Thursday, 13 October 2011

Bunting flag number.... Where am I up to?

Hold on....that's it, number 4.

I love these papers! Now for this one we had to look at our papers differently. This was taken from a piece of paper that has 4 main images on in separate quarters, so we worked with different pictures, making this flag different for everyone.

The base flag is pearlescent red, then we cut the printed paper slightly smaller. However, don't just cut the paper, work out what part of the image you want to keep and allow for part of that image to flow over your flag - this will give movement and interest. For instance, with mine I had part of the scarecrows hat and the Tin mans scarf:

It's easy, just use a piece of plain bunting as your template. Put this over your paper, on top of the part of image you wish to keep. Now, see what overspills. When your happy cut around your template, being careful not to chop off the parts you wish to have popping out. You may find it easier to draw round the template first.

The edge of the bunting was again made using the scraps from our fantastic spellbinders die. This time however, I took it one step further - look closely. Can you see the tiny triangles and the mini spades?

These are the bits from the die when we have cut our decorative edges! A little patience and a tiny amount of glue, makes these the perfect embellishment!

To finish we used the white enamel glaze on each of our mini spade, and glossy accents on the tin man.

Last one tomorrow :)


♥Gemma♥ said...

Hello Leonie

Just been having a good old nosey at your bunting they are amazing sweetie..well done :D
hugs and xxx

Ali said...

Very elegant card. Love your pattern paper and designs...

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