Friday 29 January 2010


Wow, how excited am I, got my Promarker show tomorrow morning, so need to crack on and get my samples done!! Gulp, so can't chat - I'll tell you all about my wardrobe malfunction tomorrow!!

Thursday 28 January 2010

Wee in my ear!!!

Yep, that was today's boo boo. Wee in my ear!! for goodness sake, when will my brain kick in before my gob! Oh hum.

You guys were right, the password hasn't come through from the pesky Inland Rev - how annoying is that. So close, yet so far! I'll get organised - I much prefer buying shoes than giving the tax man pennies (have a right shoe fetish at the moment - have you seen Irregular Choice? They make me drool, but I need to be controlled - dull dull dull).

I'm abit sleepy, got loads of stuff to catch up on, but my brain is a fog - it's those early mornings (I was up at 3.30am, that's rather wrong isn't it!). I need to email all the ladies from the craft club with a new date - that is number one on my list, but I've a feeling that will be tomorrow.

Really looking forward to next Tuesday, I've got some goodies being brought in to play with. Oh get this, pro-marker show coming up and I've been given loads to play with! How ace is that. Been wanting them for ages, so I'm really chuft. Playing, oops sorry, working with them is also top of my list (you can see a pattern in my list formation can't you) haha. Think me and Dee will have a real craft evening tomorrow.

Righto gang, I'm going to have a bath (weey ears!!), and catch some much needed zzzz's

Wednesday 27 January 2010

Tax returns and banana's

Thank you all for your lovely messages from my last post - and just in case I didn't pop it in my post, the demo in Preston is next Tueday (erm, oh my the 2nd Feb!).

Well, as ever I haven't done my tax return. Why do I do this, every year wait till the last min. And now I need them to email my password - which should take seconds surely!! Apparently not. It's my own fault, I will not learn cos I think I like the excitment of trying to avoid the fine!! Mother, I need to get out more. Sitting here trying to avoid eating biscuits by feeding on banana's instead.

Back to work tomorrow, looking forward to it. Hopefully me and Dee will be able to grab a crafty evening as well - hooray. Remembered my camera this time, so I'll get some pics, it's been ages since I posted any photo's hasn't it.

Right, back to my emails, see if there's anything there......come on Mr. Inland Rev....

Tuesday 26 January 2010


Did I make you jump? It's been a while again hasn't it, I know, sorry. Not felt much like writing to be honest, you know how it is - moody bird at the moment and don't want to bore you all with my woes, it's nothing new - just the same old "been dumped and feeling very pooey" drama!! I know, it'll be right in time, and there's so many worse things going on out there isn't there, so I've no place to whinge - so I will jolly well shut up now......

On the up side work is still fab. They are being great with me, I'm getting loads of training, which is brilliant. We have had two new presenters start, Sarah and Lottie. Not met Lottie yet, but met Sarah and she is lovely. Feel lots of glasses of wine and chat to be had with Sarah. We have also won the Crafts Beautiful award for best shopping tv channel!! Hooray. How good is that. And Steph has won the best all round card maker. Very exciting. It's more important as it's voted for by the viewers, which is such a big vote of confidence for Create and Craft - so thank you to everyone out there who cast your vote our way. Brilliant.

Now then, I've popped my dates on for this week, and also I hope you will be able to visit me at a shop demo up North! Dead excited, hope to see lots of familiar faces. The details are below, I'll be having a play with messy inks and brill stamps, so getting stuck in as ever:

Demo's will start at 10am, and you need to pop along to:

Inspirations by Cardcraft Plus
Unit 1 Capitol Centre

You will have seen the girls on Create and Craft, so there will be quite a few familiar faces, and lots of crafty goodies as well.

Okay folks, I'll try and cheer up and get posting more regularly. Hey, didn't tell you me and my sis went to see the Prodigy!! What a excellent night that was. Oh hum, I'm driving round with music blaring out of my car like a boy racer now - sad quite frankly!!

Monday 11 January 2010


don't worry, I'm not in em! Just thought after my last post you might have thought I've been merping around. I'm not, I'm busy and enjoying being at home, so it's onwards and upwards and lots of forward thinking (okay, more tv than normal which is naughty, but hey hoo!). I didn't want everyone to think I was wallowing in my pit of despair (doesn't that sound lovely and dramatic). We haven't time for that have we folks - I've been working on a wax effigy (haha, is that what they're called - only joking honest!).

Righto, got my boots on, going to brave those horrid elements again to get some packing boxes - the beginning of the "big sort" - gulp. Where to start.......


Not been posting have I, sorry! I've been having a few roller coaster moments in regard to the emotions, so not been very chatty as far as my blogs concerned - I've saved all my chat for telly - you need alot of it on there!

Getting abit sick of the snow, it seems to have followed me round since Christmas, but at least I've been able to get round, there's people been completely stuck hasn't there - and the pavements are lethal so I've no idea how older people are getting on. We have been visiting the Gramps (Gran and Grandad), with provisions to make sure they're okay, Gran always has a list.

Work has been great. I've been having more training with the fantastic Ellis, it's really interesting to watch your shows with someone else who can advice and watch it without cringing! Urgh, painful I tell you - watching myself that is.

Okay, I'm going to pop my times on for next week - oops no this week. That's as far as I know so far, so I will put my other times and dates on asap.

I hope all's well with everyone out there, and the snow isn't causing to much disruption.

Saturday 2 January 2010

Happy New Year

to you all. Hope 2010 opened up with blue skies and happy days.

I'm still at home with my sis. We had a good evening, infact a lovely weekend. Still attempting to convince her to move down - it's my theory, I want to stay in Canterbury, so need to get all my friends to move down here! It's a tricky plan, but it makes sense! Honest. Anyhow, nipped to Whitstable, if I move that will be my next port of call I recon - love it. Wandered round Canterbury attempting not to buy lots of lovely things in the sales.

We also went in the travel agents - how exciting. Think we are going to go to Borneo. Whooo. Righto, need to get things organised and the tea on. Have a lovely evening one and all.