Monday 27 October 2008

There's more

goodies, goodies,'s endless isn't it! More stuff on ebay:

Tell you what, all those folk out there doing ebaying for a living it's not a quick and easy do is it! Even the trip to the post office takes an hour (and when you see the que, urgh - why did they close down the post offices - idiots).

Getting there though, and the totals adding up, so it's definately worth it. In process of completing more card kits as well.

Been doing my Uni project today - got a little ratty with the plaster bandages.

Plaster everywhere! My nails look like they've had a pretty good french polish.

Right, time to really try and crack on with my ATC club....

Sunday 26 October 2008

More Charity news

Hi folks, more stuff added to ebay. I love watching the bidding. If I'm bidding for an item I get completely obsessed, and have to check it every 5 mins, then end up paying way to much (obviously not something you can do with my items - obviously!!).

Here's the latest link:

I've been cracking on with my Uni project today. I've been using wire and plaster strips. My hands feel like I've been playing with pins, and the plaster took longer than anticipated, but I've got the first bit done. I have to get the other 4 bits done tomorrow to give it time to dry then I can paint it. I also tried latex on leaves - how fab. It picks up every detail. I want to latex everything.

Hope everyone had a good lie in today with the clocks going back (yeah, we remembered).

Friday 24 October 2008


Sorry about last nights post, I obviously decided to do it just as blogger were having their scheduled outage (off on a tangent, but isn't it funny what you decide what something reads when actually it reads something completely different - I always thought blogger had scheduled "outrages" - lots of angry folk at blogger so they had to turn the system off). Anyhow, it cut me short and made me sound quite ratty I thought. After 3 attempts I gave up - outraged!! Obviously.

Anyhow, Uni was great. I made some leaves. How lovely, spending the day playing on a fab embossing sewing machine making leaves. Smashing. I need to finish them off with some stitching, but loved it.

I've also updated ebay with yet more stuff, doing well, getting through everything. People are getting some cracking bargins, so it's worth having a look. I've been abit daft, didn't think about the postage which is going directly to the charity - good for them of course, but bit costly for ole quick thinker here. What am I. At least I've realised now, so hopefully I'll be able to work it out. Duh.

The link for the new ebay stuff is:

Thanks for all you supporting, keep having a nosey, as the photo's and card will be auctioned from my blog, not ebay.


Thursday 23 October 2008

More Charity stuff....

I've updated ebay, here's the link:

Thursday 16 October 2008

More Charity goodies....

Finished......did it. Have a nosey at ebay for more goodies on auction for the Prince's Trust. There are still stocking and decoupage tree kits left as well, which you can find by scrolling down my blog. Thank you for your continued support, keep having a nosey as I'm doing the auction for photo's of Crafty Folk and handmade signed card soon.

Here's the latest link for my products on ebay:



I have been doing other things as well as trying to get my charity stuff sorted. I've been working on some lovely kits from All About Crafts. These are really nice double sided papers, which I've jazzed up with alotta glitter - mmmmm. These cards are for QVC, so not in kit form I'm afraid - maybe I could do photo's and instructions and aution them! If it doesn't move it's a possibility for auctioning these days - obsessed, me.

Sorry, photo's are abit rubbish, but need to get posting on ebay this evening, and times ticking on.

Did some Uni work, mainly thinking again! My journal is full of thinking not doing - my pencils are just to nice to use really - they smell great.

Decided what I want to do for my first project - it's a weight off my shoulders. I'll get some photo's when I'm done - only have two weeks so uh huh....

Anyhow, here's some pics:

The swirl paper is great to make fabulous gatefold cards, just cut round the swirls and add glitter.

Oh no it isnt.......

on the right, cos i couldn't get it to work and really can not be doing with any more messing.

It's here instead..

Justgiving Page now set up!

Phew, that was another mission! Finally set this page up so anyone buying kits or entering the auctions I'll be organising from my blog will be able to pay directly to Justgiving who will be able to sort out reclaiming the tax, and all that faffy stuff.

Right, back to work.

Link for the Justgiving page is on the right.


Saturday 11 October 2008

More stuff added

Just a quick note to let you know I have added more items to the ebay auction, and popped on a new kit. There are some beautiful Christmas K&Co papers, definatly worth a look. Need to check the kit status still, there are still some Christmas stocking one's left (have a look at previous postings if you haven't had a look yet), but think the Anna Griffin tree's are sold out (I will update).

Thank you all for your support, I hope it goes well as it's something I want to continue. Next time for Sands I recon - there are so many Charities out there thought arn't there - where do you start.

Anyhow, have to get my act together, we're off to see Elbow tonight - so excited they are fab. I'm the elected driver, so I'll be nice and sober - boo.


A Blue Christmas (if you've got an empty stocking!)

Everything you need (apart from adhesive and scissors) to create 3 lovely cards. Full instructions, extra tips and coloured photo to help you. The colours of Stockings and papers may vary from the photo. These kits cost £2.50 plus 75p postage.

Thank you

Friday 10 October 2008

Charity Auction

Phew, I'm a sleepy bunny now!! Been putting some beautiful products on ebay for the charity auction, copy and paste this link to have a nosey (and a cheecky bid, go on you know you want to):

There are more to be added, but I'm falling asleep, so think thats it for this evening, but have a look at the other items selling. The kits are going really well so far, thank you folks. I'll be catching up with my emails tomorrow to let everyone know who's lucky.

Please keep checking my blog for new kits and auctions.



Thursday 9 October 2008

Card Kits for Auction - may the challenge commence

Please see the previous posting for explanation as to what and why I am selling these kits.

Rules: 1. There are a limited number of kits available, which will be sold on a first come first served basis.
2. To purchase a kit please send an email to Please state the kits you want to purchase by their title and the number of kits you require. I will let everyone know if they have been successful or not.
3. Payment will be made by cheque or via the Just Giving site (still in the process of setting this up, but please don't worry, I will have it sorted before the end of the sale)
4. Once payment has been made I will dispatch the orders by 1st class post
5. If you purchase more than one kit I will weight the parcel prior to posting and charge the exact price of postage
5. All the money raised (apart from the postage charge) will be donated to the Princes Trust

Decoupage Tree

This kit uses beautiful paper by Anna Griffin, you will received all the materials needed to complete 3 cards, with full instructions and colour photograph. You will only need adhesive and scissors/paper trimmer to complete the card.

The kits cost £2.50 each plus 75p for p&p = £3.25

Christmas Stocking Delight

This kit uses a cute Christmas Stocking die cut. The colours may vary in each pack, but each pack will create the same card. The kit will have all the materials needed to complete 3 cards, you will just need the adhesive and scissors/paper trimmer to complete the cards. The kits cost £2.50 plus 75p p&p each.

Tall Trees

This kit uses the beautiful Anna Griffin papers and a lovely Christmas Tree die cut (the colours will vary in the packs, but will all co-ordinate). The kit title isn't very impressive, but refers to the card which is a tall one! Again you will have all the products required to make 3 cards, with you just needing adhesive and scissors/paper trimmer. The kit costs £2.50 with 75p p&p each.

Halliwells Corporate Challenge

Me being me, I'm running a little late and having problems trying to get my forms set up for my Corporate Challenge.

First, what am I talking about. Well, it's a challenge to raise money for the Princes Trust, please have a look at:

to read all about the challenge and it's aims.

I am raising money craftily, of course. Firstly I need to say a huge thank you to Kathy and everyone from Personal Impressions, who have been fantastic at putting together lots of goodies to auction off.

Soooooo, there will be goodies on sale. This will be by way of auction, I'll let you know when they are up for grabs. Everything is new, in brilliant condition and quality kit, nowt shoddy. In fact I've not wanted to let you have it, but I'm not being greedy, it's for charity after all.

I have also put together a collection of photo's of some crafty folk (Dawn, Rosemary and Nigel, Anna Griffin, Amy, Donna Dewberry, Carol Smith, Catherine Huntley, Clare Curd, Kirsty Wiseman and crafty bloke JJ!) who have also signed a card which will also be auctioned.

To set the ball rolling I have put together a few kits. I have designed some cards, nice and easy, which I have photographed and have made into easy to follow card kits with full instructions, tips and advice. The kits will make 3 cards, not all the components will be identical to the picture, but they will make the same card design. I have tried to keep the kits at a reasonable price, but had to take into account that I do need to raise some dosh! All the proceeds will go to the Princes Trust (apart from the postage of course). To complete the cards you will need adhesive and scissors or a paper trimmer.

Right all that said I'd better pop on the first kits, calls for a new post.

Wednesday 8 October 2008

More kits for QVC and ATC Challenge

Thought I'd pop on a quick post before getting ready to set off to QVC. Dawn has a show this evening, 11pm, urgh! Then tomorrow and a sensible time. I'm also popping on a couple of ATC's so if you fancy a challenge you can participate.

The challenge is

Christmas Tree Time

I've used some lovely paper from one of the DO kits, as the image has been duplicated it allowed me to decoupage the trees. The second ATC was made using a sticker, very quick and easy. I have matted it onto card stock, then set it at an angle on the card - going round the edges with a continuous peel-off. Dig out your Christmas trees....

I worked on a lovely kit from DO, which had papers and really pretty Christmas vellums. Also had a few kits from All About Crafts - okay decoupage isn't my favourite - but I didn't swear (mmmm). The images are really cute, and it wasn't tricky decoupage so no tantrums.

Monday 6 October 2008


Cor, it's definitely the end of warm days isn't it - and to prove it we went camping. Yep, beginning of October and we pack up and head to a Forrest to live rough for a couple of days - ????

Actually the first night was really, mighty painful. I woke up with head freeze, and decided I wasn't tough, I was a girly girl and was going home........then I spotted my unopened bottle of mulled wine - mmmmmmm wine warmed on an open fire.

That was me, I stuck it out the Saturday night as well, and had a lovely time. Nicky and I went with Kathryn and Andrew, and stayed in Kathryn's dad's Forrest. How wonderful, it has deer and a bird hide where we sat and pondered whilst watching beautiful birds and a cheeky squirrel. We had a constant roaring fire, food, good company and plenty of trees.

It was a lovely weekend, and spooky enough, I managed to sleep for 10 hours on Saturday night (maybe that was the mulled wine - didn't even notice my air bed deflating).

Kathryn and me - wrapped up and looking good!

Kathryn and Andrew

The Fire Maker

Warming our bums

A chilly morning!

Friday 3 October 2008

Friday run around

This is a quicky, need to get my train to Uni. Think my Fab Friday will become more ad-hock than usual!! Fridays seem to be coming round a whole lot quicker. Don't worry, I won't abandon it all together, but may turn into Motivation Monday.

Been taking photo's of my leaves for Uni, it's great to play with the camera. We have a lady coming in today to tell us what we're supposed to be doing, really looking forward to that. Did my first drawing in my journal as well, which I was quite chuft about, as my drawing is definatly not very good.

Teela, if theres a photo opportunity she's there!

Right, need to scoff my wetabix and leg it!

Wednesday 1 October 2008

Another Craft Day - phew

The day after Craft Day is always a slow one - my brain never seems to wake up! I even had to stop on the way home for a power nap at the motorway services - first time I've ever had to do that, must be a sign of a busy day.

It was a great day. Lots of crafters, lots of stuff that I wanted to buy! Always the same, I have a list as long as my arm of "stuff". I was a good girl though, and just came home with lots of photo's of crafters for an auction I am going to do for the Princes Trust. Along with the photo's I have a special card for the winner, signed by quite a few of us crafty folk, so hopefully I should raise a few quid. I have started working on my kits - need to get my finger out as I only have a month! Gulp. Keep having a look at my blog for further details.

I had a great time up North at Dawn's new workshops. Can I thank all the ladies who came to my workshops - especially Joanne for the book to help me learn how to draw (it will definitely come in handy), and the lovely bulbs for my little garden. And to Val for baking a cake big enough to share with the whole group for both days!! Fantastic. Also thank you to "our Brenda", just for being there. It was great. I'll admit I was a little nervous, it's been the first one I have done for approx 2 years - gosh 2 years!! I loved it though, and I'm definitely feeling more confident to get my finger out and do more.

I'll share with you a few photo's from the weekend, sorry to the ladies who came on Saturday, I forgot to get my camera out so didn't get the "in action" shots that I was after.