Friday 8 August 2014


Well, Friday night and I'm sat in prepping for tomorrow's show. Slightly gutted as one of our friends is having her leaving do this evening, ah well, least I'll be wide awake and hang over free tomorrow morning :)

Now, I've been given the beautiful Cake Lace butterflies mat to have a play with. I've tried UTEE; air dry clay; polymere; pva; cosmic shimmer pva; acrylic paint; gesso....waiting for things to dry!!

The UTEE  worked perfectly. I actually sprinkled it into the mat and heated with my heat gun. This allowed me to control the UTEE so it didn't over spill excessively. Any spills were trimmed off whilst the UTEE was still warm. It's picked up the detail of the mould wonderfully.

The cloud clay has picked up the detail, but was a little tricky to work into the mat, I think I needed a few attempts to get the correct amount of clay, as I did tend to over fill the image.

The polymere clay worked perfectly - you simply need to trim off the excess when removed from the mould. The detail is picked up perfectly.

The acrylic and glues need time to dry - I have had to walk away from the mat as I keep sticking my fingers in to see if it's ready!!

Join us tomorrow to see the results and obviously see just how amazing these mats are when used by the expert!!

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Eve's Been Reading said...

Oooh looking good Leonie!! I'll be tuned in :)