Thursday, 23 April 2009


mmm, like I'm any good at keeping up to date with anything I do anyway - but hey why not!! I've opened a twitter account, of my own this time, not just joining in on the QVC one (to be honest I wrote down the password on a special piece of paper that's in a very safe place, so not been on the QVC twitter account since!!).

Madness isn't it, all this bloggin and twitterin.

Well, preparations are underway for Craft Day - seems like we're getting organised quite early on. I'm not going to tell you what I'm working on, of course, but they are cute. Okay, there's decoupage in there (aaaaaah), but when the images are bonny, the pain isn't as severe.

Been out planting my onions tonight, and my hands resemble the neck of our Rex (tortoise). Not really a good look!

Had a brilliant weekend, my sister came down to visit me for the first time (since I moved to Canterbury). It was really great to see her. We saw some sites, took her to the allotment which was really nice, she really enjoyed it - and collected tonnes of rhubarb. Had a great night out with our mates, then Maz (my sis) cooked two crumbles and a brilliant pie!! On a hangover. Amazing. Really hope she visits again soon, it went far to quickly.

Uni, working on our next project. I'm behind everyone else (does that surprise you), but at least I know what I want to do. We have to make the "perfect prop", so it's models of things - I want to make a model of the inside of an ant hill. Dunno why, I just think ants are quite cool. Did you know scientists in Florida took a cast of an anthill to see the chambers? I didn't know that until today, but it looks cool. Google it!

Righto, on that itchy note I'm off to bed. I will put a few photo's of our camper van on as well - it's really funny! We have to get it ready for Glastonbury festival - whoooo, Glasto in style. No trudging for miles with all your belongings balanced precariously - fab! Have to see what I can make to decorate it with my loo rolls and sticky backed plastic.......


Joanne said...

Leonie Pujol, you drunken, twittering, onion-planting, loo roll stickering, rhubarb crumble eating, ant nest invading, camping Glastonbury going crafter!! No wonder you hate decoupage, you don't have time to do the cutting.
Still think you are great though, aawwww! xxxx

Leonie pujol said...

haha, tell me about it! Have been doing embroidery though - how long does that take!! Now why would drunken be first on the list - spend more time with mud down the nails than beer in the belly these days - booo. Got a row of carrots in the the allotment today - whooo. Grow you little buggers!!! (heard that's what you have to say to make it work - on Radio 4 so it must be true!).xxxxx