Sunday 29 April 2018

Up coming workshop....Rottingdean here we come

This coming weekend we have a double whammy. We are off to Guildford for a workshop, and then doing a joint workshop in our local haunt, Rottingdean.

The Rottingdean workshop will be a little different as we are joining forces with the incredibly talented Anne Ruffles. You may have seen Anne’s work on TV, but if not, have a look at these photos, she is fantastic, and will be sharing her passion, tips and techniques with us, and teaching us the art of zentangle. Anne will be running the mornings workshop, and I’ll be doing my thing in the afternoon (new stuff!).

We wanted to introduce Anne to you, so here’s a little more about her background in zentangle:
“I was trained as a Certificated Zentangle Teacher (CZT) by the founders, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, in 2016.
Zentangle is an easy-to-learn, fun and very relaxing way to use structured patterns to create beautiful pieces of art. ‘Its basically using the shapes I, C, S and O. What could be more simple!
It can take from just 15 minutes, if that is all the time you have to spare, or for as long as you like.

The Zentangle Method focusses , not on the outcome, but on the process. It inspires creativity. It is a great reliever of stress and enables you to lose yourself in the process, thus shifting your thoughts without even trying.

Zentangle is a very portable art.

As part of the cost of the workshop I supply all the basic tools and cards that you will need to start you off. These come in a neat little drawstring bag, which can be popped into your handbag and taken anywhere.

Mine goes everywhere with me.

During the workshop you will learn about the Zentangle Method, learn some basic tangles and use these to create your own pieces of art. There will be ‘How to’ worksheets with lists of suppliers and useful websites etc to look at as well as samples of my own work. I’ll also show you how to turn tangling into
Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA)that I use when I’m making my samples as a Claritystamp design team member.

Do come and join in with the fun! Anne xx”

I’m really excited to be learning this incredible art form, and hope you can come along and join us. For more information, and to book your place simply email or ring us on 07517047611.

Tuesday 24 April 2018

Hastings - workshop success

I’d love to say a big thank you from myself and Mandy to all the lovely ladies who joined us in Sunday for the workshop in Hastings....THANK YOU!

Not gonna lie, the day started a little out of sorts.  The hall we had booked had been naughty and changed our room at the last minute, and then told us someone would be there to let us in. Sadly, they didn’t bother telling the chap we needed to get in at 9am....considering the dodgy start, we actually did a amazing and started the workshop a little late, but that’s standard procedure 😄

Anyway, the workshop went really well. I hope everyone loved it, their finished pieces were all lovely. I could have kicked myself though, as I forgot to photograph them this time. 

The next workshop will be on the 5th May in Guildford. This is our first visit to Guildford, so really looking forward to it.  The day after min the 6th may, we have a joint workshop with myself and the talented Anne Ruffles. She is a certified zentangle instructor, so will be sharing some fantastic techniques with us. 

As usual, if you would like more information on the upcoming workshops, please email Mandy on: or give her a call on 07517047611.

Here’s the only pic I got from our workshop!