Wednesday 4 June 2014

Catch up, then back to work...

Just a little catch up with blogger land. I've had a brilliant few days, feels like I've crammed tonns in. Eer, I have I suppose, that'll be why!! 

We had a send off for our mate Georgie (part of the brilliant c&c team craft), she is working in America for a couple of months - literally swapping over to team Camp America. She'll be missed, but will be back!

I then tootled up north to spend Sunday with my sister, Carl and our mate Marie - and her adorable little boy Jacob. We had such a nice day at tatton park - and it was sunshiney!! Love that sunshine. Caught one arm. Just the one. Not even the full arm - just the forearm. I must have been walking really weird for that to occur?! 

Whilst up north I visited my lovely little gran, 92 next birthday. She's funny, she says she can't walk round the shops and stuff anymore, but honestly, she's amazingly mobile - and trots around the house without her stick. Longevity in these northern bones.

I then visited the lovely Anne-Marie and baby Joseph. Oh man, he is adorable. I had a cuddle, and me and Anne Marie had a good catch up. She's looking amazing. Mark even plays his guitar to Joseph - how cute is that.

Then....I know, there's more!! This is only from Friday night, and I worked late on Saturday!! Anyhow, then me and mr Frisby trotted off to London Town. Had a bloody marvellous day. We had street food in borough market, wine, beer in soho, then went to see the fabulous Angela Lansbury in blithe spirit. What a damn good play. All the actors were amazing. I loved it.

See, crammed!! And now I have to go to work. I don't think I've the energy....shall I ring in sick :) 

Wine o clock:

Awww, lovely little family :)

Baby Joseph in his new swing 

Home....I often forget how amazing it is in rossendale valley. It even smells fresh! And it was pure joy to walk the kids without seeing litter every 100 yards. The dogs had an amazing time.

Marie and little Jacob....haha, he hated having to leave the train

Saturdays fab creations from the clever Katherine 

Me and our sheila :)

awwww, Anthony and his lovely wife

Just one of the beautiful creations from Anthony