Monday 11 August 2014

Cake lace mould results...

Okay, considering this was my first go, pretty chuft with the results. I tried acrylic paint; polymere; pva; cosmic shimmer coloured pva; iridescent medium; embossing powder. They worked. Gesso and air dry clay didn't (air dry could have but was fiddley). Here's some pics of the results:

Acrylic paint

Iridescent medium:


Iridescent medium:

Cosmic shimmer pva:

Cosmic shimmer pva:

Regular pva:

Next time I know I need to scrape off the excess as the detail of the moulds is incredible. I used versamark on some of the butterflies to help release, but to be honest, I didn't need it.

The mat took the heat of the heat gun as well. I sprinkled the embossing powder in and heated it, adding more where I needed it. This way I could be very specific where I put the powder.

Beautiful mats - I want them all now!!


Lynn (delphinoid) said...

They look fab Leonie

I like the Cosmic Shimmer PVA and the Iridescent Medium ones the most, but they are all lovely.

Happy Crafting!!! :) X X

Anonymous said...

I KNEW IT!!! I knew I could use those cake making mould sheets (thingies) to craft with, I just couldn't work out what would work with it to make the flutterbies and Dragonflies.

Aww Leonie, I could cover you with lipstick kisses all over your head and nose for this post (and the last one). THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing the work so that I (we) could see how they'd work for us crafters who don't want to bake with them but create with them!

Sending love and crafty hugs ~ Cobs.x

Loti said...

Love them! Great stuf!

Tracy W said...

Beautiful creations, I NEED to get some moulds. x

A Dash of Dee said...

They look fantastic Leonie - Look at me commenting on blogs - Gonna write my first one today eeek!!

GillR said...

just tried the cake lace steampunk mould with acrylic paint mixed with grungepaste - came out really well. Even better was grunge paste mixed with viva decor 3d stempel farbe - gives a lovely shimmery result.
Anyone know how long it takes to dry ? I have been leaving mine for hours so I don't spoil them but it really interrupts the creative flow!

Unknown said...

One of my favourite presenters from C & C where have you gone?

Unknown said...

One of my favourite presenters from C&C where have you gone?