Monday 11 August 2014

Cake lace mould results...

Okay, considering this was my first go, pretty chuft with the results. I tried acrylic paint; polymere; pva; cosmic shimmer coloured pva; iridescent medium; embossing powder. They worked. Gesso and air dry clay didn't (air dry could have but was fiddley). Here's some pics of the results:

Acrylic paint

Iridescent medium:


Iridescent medium:

Cosmic shimmer pva:

Cosmic shimmer pva:

Regular pva:

Next time I know I need to scrape off the excess as the detail of the moulds is incredible. I used versamark on some of the butterflies to help release, but to be honest, I didn't need it.

The mat took the heat of the heat gun as well. I sprinkled the embossing powder in and heated it, adding more where I needed it. This way I could be very specific where I put the powder.

Beautiful mats - I want them all now!!


Stayed up ridiculously late last night helping my sis with her etsy account - and watching a ridiculous amount of American horror story...which means lie in!! This is how I've been eventually woken up:

Haha. Dylan and dave are now play fighting - think it's a subtle way of telling me to shift :)

Friday 8 August 2014


Well, Friday night and I'm sat in prepping for tomorrow's show. Slightly gutted as one of our friends is having her leaving do this evening, ah well, least I'll be wide awake and hang over free tomorrow morning :)

Now, I've been given the beautiful Cake Lace butterflies mat to have a play with. I've tried UTEE; air dry clay; polymere; pva; cosmic shimmer pva; acrylic paint; gesso....waiting for things to dry!!

The UTEE  worked perfectly. I actually sprinkled it into the mat and heated with my heat gun. This allowed me to control the UTEE so it didn't over spill excessively. Any spills were trimmed off whilst the UTEE was still warm. It's picked up the detail of the mould wonderfully.

The cloud clay has picked up the detail, but was a little tricky to work into the mat, I think I needed a few attempts to get the correct amount of clay, as I did tend to over fill the image.

The polymere clay worked perfectly - you simply need to trim off the excess when removed from the mould. The detail is picked up perfectly.

The acrylic and glues need time to dry - I have had to walk away from the mat as I keep sticking my fingers in to see if it's ready!!

Join us tomorrow to see the results and obviously see just how amazing these mats are when used by the expert!!

Wednesday crafting

Morning crafters. Long time no post...again. I realised I've been managing to update my Facebook page whilst neglecting my blog! How very rude. 

I had a really lovely day at work yesterday. We had the wonderful Jo bringing us tonic delights, with her semi's and flaps (you couldn't make it up!). 

Stunning detailed dies.

I then had the very talented Christina demoing moulds from Katy sue. Love her work, really makes me want to take up cake decorating:

...I didn't even want to eat everything, just craft! That's saying something.

I then had my first ever show with Lucy, from sweet poppy stencils. Really really wanted a two hour show. Loved that show:

Brilliant ideas and products, and Lucy is such a lovely person. 

I also met the competition winners who had won the day with dawn. We had a natter and some cake.

Finally my day ended with the ever fabulous Mel. We had a good giggle and she taught me more new stuff that I could get up to with my brother scan and cut.

All in all, a very super day. Now, I'm walking the dogs, nice and early, as I have the 8 and 9am shows!! I'm awake, promise :)

Thursdays day

Morning crafters, hope alls well. It's another early shift for me, so I'm writing on the hoof (walking the dogs). It's so peaceful, and I swear the rabbits are getting braver, managed to get quite close today. Thankfully the dogs don't seem bothered about chasing them.

Well, yesterday was another lovely day, so I thought I'd share a few photos. Leanne and myself kicked off the day with brand new dies from crafters companion. Had a smashing show. Love working with Leanne, it's always fun and energetic. 

Next was the lovely Liz, with the ace new gadget from our steph. Have you seen it, the bowmaker? Honestly, it should win best new product of the year, it's such a good idea. 

I did two screen tests, really nice ladies who were both really really good - even got given my own manga bunny!! 

Finally my first show with Christina. It's been her very first week on air, but you definitely wouldn't think so, she has done amazing. And obviously the dies were beautiful. I've popped loads of photos on the c&c Facebook page, but wanted to share a few here for the folk who don't use faceache :)