Tuesday 25 October 2011

Crafting evening

Well, just a quick post to say hello. Had a fun day bathing all 3 dogs as Dylan had found something gross in the garden to adorn himself with. They were all smelling lovely, and looking glossy, when dylan nips out to spice himself up with scent a la dead thing! Urgh. Dogs!! So now I still have a stinking dog, with hairy walls (how do they do that, hair everywhere!!).

Had a lovely crafty evening with dee and andrea. We ate, had a little wine and made atc's. It's been far too long since I did any - but as we are working on getting the club up and running again, thought I'd better get cracking. Okay, didn't churn out tonns....

...but it's a start! These will be going in the parcels of orders that are sent out (we always pop in a little card of some sort).

Anyhow, had a lovely evening. Whoops, just remembered forgot to give Andrea the box of new goodies for the website! That's includes stamps and spellbinders as well. Fool. We'll get them sorted and popped on.

If you don't get the newsletter for the web then you may not know we have now run out of stock on the brand new distress autumn colours. If they release any more for order I'll let everyone know, otherwise we now just have the winter tones in stock. Better make sure I get my pack of those (how did I not get any autumn ones!! Fool).

Righto, bed time. Sleep well one and all and a happy day tomoz xx

Sunday 16 October 2011

The final flag

The final flag, here we use colour tinted spackle with a stencil:

Again we started with a blank black flag, this time we used a glittery one though. We then used a plain cream card and colour tinted it with our Eco paints. We then used a stencil which we layed onto the cream card. Using spackle we added texture to our card. Before we did this we colour tinted the spackle. Spackle is a white paste, and you can colour it with paint, ink, re-inkers, mica powder etc. We took some of our eco paint and added it to our spackle. Mix it well and your paste will be the precise colour you need it. Using a spatula spread the spackle over the stencil. Take the stencil off gently and make sure you clean it with warm soapy water, along with the spatula so the spackle doesn't harden.

Allow the spackle to dry. It doesn't take long at all, especially when it isn't applied thickly.

Again, our papers are double sided, so we used the borders from one scrap to edge the top and bottom. We used a pair of those wonderful red shoes from another to add to the bottom and added glaze to make them shine:

As usual our frill was created using that fantastic spellbinders die.

To finish our final bunting flag we used one of the images from our 12x12 paper. This sheet is full of all these images, but a good variety so you have to pick the one you want. Simply cut it out and pop it on with glue gel.

And our wonderful dyed ribbon is again looped through with a nice crumpled ribbon to finish! And of course....the last bit has to be those black enamel accents (check those out on the web site:

Another project awaits!....

Friday 14 October 2011

SWALK - it's the POW!

Cute. Really really cute. That's the SWALK images. I had a definite favourite in this little lot, look:

Aww, isn't that brilliant. Im a stamper, so love this collection, but with the cd as well....unmissable. Here's a few more cards the ladies have made for us:

I've picked some from the POW and some from the extra stamp kit. Lovely, just right lovely. And of course, the day wouldn't be the same without our Leanne:

The later shows are Leanne and dean, so if you want more dancing you know what you have to do!! (email studio@createandcraft) :)

Thursday 13 October 2011

Bunting flag number.... Where am I up to?

Hold on....that's it, number 4.

I love these papers! Now for this one we had to look at our papers differently. This was taken from a piece of paper that has 4 main images on in separate quarters, so we worked with different pictures, making this flag different for everyone.

The base flag is pearlescent red, then we cut the printed paper slightly smaller. However, don't just cut the paper, work out what part of the image you want to keep and allow for part of that image to flow over your flag - this will give movement and interest. For instance, with mine I had part of the scarecrows hat and the Tin mans scarf:

It's easy, just use a piece of plain bunting as your template. Put this over your paper, on top of the part of image you wish to keep. Now, see what overspills. When your happy cut around your template, being careful not to chop off the parts you wish to have popping out. You may find it easier to draw round the template first.

The edge of the bunting was again made using the scraps from our fantastic spellbinders die. This time however, I took it one step further - look closely. Can you see the tiny triangles and the mini spades?

These are the bits from the die when we have cut our decorative edges! A little patience and a tiny amount of glue, makes these the perfect embellishment!

To finish we used the white enamel glaze on each of our mini spade, and glossy accents on the tin man.

Last one tomorrow :)

Wednesday 12 October 2011

Bunting flag 3

This one was everyone's favourite, including my mum:

And it's easy! Hooray.

Okay so the base card is black plain cardstock cut to size. We then cut a piece of acetate, just slightly smaller than the flag, and a piece of plain White cardstock, the same size as the acetate.

Using a wonderful Tim Holtz stamp, we stamped on the acetate with Sfax on, as this dries quickly and permanent.

Turn the acetate over and use liberal dollops of the Eco acrylic paint. You can be specific where you place your colours, or you can just go for it and slap them on. Just make sure you don't apply the paint to thin a layer, as it is going to act as an adhesive as well so you need substantial quantities.

Before the paint dries turn the acetate over and place on top of the plain White card, squidge it down and it will stick to the card. We worked on kitchen paper to absorb the excess paint which will work from the sides of the flag. It's great to see how the colours merge, and you will get a different effect each time.

Using strong double sided tape, stick the flag onto the black flag.

The edge is again done using the spellbinders die, this time we have cut it from a black glitter card. Round off the edges and take a small element from the strip to complete the bottom of the trim:

To finish the flag add the ribbon in the corners (punch through all layers with a crop a dile), then using enamel accents put little dots of paint up both sides of the flag.

We're almost there!!

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Bunting - the second flag

On to the second flag:

The base of the flag is plain black card. The trim has been made using a spellbinders die, love this die as you can trim it to give so many different looks. Finish the bottom of the flag with pieces of the die so you get a better finished effect.

We are still using the wonderful double sided wizard of oz papers. Now this time we cut one of the papers into the flag shape, and run it through the cuttlebug in an embossing folder, the one we used was a Tim holtz die. Before we embossed the paper we tapped one side of the die with a versamark pad, do this gently as you only want the ink on the top of the die, don't squish it in as you'll over ink your die. We then embossed the paper. Remove it from the die and cover the full paper with gold embossing powder, melt with the heat gun. This gives a fantastic effect, with the embossing powder dipping in.

One of the other papers has these fantastic stamp images on it. We cut a couple of stamps out and backed them onto black cardstock. These were attached to our beautiful embossed paper.

The top of the flag was finished with the scrap bits from our spellbinders die. We used a small piece of card for the bottom of the flag, and a piece of the lovely paper to trim the top and bottom.

The top of the flag was finished with enamel accents, these give a lovely glossy finish.

We used the ribbon we coloured for the first flag to attach it to the rest of the bunting.

Viola, two flags.

Sunday 9 October 2011

Bunting workshop

This is from the workshop I did when I visited inspirations in Preston last time. I'm a little obsessed with bunting at the mo, and I was sent these fantastic papers to play with - wizard of oz. They are amazing.

So this is what we did:

Sorry, photos abit rubbish, but we're going to go through each piece individually.

So, the grunge paper bunting:

All the flags were cut by hand. This one we used red pearl card base, then black card.

The edges are a spellbinders die. For this one we actually used two scrap pieces - always use the scraps!

The munchkins are cut from a piece of 12x12 paper, covered in munchkins, so you just pick a few out. These are double sided papers - so the back of the paper was used for the wording.

Okay, grunge paper. We embossed it to get texture. I used Eco paints to colour it, a different colour front and back. Then just using your heat gun, heat the grunge paper whilst curling the paper. When you heat grunge paper it holds it shape, so we can create movement on our first bunting.

The ribbon has been dyed. It's cream vintage ribbon, one of my ultimate favs! I've actually dyed it with watered down Eco paints. Scrunch it up then dry it with the heat gun, and not only have you got ribbon the right shade for your project, but it's textured as well! Brilliant. Use a few colours along a long length for variants.

Okay, next section tomorrow
- Leonie

Sara and Humphrey

To continue a look at some of my favourite things from the shows, here is our wonderful Humphrey. The images make my heart ache, they are so adorable. I have a few "favourite favourites", and Humphrey is definitely in that category. Simply wonderful. Here's just a few of those beautiful cards from Sara's team (and me and Sara herself of course!!)

Saturday 8 October 2011

Elegant inspirations

Im a bit of a lazy blogger arnt i? Well, all thats in the past!! I see so many lovely people, products and finished samples why am i not sharing. Selfish bird eh! So, this is the first of many celebrating the crafty wonderness that is C&C.

My first show today was lovely. First let me introduce the ladies:

Tina, Debbie and Jo (Jo being the owner of Elegant Inspirations) - and all of them very lovely indeed.

And they have brought to us the fabulous artwork from Rachelle Anne Miller. Beautiful. These are a few of my favs:



Cool! (hungry?)

Omg. Look at the art work! Isn't that wonderful

And last, how sweet.

I think this is a wonderful collection. Back on with Debbie at 4.....there's more lovely stuff that I'm gonna share. I'm gonna. Honest.:)

Tuesday 4 October 2011

Create and Craft

We have had a few days off and had a trip to Bath. We had a lovely couple of days away (well, by the time I finished faffing we obviously set off 3 hours behind schedule!!). Oh hum. Anyhow, it was really good. Bath is a beautiful place and I wanted to stay a few more days to really explore. The only thing that bugged me - the natural hot spring, used and loved (if not worshipped and feared) for hundreds of years by people, for free, you now have to pay to see and can't even touch. How annoying. Bloody Romans (sorry, I know, I'm swearing, but I recon it's called for). If they hadn't gone and built their fancy bath house there, us mere mortals might still be able to actually enjoy the wonderful natural spring. It's great to see their architecture and how they made the most of such a fantastic natural occurrence - it's just a sickner all we can do now is look at it! (I'll admit, I did have a little feel - who can ignore the temptation to see how warm it actually is!!). I'm saying this all tongue in cheek of course - but I bet we'd all like a dip now wouldn't we!! When in Rome n all that............

Anyway, after a great visit, and what feels like ages away from work, I'm back on air tomorrow. These are the times I will be on your screens:

Wednesday: 12pm - My Craft Studio, 1pm - Pinflair, 5pm - Art
Thursday: 8am - Papercraft; 10am - Sewing; 12pm - Debbie Moore; 3pm - Sewing
Friday: 9am - Specialist; 1pm - Hunkydoray; 4pm - Tool Box; 5pm - Hunkydoray
Saturday; 1pm - Pick of the Week; 4pm - Papercraft; 5pm - Papercraft; 7pm - Papercraft

Looking forward to seeing what goodies are in store for us all.

Right, on that note, I'd best be getting to bed hadn't I - or else!!

Night all xx