. Two more to go


- thank you for popping along and having a read, Leonie


Phew, made it. Chilly in Birmingham! Right, better find the stand. Anyone visiting come and say hello, I'm demoing for crafty notions.

- thank you for popping along and having a read, Leonie

Saturday 18 February 2012

Linda Peterson - amazing designs

I promised I would share, so here's a few photos of Linda's wonderful jewellery designs from the show. Catch us today at 10am (which means I should be putting my makeup on, not blogging!!):

- thank you for popping along and having a read, Leonie

Friday 17 February 2012

Create and crafty Friday

Today is another great day, I'll get photo proof later on!! This is the rota:

10am - Creative expressions, Sam Poole brand near stamps

11am - Linda Peterson (google her, her work is amazing!)

2pm - Sam and more brilliant demos

5pm - hunkydory pow with our very own Anne Marie

Damn fine day :) xx

- thank you for popping along and having a read, Leonie

Thursday 16 February 2012

Hairy kids debut!!

The hairy kids (the dogs that is, not children in need of a shave) are appearing on tv today! I'm so proud. The little clip will be shown on the love pets show at 11 on ideal world, then again at 4pm. Next time I think I'll have to bring one of them in for a live appearance, that would be a giggle!

On the crafty front, today brings us:
10am simplicity with Jennie
12pm jewellery with kleshna
3pm another chance to see kleshna
5pm simplicity with Jennie

Happy days.

- thank you for popping along and having a read, Leonie

Tuesday 14 February 2012

My last dawn n friends....

Our dawn is returning to your screens next week.....seems like she's been away an age doesn't it! So it's my last DB and friends. The DB delight (still make me giggle, great title) is a 3 for 2. We like those little beauties. It's a mix of pretty images, with vibrant tones. So a little something for everyone....here's a quick tease:

Looking forward to seeing who my pals our for this week. Seeya at 2 :)

Monday 13 February 2012

Sheena and Mich Turner in one day!!

Saturday was a great day for c&c again. I started off the day with the wonderful Sheena and paint fusion. I love this painting technique that Sheena has brought to us. It looks fantastic. And now there's a cd as well! The papers are completely up my street, and it means Sheena art is available for all. Then transfer sheets! I'll admit, it was driving me mad that my first fingers didn't seem to work, so when the cameras were off I had to have a play, and my middle fingers worked. Dodgy didgets!

Then a 2 hour cake making to decorating with the amazing Mich Turner. Have you looked at the web site yet, her designs are stunning. It was such a good show, and made my obsession with cake decorating even worse! I'd love to go to one of Mich's classes. That is certainly something I'd like to learn for my sisters wedding. It would be so special to do mazs cake. You never know! I'll pop photos on - of Sheena and her teams beautiful creations and the amazing Mich and her spring sensation:

- thank you for popping along and having a read, Leonie

Tuesday 7 February 2012

New tutorials

Hi crafters. Just a quick post, been a very busy few days, today was the "dawn bibby and friends show" - with me again. It was crazy! So much to see. Loved the stamps we had to play with, and the MCS cd, and the 4 days deal, and the cute forever friends....that'll be everything again!! Man!

My cameo has arrived today! Can't tell you how excited I am. And what timing, day off tomorrow. I've never crafted so much in my life!

Yesterday we filmed tutorials for my web site, which are now up and running, follow this link:
Or just go to the web site and look up demos.

These are the way I made the flowers used for my mothers day card which appears in the next addition of Cardmaking and papercrafts magazine. The clay is perfect for flowers, it dries unbelievably lightweight.

Righto, I should get some sleep ready for my cameo day! Here's a couple of cards from today's show:

- thank you for popping along and having a read, Leonie

Thursday 2 February 2012

Thursday brings good stuff!!

So this morning I got up, half asleep, walked the dogs and realised I had a hour spare!! An hour! Crazy lady. So, swept leaves, chopped weeds, steamed kitchen then obviously, late for work....duh.

Anyhow, I'm here, and what a good day already. The green rooms like a social gathering! Carley is on air and our mate Alex is in the green room - we're going seeing florence and the machine, so squeals a plenty there. Wendy was there, the lovely alpaca ladies (always dressed in beautiful clothes, obviously!). And of course Hels Sheridan. Now me and Hels are on at 11 and I can't wait. I love her work, and of course all the beautiful stamps and bits and bobs. I'll share some of Hels samples here in a mo.

The rest of the day looks like this:
1 - 4 day deal
5pm - 4 day deal
6pm - pick of the week

Okay, as promised:

Arnt they beautiful. And then of course, our Martyn and Carley

- thank you for popping along and having a read, Leonie

Wednesday 1 February 2012


Sounds good doesn't it!! It's not me going mad with a paintbrush, but a software programme thing I've bought so I can actually crack on and do some designing!! How very exciting. Today I actually sat down to do a tutorial. I never do that! Actually trying to learn the thing properly. And I loved it. Okay, I didn't create a masterpiece, and it was traced, but it teaches you how to work layers, paint, add backgrounds etc. And it certainly does not look like the original, so it isn't a carbon copy. And it's brilliant fun. So, next my own background papers and stuff.....or maybe I should continue learning how to walk before attempting the sprint!! Anyhow, my first rose......