Thursday, 28 January 2010

Wee in my ear!!!

Yep, that was today's boo boo. Wee in my ear!! for goodness sake, when will my brain kick in before my gob! Oh hum.

You guys were right, the password hasn't come through from the pesky Inland Rev - how annoying is that. So close, yet so far! I'll get organised - I much prefer buying shoes than giving the tax man pennies (have a right shoe fetish at the moment - have you seen Irregular Choice? They make me drool, but I need to be controlled - dull dull dull).

I'm abit sleepy, got loads of stuff to catch up on, but my brain is a fog - it's those early mornings (I was up at 3.30am, that's rather wrong isn't it!). I need to email all the ladies from the craft club with a new date - that is number one on my list, but I've a feeling that will be tomorrow.

Really looking forward to next Tuesday, I've got some goodies being brought in to play with. Oh get this, pro-marker show coming up and I've been given loads to play with! How ace is that. Been wanting them for ages, so I'm really chuft. Playing, oops sorry, working with them is also top of my list (you can see a pattern in my list formation can't you) haha. Think me and Dee will have a real craft evening tomorrow.

Righto gang, I'm going to have a bath (weey ears!!), and catch some much needed zzzz's


Kaz said...

Hi Leonie, I was hoping to try and make your craft club, but can't do next week. Please could you see if anyone comes from Margate so I can try and nab a lift? Is that being cheeky?
Thanks Kaz x

Unknown said...

I really don't think you should worry too much about us craft viewers being offended - you make me giggle and you have sooo brought a breath of fresh air to that channel - they should thank you for your added quirkyness!!!!

Hilarious - I didn't catch the wee faux pas but wished I had - I need cheering up!!

Paula x x x

sugarplum said...

Love the idea of a promarker show Cant wait to see that one Dont forget to give us a heads up when you know it will be on

JB said...

Will look forward to the pro-marker show as I've not seen them demo'd before. Watched today on Ideal World, I think you're doing really well. I love the variety of shows too x

Joanne said...

Hello wii girl!! What a hoot that one was. Now these ProMarkers - looking forward to watching you use those. I'm collecting Copics because they are a thinner pen and easier to store and hold. xx

Sharon Noble said...

LOL weeeeeeeee... Leonie i made a terrible mess with my cuppa tea laughing , tut! anyway ,, lucky old you Pro Markers huh!! i can tell already your gonna be covered in ink before long.
Have a fun time playing with them.
lots of hugs

amanda stokes said...

Hi Leonie! I saw your 'boo boo' yesterday LOL we all have them plus thats what makes create n craft so enjoyable to watch.
Hugs Amanda xx

Roz said...

OMG! Can't wait for the ProMarker demo!! I'm sat here at home at the moment waiting ever so NOT patiently, for the kind MR UPS delivery man to bring me 74 of them...

Loving your blog, SO witty.

Lyse said...

Hi Leonie

That comment really did make me giggle. You are so funny. Since Alan and Barry left I hadn't really bothered watching it much until my friend started demoing on there. And then when I found out you had moved across I thought I would check it out. You really are a breath of fresh air and you are doing a fantastic job.

Chrissie said...

I will definately be watching and recording the pro-marker demo,love colouring but have only got a few pens at present, must earn more pennies for spending. Loving the shows I've been able to watch. Can't wait for the next club date,see you then
Hugs Chrissie x

Kazza said...

IK loved them weeing in your ear that was soooooo funny. Caught you again today - there are definitely some advantages to being off work sick. Keep up the humour Leonie we love it xx

jordiegirl said...

Just watched the weeing in my ear programme last night. It was very funny and it made me laugh. You are a breath of fresh air. I used to watch when Alan and Barry were on because they were so funny together. One day one of them fell of their chair and bumped into the other one, it was hilarious. So don't worry about your mishaps. Can't wait to hear about the wardrobe malfunction.

Mrs Mac said...

Wee in your ear???? WHAT the???? LOL!

I use Promarkers- I find the thicker barrel easier on my achey hands! Plus, unlike Copics, they are made in the UK!

Only draw back is that they aren't refillable, which I think copics are (?)