Friday, 8 August 2014

Wednesday crafting

Morning crafters. Long time no post...again. I realised I've been managing to update my Facebook page whilst neglecting my blog! How very rude. 

I had a really lovely day at work yesterday. We had the wonderful Jo bringing us tonic delights, with her semi's and flaps (you couldn't make it up!). 

Stunning detailed dies.

I then had the very talented Christina demoing moulds from Katy sue. Love her work, really makes me want to take up cake decorating:

...I didn't even want to eat everything, just craft! That's saying something.

I then had my first ever show with Lucy, from sweet poppy stencils. Really really wanted a two hour show. Loved that show:

Brilliant ideas and products, and Lucy is such a lovely person. 

I also met the competition winners who had won the day with dawn. We had a natter and some cake.

Finally my day ended with the ever fabulous Mel. We had a good giggle and she taught me more new stuff that I could get up to with my brother scan and cut.

All in all, a very super day. Now, I'm walking the dogs, nice and early, as I have the 8 and 9am shows!! I'm awake, promise :)

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