Tuesday 15 July 2014

Alice and Leonie's London Adventure

Off our ladies trotted, surprisingly on time, to get their train.  Gin in the tin suitably chilled, tickets printed....of sorts!

The gin fizzed, as did the Pimms - all over Alice's dress unfortunately.  There began the days stainage.

Our adventurers formed their plan, and set off to The Underground.  They managed to alight and depart their carriage without incident - unlike the lady who misjudged the ferocity of the doors which clammed her in place by her buttocks.  Her friend pushed and shoved without success, and eventually she had to reverse and give in.  Alice and Leonie did find exiting The Underground a little tricky - but managed to find light after a few circuits.


They meandered, taking in lovely shops, glow in the dark ducks, badges, dresses, frozen yoghurt, strawberry bellinis, and eventually came to their first destination. Waterloo Station.  The art installation they had decided to visit had, of course, finished, days earlier.  However, they snook into the venue, stamping themselves to prove they were allowed. They chanced upon a fabulous chair, surrounded by space.  And a strangely illuminated table.

Chair (behind Alice)

Table of light


They had a little look at the fabulous street art, and breathed deeply to take in the paint spray fumes, then skipped out of the tunnels.
Alice, fumes, stainage and street art

Luckily they chanced upon a very lovely Cafe Bar, which had two perfect seats in the sunshine, right next to the rubbish bins. A few beers later, and plans in place for their very own amazing and quirky bar, off our ladies set, to Somerset House.

Near death by taxi reminded our girls, London can be a scary place! 

Eventually access was gained to Somerset House.  The Posh(er) tickets allowed our ladies to obtain free drinks.  They dined on expensive, but rather delicious,  houmous, breads and cheese, then took their places (and a little more prosecco) to shake their thang to the amazing Kelis.
All the boxes of empty food

Kelis - funk and souling it up

A jolly smashing time was had, but the clocks chimed and our girls had to leg it to catch their train.  Without a moment to spare, they managed to clamber aboard, popping themselves in first class, to catch their breath....the nice ticket man seemed fine with the tiny photograph of the tickets purchased, hooray! A relaxing journey home.

First Class joy...!!

Our ladies had a little meander to Asda, with the hope of a 24 shop, but were met with shutters.  No party could be found at the home of Matteous, so home our girls trotted, not taking up the rather obvious advances of a fellow drink hunter who stopped his car for a little chat!

Hot chocolate, with a cheeky Baileys chaser, rounded off a very wonderful adventure.

Petal of love

Thank you London.  Thank you Kelis. Thank you Miss Alice, my wonderful partner in crime.

Today I am a Little Greek.