Monday 26 April 2010

Photo blanks!

I'm rubbish, took photo's from my lovely day at the Stamp Man, and didn't save them properly! I'm so annoyed. Had a great time, thank you to everyone who came, and of course the whole team for letting me loose with sprays, stamps and wonderful inks. Check out the stamps that you can only get from Stampman - designed by Karen, they are beautiful.

Grrr, how annoying, going off to sulk!!

Saturday 24 April 2010

Proper addy!

Mmmm, typical me, the proper addy for tomorrow is:
unit 10, craven nursery park, snaygill ind estate, skipton, bd23 2qr. Almost got it right. Looking forward to stamping, spritzing and general messyness x

Thursday 22 April 2010

Demo with the Stamp Man

On Sunday I will be up North demoing with the gang from the Stamp Man, really looking forward to it (lots of goodies to get messy with!!).

It'd be great if you could come and join me, the details are:
The Stamp Man
10 Craven Nursery Park
Smaygill Industrial Estate
Keighley Road
BD23 2QR

We'll be crafting away from 10am till 5pm, so seeya there


where did time go, it's been donkeys years since I did a post hasn't it! Sorry. Lifes been busy as usual. My Grans doing okay, it must be so difficult though, 60 years they were married. It's such a long time to have someone in your life isn't it. I'm up North at the weekend, so will be visiting, and of course my mum and sister have been there for her.

Work has been really busy. Still loving it. Getting to play more, and we have even started little craft evenings at the warehouse with my chums! Hooray. I keep meaning to take photos, but forgetting my camera (sounds about right doesn't it). Got the camera this time, so fingers crossed.

It was a really early morning today, can you believe I got stuck in a traffic jam at 4.30am! What's that about. You wonder why everyone is on the road, then figure its possibly the same reason your there - duh. Funny how it's everyone elses fault for being out and about isn't it.

Life's doing well, I believe my persistent nagging has paid off and my sis is going to join me in Canterbury - so excited!! We'll have such a laugh. Hope she goes for it, Canterbury is brilliant. What else has been happening, gosh dunno. Just tootling on really. Liking being an independant lady, it's rather liberating isn't it. Sent my form off to do the sky jump with Howard (I'll give you more details soon), and starting Belly Dancing and cake decorating next week (not the same class, how clever would that be - or do you dance with the belly after we've scoffed all the cakes, that's my kinda class).

Anyhow, I mentioned I was up North this weekend, I'm actually demonstrating at the Stamp Man. So excited. I'll go and get all my details and update my dates so I really really hope I see some familiar (and new) faces.

Hope everyone is well and loving the sun that we keep being treated to.