Tuesday 30 November 2010

Craft Club, Crafty Girls go on Tour!!!!

Hi one and all, how are you? I hope you are well, either enjoying the weather from the inside, or having fun out and about. I like snow, touch wood it's not held me up to much, so I'm not going to complain. I love the seasons, and like any excuse to wear loads of layers and a dodgy woolly hat. oooow, talking of wool, me and my mum went in Clarks Crafts in Ramsbottom yesterday, they have some fantastic wool. I NEED to knit, that's it, no more excuses.

Anyhow, sorry to the Craft Club ladies for cancelling Monday. I hope everyone read my blog and realised. I generally send an email, but I haven't been home, left my contact book at home (obviously!!) and couldn't seem to find my emails with everyones details on. Bit of a mess really. I have rescheduled though, so the next craft club will be

13th December

I hope everyone can make it, I'll mix up some glitter and cinnamon to make it smell nice, and I'll bring some mince pies!! It can be our little Christmas party.

Now then, talking of parties, I need to thank everyone for the fantastic warm welcome they gave me at Craftaganza, organised by the hugely talented Meg (dunno how she does it), and all the Crafters Companion Team. It was such a good weekend (well, Friday night and Saturday). Thank you to Sara for inviting me along. It's great to be in such talented peoples company, who are so friendly. Brilliant. I will as promised put the cards on my blog, along with the instructions, but they are on my phone and my computer makes all the computers in Dee's house crash when I put it on - so I'll have to wait till I get home, so I don't break anything! It's not just me that gets distracted by squirrels Claire - my computers bonkers as well.

We've also got the breaking news that we are taking "Crafty classes by the lovely lasses" on tour. Oh yes, it's a crafty holiday, it will be fun, you will most definitely learn something as there's 7 brilliant tutors (well ones okay with the gift of the gab and an ability to spill glitter at the drop of a hat!!), and the best bit, we're going on the road with it. We are going to try and tour as many places as possible over the year(s), which I hope will mean those of you who maybe miss out on these things will be in with a chance of coming along. Okay, you might still have a little journey, as we can't be on everyones doorstep, but hopefully this will only be a short train or even bus ride, rather than a hike. We are finalising the remaining details, and then I will be able to announce dates, price and our first location. We want to try and visit Scotland, up North, Midlands, down South, East and West. We also want to visit Ireland and Wales, and would love to get over to the Isle of Mann. We have a big itinerary, lots of exciting plans and launches which will be made specifically on the tours (hopefully a new one each tour), special guests, and fun. Of course, there has to be a giggle or two thrown in there. Now I have been getting lots of suggestions on Facebook as to where our little tour should travel, I'd like the same here. We'll see where the hot spots are, or the closest to make as many people as possible happy, then get booked, packed, and erm, craft! (won't do the Peter Kay version). I am so exciting. Not telling you the tutors yet, it's a surprise! Wow. I will be running regular poles for idea's as to what our crafters would like as part of their crafty holiday - so we can try to get it right first time (hahaahahaha.......I think there will be room for a few teething problems!).

Well, that's all my crafty news. Had a lovely weekend, got treated to a fantastic day out visiting the Ingleton falls, really beautiful. Then we had lovely homemade warm soup to warm us up and cake. The dogs were very happy as well. Even went to a pub with my favourite beer on draft, perfect.

Back in Peterborough now, ready for our Christmas do. Having my hair done tomorrow, I was going to change it with the seasons, but missed Autumn, so have to go straight for winter - it just goes to fast doesn't it. Mind you, red on the dodgy bleach could have been abit of a disaster. See what happens tomorrow, if I'm sporting a new hat on Thursday morning and my eyes look puffy you know it's a bad un!

Better get my bath and bed, got loads to do tomorrow (besides colouring my head). Remember to let me know where you want the Crafty Road Trip to visit - lets get the wheels on that crafty bus rolling girls and boys. Hey, one last thing, have you seen the Ideal World Christmas video yet? I think it's great. My favourite bits either Nigel or Ben (he's doing the groovy dance with a trolly thing). Love it.

Friday 26 November 2010

Damn fine day!!

Okay, today's a good day (thank goodnesss for work to keep the ole spirits up!). Get my schedule:

working with my chum Nikki from Polkadoodles with her fabulous CD's but now STAMPS - haven't had a nosey in studio yet, can't wait to see them!!

The lovely Anthony, Mr. Princess Pinflair, is up next, with some beautiful new products - they're always good!

Then, my other very good friend Sarah Lawrence. I'm so so chuft Sarah is joining us, she's lovely and soooo talented. It's her first time here at C&C empire, so I really hope everyone gets those welcomming emails in.

And to end the day - talk about going out with a blast, we have got a world exclusive, can only get it here, and we are talking about the georgous Forever Friends!!! It's our pick of the week, it's bumper, and I recon it'll be a flyer.

That's a blinking good day I think you'll agree - better go and put the slap on then hadn't I.

Hope you can all tune in and keep out of the nasty chill.


Sunday 21 November 2010

Not good karma for crafting!

Meant to be crafting today, but my mojo's not working. Got home last night and the RSPCA called round. Apparently someone had reported that my dogs had been abandoned. I was so upset. I new there was something wrong when I got home, they had left stinky presents around the house which they never do, Teela was shivering and molting which she does when she's scared, and she didn't bark once (which she never does!). I felt awful. Obviously they were supposed to have a dog sitter, who was meant to be staying with them and walking them everyday. The leads were where I left them, no hovering had been done, but there was no mud on the carpet (pretty impossible when the weathers wet!).

I don't really know whats happened. She did say she had to see her mum on the Wednesday as she had to go to hospital, and I said I completely understood and for her to let me know what was going on as we could arrange something. The day after she said her mum was back home, so didn't say she couldn't see to the dogs. And when I got home there was a note to say the dogs had been really good, and she was sorry for rushing off to see her mum who still wasn't very well. After the visit from the RSPCA officer I was of course really emotional so text her (couldn't ring!!), and she said her mum had died, which must have been on the Saturday as she left the note saying she still wasn't to good Saturday morning (I presume, but who knows). I just don't get it - obviously you don't like to say you don't believe it -who would lie about something like that, that would be disgusting. I suppose it's more like she had a lot on her plate, made sure the dogs were fed and had water, and figured they didn't need a walk. Why didn't she tell me though so I could have made other arrangements, why would you do that - unless she didn't want to loose the money. I dunno, but I'm so relieved I came home. I was supposed to be visiting my friend, but had forgot until I had got down the motorway. Imagine if I hadn't got home until the evening!!! Jesus. My door would have been put through wouldn't it, and my dogs taken. It doesn't bare thinking about. My faith in some people has been abit shaken, but at least I know my neighbours are observant and have effectively let me know my dogs weren't being taken care of properly, otherwise I'd have never known and used her again.

Anyway, this has killed my mojo. Everythings sitting out waiting to be done and I just want to eat chocolate! The dogs funnily enough have had a good long walk and are not happy again. At least they'll be in safe hands with my mum next week.

Okay, put down the chocolate Leonie, pick up the stamp and DO IT!!!!!.....

Friday 19 November 2010


Evening one and all, well it's the start if the weekend, hooray. For me its a day at work, but that's no hardship, smashing good fun. Can you believe last night I dreamt about pull bows! Dream interpreters out there, what does that mean? Wasn't doing anything weird with them, just wrapping.

Now then, we were supposed to be having our craft club not this Monday but next Monday, and unfortunately I'm not going to be here, so I'll make an executive decision to postpone it, I'll ring my hall lady and confirm the new date asap.

Also need to ask who would be interested in workshops in the Peterborough area, we're putting lots of plans together but want to start a list of people to invite when they get up and running. If you would to be one of the first to be invited (as spaces will be limited) then please email me to leoniepujol@hotmail.co.uk

They will start early in the new year, and keep watching this space as we have some very exciting news for more plans......oh what a tease! Xx

- Leonie

Tuesday 16 November 2010

Xmas video day

Hehe, girls are looking and laughing......who's rooms getting the giggles I wonder?!

- Leonie

Monday 15 November 2010

Whaaahey, name on the door!

Well, I've been in the Create and Craft family for just over a year now, and look, my names on the door!!

Hooray, isn't that exciting. Next should be the photo on the walk of shame - there's big photo's of all the presenters when you walk to either studio. I'm not looking forward to that one going up actually!

Now I've been meaning to put these on my blog for ages, they are my little samples from when I played with my sealing wax for the sealing wax show:

I'd definitely recommend using the wax gun, and if you can get a couple then do it, as then you can mix colours. Obviously you can sink your seals into the wax, ink them up first for a different look. You can sprinkle glitter in, mica powders anything light. If you want real dimension then first you need to create a base of wax to put your feathers, cinnamon sticks - whatever you fancy. Then apply another application of wax to either add more dimension or apply your wax seal. I loved playing with my Christmas scents, and added powder cinnamon and nutmeg to mine,smells great.

Try using your rubber stamps as well, ink them first and then sink them into the heated wax. It works like triple thick embossing powder, but has a different look and texture with being a wax. If you sprinkle embossing powder onto the top of the wax it gives a pitted texture. You can also sprinkle your gold flakes in for a touch of luxury.

Try waxing - and not the painful variety!!

Have fun.

Monday 8 November 2010

NEC - home again

Had such a good time, a massive thank you to everyone who visited us - and I'm so sorry for everyone I missed at the main stand. We were so busy on the cake stand, I didn't get over very often to see everyone else. Thank goodness for Nicola who demoed the Cricut Cake almost continuously, and did an fantastic job of answering questions and not sitting down, eating or taking loo breaks!! A true star, she should be on our screens I recon.

I loved meeting everyone, it's great, lots of new faces - but it's always good to see the familiar ones. Got to do a little bit of shopping in the crafts for Christmas bit - flew round. Didn't have a look at the food hall - really wanted to, sounded great.

Now I'm trying not to talk to anyone and actually rest my voice. I'm going to the doc's, so hopefully I'll finally get rid of this cough and stop sounding like a bloke (see dad, eventually I've listened to you!!).

I don't know how Steph is working this morning, I'm shattered! Got some crafting to do, but today I fancy chilling out as long as poss in my jammies.

Hope everyone who visited the NEC had a great time, did you all shop till your arms ached? If you missed out, then don't worry, I'm sure you'll see lots of pics and hear loads of news.

Righto, another medicinal cup of tea and a spot of honey xx

Saturday 6 November 2010


Having a brill time, spot any familiar faces?

It's a bunch of mates - said it before and I'll say it again, what a fab job I've got!

Been in the cake hall today. Cake. It's another world, really interesting as it is completely different, alot more international and alot of people with their own businesses. As usual, loads of stuff I want, nothing changes! Here's a pic of John and our very own queen of the cake, Nicola

This stand is the reason I now sound like a husky man - we did an awful lot of talking (noooo!).

So, it's been brilliant so far. Tonight we have had a great meal then played on the dodgems. It's just like real driving but no one asks for insurance details, miles more fun.

The gang.

It's been great seeing the crafters of course, always is. Do you know it's been a year since I joined c&c! Can't believe it, it's flown! Loving every minute. What a brilliant gang.

It's interesting going to the shows on many levels, including the goss! Now this is one that's been knocking around for some time which,up till now, I've choose to ignore because it's so incredibly ridiculous, but I think it's time I attempted to knock it on the head. Whoever has started the rumour about me leaving Qvc and Dawn as I was having an affair with Jj - sorry but come on, get real! How do people come to such conclusions, it's hilarious. Really, the talent for story telling is obvious, and a serious ability to use imagination, but stick to crafting.

Anyway, I have complete and utter respect for Dawn, so wouldn't treat her with such indignity. Nor would I have cheated on my own partner at the time, who quite frankly I have been through enough with without insulting him by having an affair, and do you think it's that easy to walk into a presenters job, as if I could just leave one tv channel and hop easily onto another, they're hardly ten to a penny. Whoever started this one really hasn't a clue. It's a classic, I think you need to stay away from solvent based products. I don't generally take any notice of the gossip, but it's been going on long enough. People get new jobs, and sadly marriages break down, there doesn't have to be a sordid story behind it - life just isn't that much of a soap opera, thank god. I know the majority of people who have heard this one will be able to work out it's a load of rubbish, so this message is aimed at the person who dreamt it up, news travels fast so I'm sure whoever you are will get the message. I know we all love abit of gossip, and thankfully I'm sure no one will have been hurt by this one as I think we all knew each other enough, and trusted each other, to know something like that just wouldn't have happened, but I felt it was time for me to stick my nose in!! I admit everything seemed to happen around the same time - but how on earth did you come to this conclusion. Brilliant! 2 and 2 really does make 85 for you doesn't it. I just got offered another job - how very boring eh.

I need to get some sleep, it's late again, rubbish, what happened to my early night!

Wednesday 3 November 2010

More NEC stuff

Okay, need to pack up, it's got late, love this little machine though - put it down!

Nite all x

Tuesday 2 November 2010

NEC here we come!

Well, it's almost upon us, the NEC, can't wait. I've been playing with the imagine (lucky monkey arnt I!). It's so easy to get used to, like the designs, but only have one cartridge, I want them all!! Yep, like it. We'll also have the cake, want that as well!

I suppose I will now have some space to fill my house with cook machines as my friends started on the first leg of their fantastic adventure to New Zealand (starts with a trip up north!). It'll be strange without a full house, enjoyed having them round, and Dylan was getting on really well with his brother (awww).

Dave and Dylan.

It'll be strange without little Juliette around as well. Funny having a little one around the place, emotional, but good.

Anyway, the craftings been a good diversion today, and has also helped to keep me away from my stupidly addictive game on my phone! It even tells me how many hours of my life I've wasted on it!

Righto, back to the sticking and inking.....hope to see lots of folk over the next few days in the flesh!x


Bit late, but thought I'd nip a couple of photos on my blog from halloween, had a brilliant time with ms Tod!