Friday 29 May 2009

First year over!!

Can you believe it, our first year of Uni is over already - well almost. It was our last "proper" day today - then we have Summer School. How good does that sound, from Uni to school - I'll be back at nursery next year (sand pit and finger paint - brilliant!). Bet the sand pit has been banned now hasn't it - all that health and safety malarky.

Anyhow, it was good today, had our lecture for the next unit, found out I had no library debts (that's a first), and trotted off into the sunshine!

Summer school will be great, we are doing Life Drawing, which I've never tried before so that will be interesting. Then we are trying some sculpting of the figure as well. Will be good to have some continual time in Uni, as just visiting once a week means you don't get to really get stuck into anything.

I'm crafting this weekend, we have a TSV next week, so plenty of cards to crack on with. I'll pop a few pics on when they're done.


Tuesday 26 May 2009

Papercraft and cardmaking

Hi folks, well I'm on the cover of a magazine!! Wow, check out Papercraft and Card Making, I've done an ATC article - which I really enjoyed doing. Looking forward to seeing it in print (real life!). It was funny, I was just checking out the crafty mags in WH Smith when I saw myself!! Scary......nah it's really exciting, I even called Nicky and made him come up to the shop just to show him!! As usual I forgot what month I was in, so wasn't expecting to see my mug on the shelves.

There's alot of Christmas Crafters out there - Mondays show was so busy!! How organised can you get, certainly something I'll never achieve! It was good, and went so quickly. Next week it's TSV time again, then I'm up North for Dawns residential (got to figure out what I'm doing yet!).

Apart from crafting I've upped the anty on my obsessive bird feeding - it's so cute. The starlings and sparrows are bringing their babies to the feeders and feeding them! They are so cute and fluffy. I've spent far to much time watching them and trying to film them today (actually, got a really annoying habit of thinking I'm filming, but then when I come to pause it realise I haven't turned it on). Wonder if the pigeons will bring their little fluffy things? I'm hoping the neighbourhood cats have got the hint and stopped prowling my garden - it'd be awful if they started hunting the chicks. Do you know 65 million birds are killed by cats each year! I love cats, but they need to be kept in at night, or wear a collar with a bell, especially at this time of year.

Think the blackbirds are feeding their young, they are becoming really demanding for their raisins - Nicky found the female wondering up the hallway (which meant she'd already gone through the kitchen!). Wonder if she could smell the bird food stash.

Nicky has his exam tomorrow for the end of his first year at Uni - gulp. Hope it goes well, I'm sure it will. Fingers and toes crossed.

Saturday 23 May 2009


was a good day - a short TSV day (hooray), all up for more of those! It was good to see Dawn and JJ, they were looking well and rested after their hols. The suns a good tonic isn't it - it must be the vitamin A (or is it D), well I dunno, but it just makes you feel better.

Anyhow, we had a good catch up, and good crafty shows. And just to make all you crafty chaps and chapess jealous, I get to keep my slice - hooray! Nicky recons I'll pop it somewhere safe and forget I've got it (he has the inside information relating to the state of my craft room). Actually, this one will stay close at hand, I like the fact it's nice and small so easy to just grab when you need it. I was double handed cutting in studio - with JJ trying to put a camera up my nose which lead directly to a monitor - urgh!!!

We had a look for cars today - we're mighty taken by the little C1's by Citroen, they are so diddy you can just pop them in your pocket. I'm really looking forward to a car that I can park dead easy, and will only cost me £7 to get into work!!! Can you believe it.........they're so cheap, and Eco friendly (will that off-set the uneconomical and earth polluting camper van??).

Was going to pop on a few photo's, but I'm really sleepy, so just going to finish watching my programme (Big Art, anyone been watching it - it's great), then off to bed for me - maybe tomorrow.

Night allxxxxxxx

Tuesday 19 May 2009

Tuesdays a Crafty day..

we made it into QVC today - I say we, as Nicky had to drive me in (get me, chauffeur!! I've moved up a league). Well, although the chauffeur bit was ace, he had to take me in as our car has died an gearbox kaput death. It's a write off. Bummer huh! So, we have our wonderful Sunseeker to get us everywhere - and I haven't worked out enough to turn the steering wheel yet!

Actually, it was ace being driven in, so less stressful! Maybe I'll never learn how to master driving the suntank!

The show went well, poor Catherine wasn't to well, so it was me and Pippa. Love working with Pippa, it's good fun. After the show I went to the van and had a round of toast - haha, in the QVC car park! Aaah, it's the small things in life that brighten a day eh. Tickled me.

Can you believe my Uni presentation didn't go ahead (have I already written about this??). Anyway, only found out at 8.30 Thursday evening that it wasn't going ahead - what a sickner! At least I'm almost organised, and have time to do a little more.

My sister and cousin are planning to do a 10 mile run for the charity DebRA. I really want to do it, but 10 miles! I've been trying to do abit of running when I walk my dogs in the morning, and have to stop after 10 seconds - and the runs in October! I haven't a chance have I. I'll try and do something next year. The DebRA charity is really important to us as Debra was my Auntie, and my Gran was one of the founders of the Charity - our Dad even did the original art work. Debra was so brave, I never once heard her complain, even though she was in pain, and my Gran was amazing. My mum has kept all the newspaper cuttings and things, when Gran was trying to get media attention and raise awareness of Epidermolysis Bullosa, and its so heart wrenching. Anyhow, next year will be a run - or maybe a walk this year?

Okay, I better go, I'm a sleepy bunny and have lots to do for the TSV so better get the zzzzzzzzzz's in.

Hope all's well with everyone in blog land

Wednesday 13 May 2009

Wallace and Gromit completed....phew

Done it, finished my Wallace and Gromit. This is for my Uni project for our presentation on Friday, which is entitled The Perfect Prop. We have to make a copy of something, so I've gone for my fav Plasticine figures (that and I've done them before so knew what I was doing!! - cheat). I have had a play as well, with wire, silicone, resin - all good stuff! Not sure if anything I've made is much cop though!

Anyhow, thought I'd pop on a few photo's to let you see the finished results.

Now on the crafty work front, I've got a 2 hour show coming up on Tuesday - I've had a sneaky peek and there's some cracking stuff in it! I've got the weekend to get it ready, so hopefully I'll be able to get some photo's on next week of what I made.

I've also got a book signing and demonstration sorted on the 11th July, in Sandwich! Brilliant, it's a beautiful place to visit, and not a long journey! Hooray. It's called "A Makey Do", and there will be people selling their brilliant art and craft products, things for the kids to get involved in, should be a great day. It's being run by a lovely lady (not actually met her yet, but she seems lovely!) called Jenny. Visit the blog to see the beautiful work and talented people who will be there:

Okay, better get on with my wire ant nest (don't ask!!).