Saturday 25 April 2009


Inbetween my cross stitching (in the sun, whoopee), i've been digging and planting again, and came across this fab little site, which if there are any fellow veg/herb or fruit growers out there may be interested in. It's:

And (as the name suggests), you can swap any surplus fruit, veg or jam you've made or grown. Dead handy, even though we've only just started we have tonns of rhubarb, so I'm on the list.

Managed to crack on with my ATC club last night - I know I have been really lapse with it of late, so it felt good to be getting on with it again. Bit cheesed off that I've not got a decent camera at the mo - some lovely trades coming in as usual. I'll still load some photo's on, but the quality won't be that cracking.

Righto, better get on. tata for now xx

Thursday 23 April 2009

Dawn's Blog

Almost forgot, before I log off for the evening, have you checked out Dawn Bibby's blog (always feel silly putting Dawn's full name - I'm sure you all know who I mean, but just in case.....), anyhow, they are collecting cards to send to the boys out in Afghanistan, and also Rena is on the way to try and organise some kind of fund raising for injured soliders coming home, it's definately a worthy cause so have a look what's going on and put your crafting to more good uses (I'm sure you already do so much already!).
nite nite


mmm, like I'm any good at keeping up to date with anything I do anyway - but hey why not!! I've opened a twitter account, of my own this time, not just joining in on the QVC one (to be honest I wrote down the password on a special piece of paper that's in a very safe place, so not been on the QVC twitter account since!!).

Madness isn't it, all this bloggin and twitterin.

Well, preparations are underway for Craft Day - seems like we're getting organised quite early on. I'm not going to tell you what I'm working on, of course, but they are cute. Okay, there's decoupage in there (aaaaaah), but when the images are bonny, the pain isn't as severe.

Been out planting my onions tonight, and my hands resemble the neck of our Rex (tortoise). Not really a good look!

Had a brilliant weekend, my sister came down to visit me for the first time (since I moved to Canterbury). It was really great to see her. We saw some sites, took her to the allotment which was really nice, she really enjoyed it - and collected tonnes of rhubarb. Had a great night out with our mates, then Maz (my sis) cooked two crumbles and a brilliant pie!! On a hangover. Amazing. Really hope she visits again soon, it went far to quickly.

Uni, working on our next project. I'm behind everyone else (does that surprise you), but at least I know what I want to do. We have to make the "perfect prop", so it's models of things - I want to make a model of the inside of an ant hill. Dunno why, I just think ants are quite cool. Did you know scientists in Florida took a cast of an anthill to see the chambers? I didn't know that until today, but it looks cool. Google it!

Righto, on that itchy note I'm off to bed. I will put a few photo's of our camper van on as well - it's really funny! We have to get it ready for Glastonbury festival - whoooo, Glasto in style. No trudging for miles with all your belongings balanced precariously - fab! Have to see what I can make to decorate it with my loo rolls and sticky backed plastic.......

Friday 17 April 2009


No I'm not skiving - honest!! I'm not in QVC tomorrow with Dawn and the gang, it's Friday so got lots of other stuff to do I'm afraid. Sitting here having a nosey at them on telly instead. I recon I could do with about 20 sets of the storage boxes- love storage, they are fab.

Anyhow, it's been ages since I've written. Had a great time at Dawn's demo weekend, saw loads of familiar faces - I really do enjoy visiting the Studio. We were actually at the Mill, awww, old days. Seemed strange not having the shop to nip to, and didn't even manage to visit the studio!! We were all busy bee's. A big hello and thank you to everyone who came and said hello - especially Joanne, you lovely lady, and her hubby of course. Already planted some of my carrots - they are starting to raise their little heads! Awww.

What else has been going on - man I can't even remember. Had a realllllly good hot chocolate today - there has been more, but it was a particularly good hot choc! We stayed in Brighton last night - we bought a cheap camper van (its hilarious - massive! It takes me two hands to try and heave the stearing wheel to get round a corner, mmmmmm no driving for me then - shame!!). It was good fun, and it's great having room in the van rather than falling over each other and making a nasty mess whilst chopping the onions.

Did I tell you when I was driving into QVC on Tuesday - I realised I hadn't packed my trolley (with all the craft stuff in it!!). So had to turn around and drive home! How sick was I, I'd actually got up and set off on time, even taken getting petrol into account in my schedule! Plus, it was an early 6am start, so I was amazed I got out of bed. Anyhow, drove home, opened the boot, and there were my bags!! No way. Nicky had packed the car for me. I was really happy with him for that, just wish I'd checked before I left the house.

There has to be a whoops moment now and again eh. Hey, Sarah's kits on telly, I worked on this one! Hooray. It's still funny watching your cards on telly - I'm going to have to watch this one eh!

Drove home with 10 bags of manure in the van today - this must mean we are true allotmenters now eh.

Angelina is really easy to punch with (Dawn's showing it now, just in case you don't know what I'm talking about), first time I'd tried it. Make a thicker sheet than normal, and thats it! Punch through. Looks great. Also enjoyed using it with the melting pot to make necklaces. Dawn hasn't showed my favourite one - never enough time to show everything is there. Well done Sarah, really easy to follow DVD with some nice new idea's.

Right, seen a couple of my cards so off to bed!! Haha, only joking I wasn't stopping up just to watch my own cards. Happy Birthday to JJ by the way - in case you pop on here!

Night night everyone, enjoy your crafting

Thursday 2 April 2009

The Joy of Driving

I'm a little cheesed off today. Had to get my car out of the garage early (lots of work needed for it's MOT), to get into work - I was going to get the train but guess how much it would have cost.......nope all wrong guesses I'm afraid - it would have cost me £46.20!!! Can you believe it, that's half my wage for doing the damn show! I'm disgusted. Apparently we're trying to be greener and cut down the congestion in London - so we'll make the trains to expensive to travel on. Isn't that a scandal. Off peak it's £23, so the same as petrol, but peak is just robbery. Plus of course you have all the hassle of changing twice. Huh. So, I drove in my dodgy car, which I have had to drop back off at the garage, which will mean I'll miss Uni tomorrow. Really unhappy about that - it's our last day before the Easter holidays, so really wanted to go in. Unfortunately it's not worth getting the train to Uni then home, then driving up North - it'll be much to late, and I'll be shattered. Grrrr.....

Anyway, enough of my complainin' - and crack on to make cards for Tuesday's show. Thought I'd try and pop some photo's on of the cards from TSV day, but they are abit rubbish quality images I'm afraid - I've put them on the Flickr site anyway if you fancy a peak.

Doubt I'll be on again before the demo weekend - so look forward to seeing some of you there (that's if the car does get fixed!! fingers crossed).

Dawn and Claire supporting very fetching wings for Fairy day

JJ chilling out with hot chocolate after our TSV day

My very post sofa bed, with my own Shampoo's!! haha