Saturday, 8 March 2008

Friday Night.....Saturday morning

Well how exciting are we, me and Nicky stayed in and played Settlers of Catan tonight (needed three players so Teela the dog had to join in, she lost!!), over cups of tea and cookies!!! It was good though. Just nipped on here and found Dan's blog, its great - go take a look

Gotta go, White Strips are on Jools


Rhi said...

Settlers of Catan is a brilliant game! Rhi x

Fab said...

i know of Settlers VI .....settlers of Catan ?

Leonie you were right, Dan creates beautiful stuff !

Leonie pujol said...

Yeah, Settlers of Catan......its good isn't it. Have you tried the Starship one (I'm afraid I can't remember the proper title), I know it has spaceships though - whoo.

I'm glad you have visited Dan's site already Fabrizio, very talented chap.