Monday 2 August 2010

MacMillan Coffee and Wine evening

Well, it's that time of the year again. We did really well last year on the fund raising event, so we have a target to beat.

The evening is booked for the 28th September (unfortunately I can't make the actually coffee morning), but we will have cake, refreshments, there will be a little cardmaking class, craft items to buy, handmade goods to buy. There will also be a crafty raffle as well.

If you are a crafter and would love to come and sell your wares then please drop me a line - all we are asking for is a donation of your proceeds to go to MacMillan. If you do other things, maybe a makeup artist, or you do nail art or manicures then we would love to have you as well - again all we will ask is for a donation to the charity.

The details of the event are:

28th September

Starts at 7pm

Thanington Resourse Centre
Thanington Road

Please spread the word, I want as many people to come along as possible!

Craft Club dates

I've booked the next batch of dates for the craft club, lets hope we manage not to have any interruptions!!

The dates booked are:

6th September
18th October
29th November

Now, the next one, on the 6th I am putting down a challenge! Any crafters coming along I want you to work on things for the MacMillan evening (more work than a challenge!). Now, this can be stuff to sell to raise money, tags for the buns, things to decorate the tables, the world is your oyster - put your thinking caps on!

Of course we will have the normal stamp swap, idea's from crafters, tea and buiscuits. I want to try and make some cards up to sell for the MacMillan event, so no chatting!! (Only joking).

Hope to see you another post........

Martha Stewart punches

Well, we had a blinder of a show when we had the Martha Stewart punches on - so what's the hype about. Well, they are lovely. Good quality, and great designs. I took them home to have a little play, and just wanted to share this with you.

From the Martha Stewart book I got the idea of using the punches to decorate a wrapped present, which looked lovely. For the show I did it really plain - the word of course is sophisticated! However, to play I grunged it up!

Now to make a perfect matching ribbon, so both sides co-ordinate, you need to fold the paper or card in half, and feed this into your punch, holding the punch upside down so you can see the crease mark in the card, put this centrally in the punch:

Punch along the line, as usual, then turn the card over, fold in half again then line up the crease line to the centre of the punch again. Because you have worked out the centre of the card you can achieve a beautiful ribbon effect:

Try this with all the punches, and remember you can do any length - on my play I used good old brown paper - cut quite long to wrap around the present, and of course you can still match up the pattern by just folding a piece of paper and making sure the punch lines up at both sides.

I used my new ribbon to decorate my parcel, which I stamped, inked, added tags and string and also added an image from a magazine (it's such a cool mag that I picked up, mainly for the images actually it's called Pigeons and Peacocks). The paper ribbon has been inked before sticking to the parcel. I cut one piece of the flower which I folded in half which really adds dimension. Finished with ribbons and more string, and some gel pen detail, this makes an unusual but different wrapping.