Saturday 29 March 2008

Flickr update notice (and stuff)

Just a little note to let you know Flickr has been updated with some new wonderful creations. Loads have been coming in, so I'm sorry if it's taking me a while to do the trades, good to see everyone is just as keen as me.

I nipped to Olympia today with my friend Carley. It was great to meet loads of nice people, and look at lots of nice "stuff". I was good, only bought a couple of books (inspiration!!). I joined Dawn on her afternoon demonstration, which was great fun, I just made cards! whoopee, then JJ kindly gave me a lift home.

Now I have found a venue for my workshops down South I need to get the dates organised, so would love people to say what days best for workshops - so please fill in the poll, even if you can not come along as I want to get an idea of when people are more likely to have a little spare time.

It's been great seeing the results of the Friday challenge, remember you do not have to do them on the Friday, you have a full week (and I'm certainly not a stickler for them being in late). Have a look below this post for this weeks challenge.


Friday 28 March 2008

Fab Friday Challenge #3

A Small Thing of Greatness

For this weeks challenge I would like you to use this the little format of your ATC to carry a much larger message. You may wish to pick something political, emotional or even a much loved proverb that carries a strong message, anything that you feel strongly about.

I chose a Native American Indian theme, and used the following Cree Indian Prophecy:

Only after the last tree has been cut down
Only after the last river has been poisoned
Only after the last fish has been caught
Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten

I think the words are sad, but true, and the developing world abuses its position to the expense of the rest of the world and its inhabitants.

Well, thats my soap box, whats yours? I'd love to hear what you are passionate about......get it out of your system.

I made a frame around my ATC, which was composed of mount board. The image is downloaded from a fantastic blog

I used melted beeswax over the image to reduce the shine of the paper. Grasses where glued onto the side, and beads threaded along the inside of the frame. The prophecy was written on paper ribbon which was threaded onto an old ribbon coil, fixed to the back of the ATC using the end of one of my colouring pencils (saves chewing it!!), so the ribbon can be wound off, and back on. Delta paints where used for all the colouring, in brown green yellow and bronze.

Friday 21 March 2008

2nd Fab Friday Challenge

Here it is, another Friday, don't they just fly round. With the speed of time in mind that is what I have choosed as the theme - Time. You can have a play on the word (timeless, time flies), or just have images of clocks, the choice is yours.

I have been thinking just how quickly the days, weeks and months pass when you get older. When your a kid the 6 weeks holidays went on forever - now it would feel like 2 weeks had passed. Is is because then there was nothing really to worry about, no deadlines or to-do lists. How blissful.

Anyway, for my card I have used Tim Holtzs distress inks for the background, and stamped Old Father Time directly on the card. I have then stamped him again, this time on white card coloured in the image and cut it out. I then matted it directly over the image stamped on the card. I stamped two different clock faces, colour tinted them with distress inks and matted them onto the card, allowing them to fall off slightly (trimming off the excess). I'm not sure if the stamps I have used are still available. I bought them from the Art-Kure stand at a large show, many moons ago. The reference on them is FSP120 It's About Time - just in case you like them. I love them.

I hope this inspires you. Thank you all for joining in on the first challenge. Its great seeing your work, and its a great link to lots of new and exciting blogs and photobuckets - its a massive world out there isn't it!

Have a wonderful Easter, hopefully lots of extra time to get your crafting done!!


Thursday 13 March 2008

Fab Friday Challange

Okay, I know its only Thursday, but for once in my life I'm being early (whats going on..........!!!).

I realised tomorrow may be a bit busy, I'm on QVC in the morning (only a few min's in the 11am hour), then I have lots of work to do for Saturday night/Sunday morning, so all that waffle brings me to my first Fab Friday Challenge.........ta da

Beautiful and Bright is the challenge, so ATC's using lovely bright colours whether it is the cardstock you are using, a photograph of something bright, or even someone beautiful (and bright though!!). I quite like twists on the theme, as long as you can explain your twist.

My card is using lovely papers from Creative Imaginations. I used pink cardstock for the ATC base, then made a smaller layer from blue card. The blue card was attached to the base using a thin piece of card which folds down, and acts as a stand. I used the large check paper to partially cover the base, rub-ons (a wavy line and row of dots) close to the edge, and decorative paper strengthners with a brad - this also acts as a stopper when the blue front of the card is stood up.

The blue card has been decorated with the fantastic rub-on (I cut this in half, obviously saving the other bit for another project), then an adhesive tag which has been popped onto card, cut out and eyeletted. Attach with 3D foam, then add a cardstock sticker (matted onto yellow card and cut out), also attached with 3D foam.

The bright yellow thing in the photo is a matching envelope (not necessary for the challenge, but hey why not!!).

Well, that's my first attempt, I hope to do some more myself this week, which I can then send out to my "newies" joining the club (fingers crossed).

I look forward to seeing your wonderful creations.


Wednesday 12 March 2008

Crumpled Corner Day

Urgh, its been one of those days. The kit I picked to work on had already been "distressed" by the dog when it had been delivered by the postie (the teeth mark effect wasn't one I was going for!!). I could not find one piece of brown card, and then each piece of card I seemed to pick was creased, and I have put my photo's somewhere silly, so had to start printing again. Okay, not really any trauma's there at all, so just a crumpled corner day, but annoying all the same. Winge over........
At one point today I thought to myself "I think I've lost my Mojo", funny what definitions we give to words without really knowing what they mean! I decided to look it up, do you know its an African -American word, it was a little drawstring bag which was worn as a type of charm to give protection or luck, obviously filled with various magical items. So I don't think I've lost my Mojo after all!! Phew

We were in QVC yesterday and met a lovely lady called June. She was the winner of the Breast Cancer Auction to spend a day with Dawn (she got me and JJ chucked in as well!!). It was a lovely day, we had the show as usual (with me and June making cards in the wings) then went out for a meal,Catherine also joined us. June seemed to have a good time, and we really enjoyed her company. We did have to go back in for a show at 10pm, but we were all light-hearted (but full bellied), so it flew by.

I have decided to do a weekly Blog Only challenge, it will be an ATC one and you can load your pictures onto your site, flickr or photobucket then pop a link on my blog. I thought it would be good as we can share the visual images then trade the actual card. I have a few idea's, but will make one or two cards then start the challenge on Friday. I have looked at various blogs with challenges and really like the idea, so thought I'd join in. Hope there are a few of you out there who are not challenged-out and will join in!

My last musing was where my crafting "career" began, we were chatting about it last night and it made me reminisce. My sister and I went all over the place doing craft fairs, we had a great time (although sometimes I'm sure I was hard work - especially when I got my day wrong and we'd turn up at the venue to find the craft fair had been on the day/week before haha). I dug out some of my little teddy keyrings which I used to make and sell at Craft Fairs. I quite miss working with Fimo, so think I may have to dig some out and have a play. I used to love the detail you could achieve. Anyhow, thought I'd pop on a photo of my box of bears.


Saturday 8 March 2008

Friday Night.....Saturday morning

Well how exciting are we, me and Nicky stayed in and played Settlers of Catan tonight (needed three players so Teela the dog had to join in, she lost!!), over cups of tea and cookies!!! It was good though. Just nipped on here and found Dan's blog, its great - go take a look

Gotta go, White Strips are on Jools

Friday 7 March 2008


I've been spending some time checking out the fantastic blogs that are out there, for general crafting, not just ATC's - the inspirational idea's you can get are amazing. I also want to recommend Somerset Studio's Artful Blogging magazine - this features some amazing blogs for you to have a look at, arty and cool.

In the meantime I have of course been doing some work, I finished a charm kit for Saturdays QVC show, and today I'm working on some kits from Design Objectives - so plenty to keep me out of trouble. I have also done some club trades, and have updated my Flickr accout with a few more club member ATC's, have a nosey and see if yours is there!