Sunday 29 November 2009


Thought I'd pop a very quick post on, as a few of you are probably wondering what happened to my Uni course.........well, the day I was supposed to go back to Uni after our summer break was the day when they thought my Gran was going to pass away, so we went to see Gran instead. I didn't go in the week after - as again I wanted to be able to go to Gran if need be.

In between all this I spoke to my friend who told me our course had no funding, a part time tutor, and everyone was being talked into going to Canterbury on a Fine Art course. How annoyings that - after a years worth of work. They were offering us all a place on the Fine Art course, and could join the course into their second year - but I wasn't sure if that was what I actually wanted to do. I hummed and ahhed, but then found out the course leader wasn't very nice - and I doubt he would have understood if I had to have time off because of work, so that was that! They have been rubbish - they never even bothered to contact me to see if I was coming back or what! The Fine Art course actually sounds brilliant - so I'm quite disappointed I decided not to do it, and that it wouldn't really be appropriate now. The Uni looks great, and they are doing some really interesting stuff - oh hum....

So, that's the tale. Funny how things happen isn't it. It's a shame, but I suppose I'm now learning, which I really felt I needed to do, and have something that now gets me out of house and bouncing off the walls! All turned out right in the end eh!
And Uni was great, met some great people who I will definitely stay in touch with

Slight panic!!

haha, just read my blog to get my times for tomorrow, and my heart almost stopped! Thought I was supposed to have been on at 7pm tonight - duh, read my own blog wrong. Phew.

Had a great day today, wanted everything Sheena had on. If you haven't tried Alcohol Inks yet, get em! They are fantastic.

And it was great working with Joanna, the samples she does and those done by her design team are fantastic - and I really like her CD roms, the images on them are beautiful. I'll stop gushing about every show soon, promise (as if, I'm a crafter!!).

Just a quick post this evening, need to get on those forums and spread the word about the craft club next week - times flying again. Got a great weekend coming up, my mate Jenny's coming to visit. Hooray.

Saturday 28 November 2009

Home for a Day

Just a day off this week, then 3 days on then loads of days off!! How cool. Had another great week. Met more brilliant guests. Hey, I've got pressies!! Yeah. Finally got some Pinflair glue from the lovely Christine - been dying to have a go, everyone raves about it, and they're not wrong, it's great stuff. Also got given a Mandala board and easy score board from, also very lovely, Phyllis. Had to have a go. I'm really into shaped cards at the moment, and as soon as I saw the board I knew it would be great for creating lots of different cards - and easy! Love it. It's a definite for workshops - I'll bring it along to the craft club as well to let you all have a play.

Have to do my blog candy today - so will get round to letting the lucky winners know who they are.

I had training this week with Ellis - did I mention that in a previous post? It's all a blur. The training was great, loads of new stuff to try and remember. The first hour after was quite tricky, my brain seemed to have turned into soup - the second hour was much easier, but I felt bad I hadn't been able to give it my best on the first show - you feel responsible for how the show goes, and want them all to be as good as you can for the guest.

That's always the thing about new jobs isn't it - people can give you an opportunity but it's then down to you to make it work. No one can actually do it for you. Scary, but knowing that means if you do manage to make it work, and do a good job you can feel proud of yourself and your achievement - and of course when you are given a brilliant opportunity you want to make it work and not let anyone down. Don't worry though, I'll always be aware you can't get anywhere in life without the help and support of others - the day I think it's all about me is the day I want to be given a good slap! haha, Nicky wouldn't let my ego take over the house! Anyone who gets to the top only got there with the help of others - think it's important to always remember that - helps you treat people properly as well doesn't it.

I'm not saying it's to stressful at all however, I'm loving it. My favourite thing is most definitely still meeting all the guests. I love the diversity - and each person brings something new, a tip or technique. I don't know about you, but I can get in a bit of a rut with my crafting - and use the same techniques all the time, so it's great seeing how other people do things. And, of course, all those new products! Brill.

Righto, better get my ironing done then hopefully Nicky will be home so we can nip out for the afternoon.


Wednesday 25 November 2009

Fabulous Fab

I'm just popping on a quick post today as I'm quite sleepy, so going to jump in the bath and have a relaxing soak before an early night. Before any of that though, I have to say our Fab has done it again! He's a star - a MEGA thank you to Fab for his wonderful review of my book - I'm so chuft! THANK YOU. If you want to read Fab's article then please follow this link:

And if you haven't had a copy of my book then tune into C&C tomorrow morning. This is abit spooky, but I was looking at the books they are showing tomorrow and was saying "oh, I hope they get mine in", and by gum, there it was!! Think I'll have to pop on and say hello won't I! Be rude not to.

Anyway, thank you again Fab, you are so kind and lovely.


Tuesday 24 November 2009

Craft Club update

Okay room booked. The details for the first "club" evening are:

7th December

Doors open 7pm - 10pm

Jubilee Hall
Cow Lane

Planning on the charge being £3 per person

Christmas Party Theme!!!

I'm really excited. For the first night I would like people (if possible) to bring a little sample of their work. Don't feel pressured to do so though, you are welcome empty handed! I thought it would be great if people to be able to have a see what each others up to and into. It will be a great ice breaker, will give us all something to chat about and get inspired.

It would also be great for people to bring something they like, want advice on, new crafty toy they haven't even opened yet etc for us to have a look at or a play with.

We will have an idea's box - it's going to be everyones club, so imput is necessary.

I'll be selling crafty stuff, and will give 10% to the club kitty. The kitty will hopefully build up so we can pay to have guests to come and give talks and demonstrations.

I will try and sort something out by way of storage, so if people want to bring stuff to swap or sell for themselves (with a small donation for the club) then we won't have to lug everything around every week.

I'm also planning to have a stamp library - so we can borrow stamps for a week, again for a small charge which will also go into the kitty.

I think it sounds exciting. I have in mind a treasurer and also a stamp librarian - as there will have to be backup for when I can't make it (and it's nice to have a team).

Again, please spread the word. Jubilee Hall is great, as it has a big room, and smaller rooms as well, so we can spread out. We already have home-made mince pies on the menu - so if you don't come for them your DAFT!! (or to far away of course, in which case, sorry!!).

Righto, I'm going to have my hot chocolate and relax (or spend ages on the computer). I found my hotel after only being lost once for just a few mins. Now that's a result. Looking forward to tomorrow, it feels like it's my first day all over again! Gulp.

nite nite

Sunday 22 November 2009

Christmas is coming

I'm feeling Christmassy! Already. This might not be something of a surprise, with it being Christmas around the corner n all, but I haven't been Christmassy for 2 years now - so it's a really nice feeling. Even Nicky's got the bug - started looking at decorations and everything!! Whooooo. We even bought a little bottle of Christmas scent for the house - which I have managed to lose. Can't find it anywhere - how annoying that.

Anyhow, even made a Christmas card today (had a play, have a look on the other blog to see what I was using), inspired by cleaning the kitchen.

Now, the Craft Club, as my work days are supposed to be Thursday, Friday and Saturday, I don't want to have the club at the weekend, so I'm thinking the best day is Monday evening. Of course, because of the dark nights I hope this will be okay, and not put people off who will be getting a bus. Hopefully, when we are fully up and running we should be able to sort car shares - and people walking to the bus stop together.

I want the first evening to start with a bang, so it will be a Christmas party evening. It will be all trial and error to begin. I will book the room, so will have to confirm that. We will then work out who will be second in command to book the room etc if I'm not around. Maybe we'll have to find a room that's abit cheaper as well - but that we can play by here. There will only be a minimal charge for the club - which will cover the cost of room hire and coffee etc.

Okay, so the date:

Monday 7th December

How does that sound. I hope people can make it. Again, let me know - even though I will be posting all details on here when I have booked the room. It will be in Canterbury, hopefully Wincheap (I want to use the room I use for the workshop really), and most importantly please spread the word. If you are part of any groups, church, school etc. Maybe pop a little note up in the staff room, or let other people know by word of mouth. The more the merrier.


Friday 20 November 2009

Art work

Just a quick little post tonight, the days flown and we've just sat down to watch a film. Wanted to share my step mums web site with you. Elena has set up her web site with her art work and (soon) my Dad's art work as well. Cool! Well done Elena and Dad. She will be giving part of the sale proceeds to Debra (splitting the donation with Children in Need for the rest of November).

Anyhow, it's felt like Saturday all day today - don't feel like I've done much, just catching up with stuff, and having a play with a new crafty toy soon to be on air (not giving anything away) Fun fun fun xxxx

Wednesday 18 November 2009

foldings and fluff

Okay, couldn't think of anything to go with folding!! Really good day again - how cheery chappy am I eh! I'm being abit daft actually, got another early show tomorrow so I should be getting my beauty sleep - but needed to do abita bloggin!

I have never seen so many different folds and ways of creating wonderful cards - I'm learning so much more! It's great. Loved the Stamp Addicts show, did you see it? Did you see the magic embossing powder? That stuff is brilliant, I used to use it years ago - and adored it. Need to get that back in stock again. Really felt inspired to get ultra thick embossing again - it's one of my fav things, and Sarah reminded me how fun it is. Can feel a play time coming on. I've got one more day, then 5 days off!! Wow. Then it's well busy though, and the shows are "proper" - so no dresses, no name muddles and lots of ironing (knew there was a down side to this!! Ironing. Had to clean it up after ironing all our spritzed cards at the weekend).

Not going to waffle to much, but I'll be back! With Michelle tomorrow, then the glitter girls!!! Hooray.

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Tremendous Tuesday

Well, I'm back in my hotel after a brill day. I really, really enjoyed it. I had the 8am, 10am show with the lovely Debbie, then the 11am with the equally lovely Jo. I then joined all the girls (who are of course lovely as well, but your going to get sick of me saying that!), for the afternoon shows.

It was great. The extravaganza shows had fantastic products - and I genuinally couldn't believe some of the prices! And I loved the designs. The cricut show was great - Jo is so good to work with, and I really really want that machine! It's really bad for me everytime it's on - the temptation! My first pay packet's gone isn't it - we all know it. And of course, the afternoon was a really good laugh, not to mention what a fantastic idea and product the Melt Dust is. So, all in all a great day.

And I did have a giggle, I'll share it with you as it was really funny. Lesson one, don't wear a dress on air!! You have to put the packs for your mic and ear piece somewhere, so this is either your knickers (noooo), or a belt. I went for a belt, which was one of these elesticated breath-you-won't jobbo's. Anyhow, I haven't yet learnt I need to check my packs to make sure the battery is still going strong - so poor Jo had to carry the show when my mic died. And, you've guessed it, to change it meant a proper rummage up my dress! It was hilarious. The poor backstage man had to circumnavigate ultra tight belt and get to my mic, remove one and pop in the new one!!! I was a fantastic shade of cherry red. How funny was that. Poor chap. Poor Jo, she glanced over to see him rumaging up my dress! hahaha. I was dying to laugh. Anyhow, won't be doing that again eh! Thank god it's cold outside and I had on mi big tights........

Well, hope that's given you a giggle! I'm now going to have a relaxing bath and ring my little Grandad to see how he is. Take care everyone, have a lovely evening.

Sunday 15 November 2009

Corrie and Sundays

Ahh, I love days like today. Corrie omnibus on telly, blue skies, happy doggies. Okay, loads of jobs on the list, but nothing horrible.

We had a great workshop yesterday. Really enjoyed it. I've popped on a few photo's. Thank you to everyone who came. Carley did a lovely lunch for us, so we were fed and watered as well. We were chatting about a longer workshop - a weekend do, everyone's doing it arn't they (didn't realise how many people did crafty weekend retreat things, there's loads I want to go on - especially the Paper Artsy one!). Anyway, thought this would be a great idea, we were coming up with some fun, new idea's - and maybe we could use our contacts to get a brilliant venue as well! It's all an idea at the mo, but got really excited by it.

Anyhow, I've popped the dates of next weeks show on the left, I will keep it updated, and I will also put dates on for the next workshops when we've sorted some dates. Happy Sunday.

Friday 13 November 2009

Blog Candy

Well, before I get to the goodies, I want to say a big thank you again to everyone who has been getting in contact with me. It's really great having such wonderful, positive feedback. I'll make sure I put all my shows on the left hand side of my blog - I've already had one schedule change (getting me into the swing right away!). Really excited. I have a Cricut hour and a Stamp Addicts hour. I also have two Extravaganza's - which I'll be doing with Jo. Can't wait for the Cricut and Stamp Addicts shows especially. Love the Cricut. Really want one! Have to be so good at the moment - it seems forever until pay day!! Thank goodness for family helping me out - again. Thanks Mum and Neil (just in case you have a nosey at my blog).

Anyhow, the Stamp Addicts will be great, I've always loved their products, really good quality stuff - and I bet their samples will be brilliant. Hopefully I'll get a play as well.

Now then, the lucky winners from last weeks blog candy were Elaine and Jane (I know, there was only one candy really, but it's nice to do surprises, so I popped an extra one in). Sorry to the unlucky ones, however plenty of chances to try again. This time I have some Christmas papers, embellishments, alphabet stickers and chipboard shapes. Add your name to the comments for a chance to be picked out of the hat this week (actually, I wrote the names on pieces of paper and then threw them in the air, the one that landed on my lap was the winner. Nicky thought I'd gone mad, so I let him pick the runner up!).


Thursday 12 November 2009

Did it!!!

Well, first show done and dusted. I'm really glad I was on with Sara, she's so professional and organised, so I had nothing to worry about - well I didn't but I worried a little bit!!! Well, you would wouldn't you, be crazy not to! It was so different from QVC, of course my roll is different, but also the way it's done is very different. It was great though, and I'm really looking forward to my next one. I'm even going to watch today's show to see what I need to be doing different - oh no, saying that Nicky's gone and put it on now - urgh! Noooo, hate watching myself, phew he's turned it off for now. I will watch it, but maybe after 3 (big) glasses of vino.

Anyhow, great day. Met lots more people, didn't get lost (whoopee). It's so funny, I sort of stand in a corridor trying to work out where I am! haha, need a sat nav just to get me round work.

Hey, I've now got a dressing room, wooo. Well, me and Steph are sharing, it's the biggest room (and makes sense keeping us crafty sorts out of everyone's hair with our sticky stuff). Even get a posh car parking space. Fabulous. Anyhow, it's lovely to be home, Nicky had tidied up, then I appeared with more crafty stuff (oh yes, already bringing boxes home). Poor Nicky!

Off to chill out, ttfn xxxx

Wednesday 11 November 2009

On Air with the ladies

hehe, I did a quick show of my face on air today with the lovely ladies (Jinger, Christie and of course Steph). It went great - even though I did feel my mouth doing something really weird (it decided to take on a wobble). I really enjoyed it, felt excited and couldn't wait to chip in about the Gypsy - really want one. Well, wanted all of it! Noooo, didn't want to start spending this early, only my second day in. I was good, and sat on my hands, but really really want it.

Anyhow, the day was great. Steph has been brill, I've been following her around all day like a little lost sheep, and she's been explaining everything to me. I've met quite a few of the presenters today actually, and they're all really friendly (do I sound abit cheesy and gushy, sorry, excited!). Anyway, fab.

Tomorrow I'm going to have my first show. Dave will be starting us off, then leaving Sara and I to do the hour together. Really looking forward to it. I know Sara knows everything inside out and back to front, and I have already met her, so it'll be great.

Righto, going to catch up on my emails, then get organised for tomorrow, dead early start to make sure I'm really prepared!!

Tuesday 10 November 2009

First Day!!

Wow, it's years since I had a first day - or first day nerves. Suppose the NEC was my first first day. It was great. Had a slow puncture going to Birmingham (duh), but got there eventually and met some great people. It did make me giggle how many times I heard "what are you doing on this stand" etc. There were alot of surprised faces, but everyone was so happy for me, and positive, it was lovely. The C&C gang were very busy - but very friendly. I didn't get to have much of a nosey round the show (boo), so saved lots of money. I did notice there was a proper food bit, and someone said there was even a stall selling brandy (yes, I went back to the C&C stand, didn't disappear).

My second first day was today, in studio. I got lost trying to find my B&B last night, then again this morning! I'm a liability. Going to get a sat nav, I've resisted for so long, but just getting sick of circles. Anyhow, met loads of people today, lots of teams, and presenters. Jo and I did a piece to camera to introduce me to all the lovely C&C viewers (I was abit nervous!!), then I just watched TV - how cool is that for getting used to a job. Steph was really nice, went through all the doings, and I'm going to be doing a walk on tomorrow at some stage - wow. They are being great, and breaking me in gently. Really excited and wanted to have a go - especially the show with the templates on the CD - the wedding one. Did you see, the samples were amazing.

Anyhow, I'm now back in my room, chilling out. Looking forward to tomorrow!!

Saturday 7 November 2009

Mad dogs and an English Woman

Wish you could see my daft dog, she's sat next to me on the settee, with a tennis ball in her mouth, her ear turned over like she's starting a new "sweep over" craze watching telly. Really watching it! The other dog is in a daft mood, and keeps trying to get Teela to fight.

Anyhow, that's the Daily Muttley. I've had a lovely day, workshop in the morning, and this new blog header worked a treat. The wonderful Joan brought in a big cake - to share!! Hooray. It's lovely, and I've still some left! That may not last long though - Nicky's home tonight, so bye bye cakey.

I took my camera to my workshop, and as usual forgot to take any photo's! Rubbish arn't I. I'll take my camera with me tomorrow though, and hopefully remember to get it out of the bag to take some snaps. Really looking forward to it, ironing has been done - fringe cut, even got my makeup bag out so I don't have to bend my knees to pick it up in the morning (??). I'm looking forward to meeting loads of people tomorrow - everytime they mention it on C&C I get excited! hehe. Wonder who will be there. I know Steph is there, but she's on her stall I think - maybe flitting inbetween them. Anyhow, I'll try and get some photo's on tomorrow - and let you know how it all goes.

Off to bed, early night just to make sure I'm bright and breezy tomorrow - don't think we need worry about that do we, I'll be buzzin!! xxx


Now, this is quite amusing. I have managed to load photo's on Photobucket - and haven't a clue how I've done it! Amazing. Anyhow, they are one's I was supposed to put on my blog yonks ago, but never got round to it. They are instructions on working with the brilliant Angelina Fibres - hope you find them helpful. Thing I can do them abit clearer - I'll work on it. Just click on the link on the left!

Unless I can suss how what I did, that might be the last of the photo's on there.

Friday 6 November 2009

Christmas Tree

Whilst out walking the doggies I saw my first "proper" Christmas tree of the year. Not in a shop window, or in a TV studio, but in a field! It really made me smile. In the apple and pear orchard near where a live there's a little caravan - I've always thought of them as eco-warriors, living the off-grid life. However, they have a 4 wheel drive and now an all singing all dancing Christmas Tree. Fully decorated with flashing lights.

It's brilliant. And what a random thing to see in a field. Great, especially now all the apple trees are dying back, it looks quite bare - and then a flash of light(s) twinkling.

I'm going to pop some secret pressie's under the tree - I want a book "1000 things to Do with Apples", and I want to make some apple butter from their windfall apples. Bet they'd appreciate cider more - but not to sure about how I'd do that one!

Have you seen your first "proper" tree - and who out there is already getting the decs out - go one admit it (but change your name!!).

Thursday 5 November 2009

Workshop cards

I've been working on cards for this weekends workshops, and next weekends. However, this is what you get for not tidying before you spritz - ink everywhere. Duh. So my Christmas cards have got little splatters of yellowy green. Oh hum!!

Love working with the Craftwork Card stuff - got lots of Banana Frog stamps and papers to play with as well - gorgeous!!!

Wednesday 4 November 2009

Posh new blog

...innit. Looking good. Obviously this is not down to me, but the wonderfully talented Kirsty Wiseman - thank you, thank you. I was really chuft with it.

I've been having a play today - couldn't believe how fast today went, flew by. However I did manage to have a play at spritzing seed heads - I've had them sat there for ages, so it was great to have a go with them - pop onto the other blog for a look at the results.

Also getting really excited about next week. Think I might have to stay in a nice hotel next week, then going to do a house share. There was a brilliant huge farm house - really daft and not even close to work, but it looked amazing! I'll be away from home about 3 nights a week, so want somewhere nice to stay. hehe, getting belly wobbles again thinking about it!!!

Righto, off to look at my emails for the workshops - get organised!!

Tuesday 3 November 2009

Craft Club

Okay, what do you recon, I'm thinking of starting a craft club - once a month, we all chip in for the room. There won't be actual classes, but we would be able to swap idea's - demo stuff, bring stuff we are arn't sure how to use to get other peoples tips and ideas. Well, you know how craft clubs are - lots of chatting and cake really!!

If anyone's interested please drop me a line - either email me re "craft club" to

or pop a message on here and I can get a list together of folk who would be interested so we can arrange details. It would be in Canterbury, but we could decide if weekdays or weekends would be

Monday 2 November 2009

Jacob's Place

It was a beautiful day today, I hope it was in your neck of the woods to, where ever you may be. I met up with my friend Karen, and we went to walk the dogs.

We have a special place to go, it's Jacobs place, as we scattered Jacobs ashes there, and the park attendants planted a few willow trees for us. It's a lovely place, there's a pond that's always filled with ducks - pretty, tranquil but still buzzes with movement and life. Today it made me sad though, as our little trees have been removed. They have been up having a tidy, and obviously decided our trees were in the way - or getting taken over by brambles. We always knew if something happened to them it would be one of those things, as it's a public place, but still it made me a little sad and annoyed at myself, why didn't we take a cutting all the times we planned to. Idiots. Oh well, it is still a lovely place. I never wanted cut flowers, and the thought of a tiny coffin went through me - so to visit this place where you can find peace and tranquility - but also happiness and children having fun, is perfect.

Oh hum, the ups and downs of life eh. I was going to do a piece for uni on how we become emotionally attached to what would normally be insignificant objects, dependant on our mental and emotional state - my little willows are now popped in that mental box - puh it's not a box, it's growing into a large trunk!

Still, we have a pretty photo of how it used to be, which I will share

Sunday 1 November 2009

New Blog

As promised, the new blog is set up and running. It's called Cutting Corners, and its aim is to gather tips on how you can craft cutting those financial corners - or cutting corners on the time taken on projects. The aim of this blog is to get everyone sharing their best kept secrets and tips, so please visit the blog and get posting, sharing and learning from everyone tips and idea's.

The first card I made was using tea staining, makes a wonderful background to stamp on