Wednesday 29 September 2010

MacMillan Coffee and Crafting evening

Well we did it, thank you everyone who helped and came with cake and crafty goodies. I would have liked more people to come along, but we still did amazingly well - hooray. From the evening we made £409.20, we had £50 donated, and the craft club also contributed £140 - so the total raised was £599.20! Pretty good I recon. There's some raffle prizes left (we had such an amazing response there we would have been picking out tickets all night!!) - so I'm going to have a think of how to do it via my blog, and raffle the rest off for MacMillan as well.

It looked like a proper craft fair, which I was really happy with. We also had Olwen who is an image consultant, definitely someone I'll be seeing again!! And Natalie our hairdresser, who was really busy even doing hair cuts. The cakes were fantastic - and can you believe it, I had tooth ache so couldn't eat any!!! I was appalled. The timing is just wrong. All I could do was look on and drink my boring water. Oh well.

I'll share some photo's with you. So, it's tidy time. My car is still full of stuff that I need to find a home for again. Got ironing and packing to do again today. Also got my little Teela in the vets. She has a cough that keeps coming back, so she's having x-rays. Poor Dylan missed her awfully on the walk. He kept lying down to wait for her (he seemed to forget she didn't actually come with us - he must of thought she was making her own way there and meeting up with us! Awww, dog of little brain!). It made me sad. She'll get a good greeting when she gets home though.

Righto, lets get on with the boring jobs of the day. Again, thank you to everyone who helped, it was a lovely evening and we've had a request to do a Christmas Fair, so keep having a nosey at the blog for details.


Monday 27 September 2010

MacMillan Coffee and Crafting evening

Wow, just have a look at some of the lovely stuff Vix sent me to sell for tomorrow! How wonderful. Got lots of stuff - thank you to everyone who has contributed. Come back to see more photo's of the event tomorrow. Need to organise my cards now, just allowing the day to completely slip away so I can have a mad panic! Great......x

Sunday 26 September 2010

MacMillan Coffee and Crafting evening

The evening is fast approaching. I'm going tomorrow to sort the tables and make a plan, then it's all steam ahead. I have to plan my cards for the mini workshop, do some leaflet drops, and sort more goodies to sell.

Started using my Serif programme, it's fantastic. Going to use CD's and stamps for the workshop I think, very tempted to do the beautiful Peter Rabbit Christmas stamps and papers - they are so lovely.

Had a great day today, my friends little girl Juliette was 3 years old - we had lots of pressies and a birthday tea with stuff on sticks (obviously!). It was really lovely, we danced and sang. Awwww.

Righto, remember the MacMillan Evening is on Tuesday 28th, starting at 7pm - 9pm. It's at Thanington Resource Centre
Thanington Rd
Canterbury, Kent CT1 3XE
01227 767 720

It'll be crafty and cakey, so bring lots of spare cash to raise money for this brilliant charity.

Tuesday 21 September 2010

Northern visit and the horrid Rhythm Station

Well, it's coming to the end of my trip up North - feels like I've been here ages. I came up to celebrate my chums 40th Birthday, our Helen. We had a great time, and it really started me thinking about what I want to do for my own. PARTY. Need to get my finger out now though don't I, or it'll all be stuff in my head as usual.

After the party we went to good old Rawtenstall. oooowww. By day it has some good shops still there, but by evening, urgh. We went to the Rhythm Station. What a pit. The doorman obviously had power issues. He took £5 from me to pay for my sis and our friend, then denied taking any cash from me! Obviously I protested, his dodgy side kick bird said I hadn't paid, and finally he got meat head to start throwing me out. What a prat. I was so angry. Blatant theft, but there was absolutely nothing I could do. So, the Rhythm Station, avoid it like the plague. Can you imagine how many people they rip off. Disgusting.

Needless to say, will not be going there again.

We went to see Toy Story 3, it was FAB. Loved it. Get this though, we were the only people in the cinema - me, my sis and her we sat on the posh seats. The chap came in to move us, and told us we had to sit in the seats on our tickets! The whole cinema was empty!! How funny. Needless to say we didn't worry to much about sitting in the right seats, and I assured him if anyone came to sit in the seats we had taken we would move. Funnily enough it was okay. Isn't that funny. It was an excellent film though, we had a bit of a cry!

I also saw one of my old mates who I haven't seen in years. It was lovely. We chatted for hours. That's my new resolution, every time I come up I have to catch up with an old chums. It's just to easy to loose touch with people isn't it, so time to make amends.

I caught up on the family, got used to constant rain (actually, today it's lovely). And really really missed my doggies who I had to leave down in Canterbury with my mate Jenny. When I go back I have just a couple of days left to finish all the plans for the MacMillan evening. Getting even more nervous, really hope we have a good turn out. Quite scary isn't it. It'll be fun, whatever happens, as long as we raise lots of lovely cash, that's the main thing.

Righto, need to get some crafting done, ironing, packing, then back on the road for work tomorrow............crack on xx

Monday 13 September 2010

MacMillan Coffee and Crafting evening

Well, work was over in a flash this week. Before I knew it I was back home again (not complaining about that one of course). Had a great couple of days, and as usual there were loads of things I wanted. Really want a Cricut and Gypsy, the cartridges are fab - it's on the list.

I've been getting lots of goodies for our MacMillan evening - a massive thank you to Sara from Crafters Companion, Sarah from Crafty Notions, Joanna (aka Joanna Sheen), Barbara from Clarity Stamps. We have so many fantastic goodies to raffle - all in my house, might be a few bits I forget to bring! Only joking of course (booo). I'm so pleased we have had a great response.

I also need to thank Sharon and Carolyn for sending in cards and crafty bits for me to sell - thank you so much ladies, that is so kind of you. They will indeed be sold and the cash will be popped into the pot.

If anyone else wants to help, then the main thing is to spread the word - we have cakes, manicures, hair styling, card making and goodies - so if anyone posts on forums and stuff I'd love you to tell all and sundry.

Now then, I'm off to keep sorting raffle pressie's - tremendous fun.

Tuesday 7 September 2010

MacMillan Coffee and Crafting evening

Thank you to all the ladies from our crafting club who came along last night, we now have volunteers and loads of excellent ideas. It's all taking shape and I'm really excited. Need to start the begging emails for freebies for the raffle now!!

Off to do a poster and leaflet drop........not in my car I hasten to add, just found out I've no MOT, ooops. Wonder when that little monster ran out - only realised when I tried to renew my Tax. Whoops. She's booked in tomoz, so I'm being good and actually sorting it out.

Right, dropping we go.

Sunday 5 September 2010

Craft Club

Just a dead quick post to remind all the Canterbury crafters that it's club evening tomorrow night - hope everyone can make it. I want to try and get loads of ideas and inspiration for the MacMillan evening - seeya tomoz xx