Wednesday 21 December 2011


They have beaten me! I've been wrapping for hours I tell you...but there's more. Is this because I have bought the contents of John lewis (my lottery winning dream), or could it be that I faff. You know it....

It means of course my cards are not done. I made 3. 3 more than last year, granted, but how very pathetic. And I haven't managed to get the 3 I made posted. I drive myself mad.

However, on a very big happy note, after being skint for many many years, now being able to buy pressies for my nearest and dearest is lovely. I've really been able to treat my little sister which is brilliant, and I'm really looking forward to spending a lovely Christmas with my wee family.

I'm in work before then, and will definitely share some photo's of some crafty moments :) and maybe the production crew in jim jams!!

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Thursday 15 December 2011

Christmas swag

Mega tired, promised myself bed by 9, but started pratting about with my stash of fabulous pine cones and my dried oranges. Why!!! Looks good, and smells even, time for bed :)

Wednesday 14 December 2011

Goodbye Sarah

Well, I did want to blog about our fantastic GOSH day, and the wonderful Flora, I will do as it was so very inspiring (and my word, gives you a wake up call, anyone complaining about an ache or a pain - shut up!!!)....I wanted to before today, but haven't and now it's today.

Today we said our farewell to our lovely friend Sarah. Her casket was beautiful. It was wicker and cascaded with flowers, which emanated an array of wonderful colour, with which we all remembered Sarah. Colourful and a lover of colour.

It was a lovely service, with Liz reading a piece telling us about Sarah's life. It's with immense sadness we see her depart, but great gratitude we knew her and are still surrounded by her work and inspiration. Last time I visited Sarah and David she gave me a bag of toothbrushes - she'd been given boxes and figured one day they'd come in handy! I found them last week and had a little cry - over a bag of toothbrushes. Who'd have thought. Now, my challenge is do something with them!! Thanks Sarah. If only she'd been given lots of watch parts or something.

It was lovely remembering Sarah, we smiled and laughed, which is how it should be - and now our heart goes out to her family who are very much in our thoughts x

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Saturday 10 December 2011

Great ormond street hospital

Last week we had the wonderful privilege of visiting great ormond street hospital, and having just a quick look at the brilliant work they do, as well as meeting just a few of the kids.

I'll be honest, I wasn't feeling my best after the shocking news about Sarah, so I was worried id let the side down and end up being an emotional mess - but great ormond street had the opposite effect. It was wonderful to see such a clean and vibrant hospital. To know there is somewhere for the most complex cases, for those children and of course, their families to go for help and support. Obviously we only had a short time, so saw only a little of the hospital, but what we did see was uplifting. Their work and dedication is amazing.

Our fundraising campaign has started with our Christmas single, with lots more ways to help raise money to be announced. We launch the event on Sunday night and continue through Monday, so please tune in. Great ormond street are trying to raise money for a neurosensory laboratory. This will concentrate on studying pain, the effects of pain killers and trying to find ways to lessen pain and therefore reducing the suffering of children. The results of these studies will be a benefit to children worldwide.

The hospital still has old parts which need investment and modernisation, so fundraising will always be a part of the life of great ormond street, but this will be done with enthusiasm by all those touched by the hospital and it's work. Thank you to everyone who supports our campaign and more importantly, great ormond street. I wanted to stay crafting with the kids all day - they made our day an absolute pleasure.

I hope it won't be my first and last visit, but I know it'll be the start of more fundraising! Watch this space....!

Tuesday 6 December 2011


I could not do a blog post without saying a few words about the terrible loss of my friend Sarah. I can't believe she's gone and I'll never see her again. Sarah was a wonderful, genuine and generous person. Her talent was immense. I loved visiting her shop, her work was everywhere, and then you could really appreciate Sarah's imagination and talent. She played, experimented. Created. She truly was an artist.

I feel so desperately for the family she leaves behind. I was made so welcome, going to see Sarah and David was home from home, they even welcomed the dogs with open arms. I never went on one of Sarah's classes, I know it would have been fantastic and a pure inspiration. That I regret, but I am happy my life has been richer having Sarah as a friend.

How can such energy and inspiration just disappear.

I don't know how to end this post, it feels no words can...So simply, I miss you Sarah. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend.

- Leonie

Monday 5 December 2011

Crafty mums

Just had to do a sneaky post, my mums crimbo cards are looking great, thought id share

Well done mum, please can you start on mine :) xxx

Saturday 3 December 2011

Learning something new

That's what I love about my job, there's always something new to learn. Today was a brilliant day, I spent and hour with Gina who makes the most fantastic buttons. Buttons, who considers the work that can go into them, and how fabulous they can look. Such an interesting show. Okay, I need practice, but this is mine!:

It is really relaxing, and they actually take shape pretty quickly so you can achieve your finished result in no time (I say this, I'm pretty sure some of the creations Gina brought in weren't knocked up in 10mins!).

And then to something completely different. An hour with Barbara in her classroom. I can no tell you how jealous I've been of everyone who has got Barbara's shows, so I was made up when I got a chance to play. You have to go on Barbara's workshops, she's an excellent teacher. I love stamping, but love learning new techniques and ways of looking at a stamp. I was always one for playing, but this has made me even more experimental. I even got to play a little after the class - happy with these!

Never will a corner stamp look the same again.

Righto, better get to bed. Early morning tomorrow, a long over due trip up north to see friends and family. Unfortunately it's being cut short, but it's all good - ill tell you all about it.

Night all xx