Sunday 27 January 2013

Saturday at C&C

Wow, it feels like our trip was so long ago already!  Doesn't it always do that.  And now the snow has completely gone as well - and been replaced with floods again.  I do hate the floods, it really restricts where I can walk the dogs.  And man, do I end up with muddy dogs!  Ah well, roll on spring.

I actually remembered to get my camera out of my bag on Saturday (I have a habit of carrying the thing round but forgetting to take photo's!).  I took a few of the lovely cards Sam made.  She is so talented, I hope you managed to watch her show (and follow her blog).  We had a chat as well, nice to have a good catch up.  I had quite a few shows with Debbie as well, we were a little bit giddy.  It's really sweet as she was full of beans and really excited.  I'm looking forward to doing a workshop with Debbie soon, I will make sure I post details on here so you can hopefully book and come along.  For now however, here's the photo's, and I will be back at C&C bright and early tomorrow morning.

Sunday 20 January 2013

Home sweet home

Back to normal!  I spent the day cleaning, and of course walking the hairy kids, who absolutely loved the snow.  Teela is so cute, she wears her little padded jacket and loves to roll in the snow, and chase snowballs.  She looked happy even walking home.  Very expressive little thing that one!

Obviously back home means back to work, but that's not bad when your first show is with the wonderful Sheena!!  Really excited.  It's been so long since I've seen Sheena, and I always love everything she brings to us at C&C, and with it being our 4 day deal, it's gotta be something special, so a good way to start the week.  8am does mean I have to be up for 5.30 however.....urgh.  Hope I can sleep, feeling wide awake.  Ah, the joy of jet lag and being all mixed up!

I'll share a few snowy photo's with you for now.....

Friday 18 January 2013

Goodbye Vegas....

sob, don't want to leave just yet.  There is so much to see here, definitely not just gambling and drinking.  We visited the Las Vegas Stamp store which was incredible.  I've never seen so many stamps in one place, and they had some real cheeky ones!  We also went to see some of the retro shops.  They are really cool, you feel like your in another city completely.  I could spend a lot of time in that part of town.  We saw the Cirque Du Soleil Love show.  I am glad we saw the Absinthe show as this was a lot more acrobatic than the Love show.  The Love show was definitely more dance than anything else.  I was definitely expecting more "Cirque".  It was a good show of course, the costumes are incredible.  We then went to the Goreatorium.  That was brill.  All bloody and fab!!  Now, it's time to pack and leave....that's if our plane can land of course, believe there's a fair bit of snow at home!!

Thursday 17 January 2013


Wow, what an amazing first day we have had, we have managed to do so much.  It's a bit to late to type now, but I wanted to share some photo's with you.  Now, who thought there would be cool arty stuff in Vegas - we kinda expect just gambling and madness.  Well, Nigel and I got a cab to The Market at Tivoli Village, and we found a wonderful place.  Amazing places to eat, really cool shops, and really really nice people.  If you ever visit Vegas, please grab a cab and explore - as this is a real hidden gem.  The photo's attached are all from Artifact, in The Market LV;

CHA photo's....continued

Thought I'd share a few more!!  So much inspiration

Wednesday 16 January 2013

More art from the CHA

It was our last day at the CHA today.  We have had a brilliant time, and it felt like it was over to soon.  I managed to get a few more photo's today - they make me want to go home and create....

Tuesday 15 January 2013

More Pics from the CHA....

Just wanted to share a few of the lovely samples from the Little Darlings show....the stamp designs are so beautiful.  I'm going to walk the show tomorrow so hopefully there will be lots more to share

Monday 14 January 2013

CHA - filming from the US of A!!

Well, my first post has gone astray, which is rather annoying, as I was telling everyone how excited we were at travelling to America to film live from the CHA.

The CHA is the biggest craft event of the year, which sees lots of companies showcasing their brands, educating us, and of course launching the new products and trends for the up-coming year.  It's an incredible show - there's so much to see and the inspiration is incredible.

This year C&C sent a crew over to film LIVE from the CHA.  This is obviously an event in itself, and can be full of hurdles, but so far so good!!  And we have had the absolute winner of being able to actually sell brand new products to our fantastic customers.  These are products only just being seen by the industry, that our customers can get delivered asap!!  How cool is that.

We have had some fantastic guests, it really has been amazing, and I am so gutted tomorrow is our last day.

I must admit I was a tad gushy with the amazing Diane who has brought up Graphic 45.  I have to admit they are my ultimate favourite paper designs.  Everything they do is incredible, and their stand is equally as impressive.  It just bursts with imagination, fun and creativity.  And everyone on the stand dresses to fit in with one of their paper ranges.  How cool is that.  I am going to put photo's on facebook for everyone to see, as it really shows what can be done with incredible paper products.

I could waffle for ages, but will leave you for now.  We have one more day of filming tomorrow, so if you haven't managed to join us yet then please tune in - we will be live from 5pm-10pm.  Sob, then it's Vegas!!!!  hehe.  Oh hell yeah, Nigel and myself are off to Vegas.  How fab is that going to be!!!!!! eeeeeekkkk.

Okay, can not say goodnight with out leaving you with a few pics of the wonderful Graphic 45......