Wednesday 22 August 2018


Hello crafters.

Sorry for my absence. Life. It’s been a rollercoaster, for sure. A very very emotional one. 

It’s times when you are at your lowest ebb when peoples true colours are shown. And I am so so lucky. I have so many wonderful people in my life. I have felt true love, support, charity and kindness. It has also shown me how very, very truly evil some people can be. Which is disappointing, but thankfully one bad apple in a cart of goodness, can be dealt with. 

Obviously loosing my sister has been dramatic, but it also made me take a step back from my work and see where my direction has been going.

At first, I just needed a break from everything, but on Sunday, I met my lovely friend, Barbara Gray, and we chatted (for hours), discussed, planned, cried (a lot!! Seems standard at the moment) and cemented our idea to start a brand new adventure. We are going to have a mixed media line with Clarity!

I’m really excited, and it feels perfect. Barbara is my friend, I love her work, in fact I’ve admired Barbara for years. I love her team, and look forward to working alongside them. They’re also nice and close to me when I’m home, so I can nip in to work!!

I’m so excited, and wanted to share the news.

It’s very very important however , that I take this opportunity to say a MASSIVE thank you to Crafters Companion. Leann and Ross have been fantastic. So patient, so helpful, and they really guided me in the right direction. Sara of course is incredible, and her energy is unbelievable. I sincerely appreciate all their help. And part company with nothing but respect and gratitude. Crafters are an amazing company, with a good team.

I also need to say a HUGE thank you to each one of my design team. They supported me, inspired me, and made everything i created look fantastic. They’ve also been incredibly patient with me, as I’ve been utterly off the radar, for which I really apologise!! I’m so sorry team. You are wonderful.

So, next!! Obviously we’re not rushing anything, my heads not great still, so it’s going to be a gentle launch, hopefully building into a fantastic collection. Barbara is funny, she knew my head was all over the place, so rang me Monday and managed to get me out of my headpit and start thinking about craft!! Thank you Barb!

Happy days indeed xxxx