Monday, 15 November 2010

Whaaahey, name on the door!

Well, I've been in the Create and Craft family for just over a year now, and look, my names on the door!!

Hooray, isn't that exciting. Next should be the photo on the walk of shame - there's big photo's of all the presenters when you walk to either studio. I'm not looking forward to that one going up actually!

Now I've been meaning to put these on my blog for ages, they are my little samples from when I played with my sealing wax for the sealing wax show:

I'd definitely recommend using the wax gun, and if you can get a couple then do it, as then you can mix colours. Obviously you can sink your seals into the wax, ink them up first for a different look. You can sprinkle glitter in, mica powders anything light. If you want real dimension then first you need to create a base of wax to put your feathers, cinnamon sticks - whatever you fancy. Then apply another application of wax to either add more dimension or apply your wax seal. I loved playing with my Christmas scents, and added powder cinnamon and nutmeg to mine,smells great.

Try using your rubber stamps as well, ink them first and then sink them into the heated wax. It works like triple thick embossing powder, but has a different look and texture with being a wax. If you sprinkle embossing powder onto the top of the wax it gives a pitted texture. You can also sprinkle your gold flakes in for a touch of luxury.

Try waxing - and not the painful variety!!

Have fun.


Loopylou. said...

woo hoo!!! to name on the door!! now just the photo shoot to look forward to!! lol!!!

Unknown said...

It's when you turn up for a shift and it's gone that you need to worry! x

Billie said...

Hi Leonie

Yey to the name on the door, looks like you'll be staying then yipeeee.

Love the samples, look great with the cinamon sticks. Are you going to turn them into place settings for your Christmas table?

Have fun


pearshapedcrafting said...

Ooooh Leonie!, no chance of you coming back up north yet then? Can't believe it's a year! x

nikkib said...

Well done getting your name on your door.. whats next, your star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame...

Love the wax work, gorgeous...

Fuchsia said...

well deserved credit on the door LOL

love your work !