Saturday, 29 March 2008

Flickr update notice (and stuff)

Just a little note to let you know Flickr has been updated with some new wonderful creations. Loads have been coming in, so I'm sorry if it's taking me a while to do the trades, good to see everyone is just as keen as me.

I nipped to Olympia today with my friend Carley. It was great to meet loads of nice people, and look at lots of nice "stuff". I was good, only bought a couple of books (inspiration!!). I joined Dawn on her afternoon demonstration, which was great fun, I just made cards! whoopee, then JJ kindly gave me a lift home.

Now I have found a venue for my workshops down South I need to get the dates organised, so would love people to say what days best for workshops - so please fill in the poll, even if you can not come along as I want to get an idea of when people are more likely to have a little spare time.

It's been great seeing the results of the Friday challenge, remember you do not have to do them on the Friday, you have a full week (and I'm certainly not a stickler for them being in late). Have a look below this post for this weeks challenge.



Fab said...

Hi Leonie, I didn't make it to Olympia, my panic attacks got the better of year maybe !

To think I just live round the corner to Olympia (Shepherds Bush), where will your workshops be based ?

I left you something on my blog

Unknown said...

Hi Leonie
Just wanted to pop in and wish you good luck with your new workshops 'down south'. I've voted, but won't be able to make any of them. Don't be a stranger oop north though. :) x

carley duff creations said...

great day, lotsof love