Sunday 22 July 2012

Twiddly Bitz frames

I love the frames (and everything else) from the Twiddly Bitz range. They are so versitile. Here I have used one of the frames for a way of displaying a couple of photo's from T in the Park. I covered the frame with paper, inside, around the sides, and on the front. I used Crafty Notions glue to stick the frame together. I love the depth of the frame, you can fill it with all sorts of goodies! I used my eco paints to go around the edges of the paper, which seems to tidy and finish the frame. My journalling was kept to a minimum, but I used one of the Twiddly Bitz tags to use as my journalling tag, and then wrote the names of the bands we had seen around the edge of the frame. The vintage ribbon worked really well, and I actually stapled this on (and actually stapled my finger in the process, careful with that one!!). The lace is really handy for holding my embellishment in as well. Please check out the other photo's in the gallery on my web site, which is HERE, and if you want any of the items I have used, please click on the following:

Vintage Lace

Eco Paints

Twiddley Bitz

Saturday 21 July 2012

Embossing folders and Distress Markers

I am carrying on my official "testing" of all my embossing folders. It's a tough job, but someones gotta do it!

For the ATC's this time, I embossed on watercolour card, then roughly followed the pattern with my Broken China and Peeled Paint Distress Markers. I like using them for this as you can be specific as to where you put your colour. I then spritzed it heavily with water, and allowed the ink to bleed and then dry.

When my backgrounds were dry, I stuck them to my ATC and trimmed off the edges. Use the peeled paint distress markers to edge the card. I then embellished using our new and beautiful vintage looking lace, then I rummaged in my stash for flowers and gems.

Please take a look at the gallery, HERE for more pics, and if there are any of the goodies I have used that you recon you need, please click on the relevant item:


embossing folder

distress markers

Friday 20 July 2012

Spring Watch...or should it be Summer!!

Suppose it should be summer, well whatever the weather, our neighbourhood foxes have become regular visitors to the garden. I had to share a few photo's with you before I cart myself off to bed. They are brave, I have 3 dogs in the house - who get very vocal when they know foxes are about, given half the chance. The foxes however hear everything, even the camera shutter! I love the last one, when the two foxes are greeting each other. Beautiful creatures arn't they.

Thursday 19 July 2012

Firefly Roses

For this card I used plain pearl card as my base which I embossed using the firefly embossing folder. I cut my embossed card into 4 squares, which I mat and layered onto co-ordinations card, then bazzil bling, and then another piece of co-ordinations. I love this embossing folder, it's very delicate and elegant. Out of blue scrap paper I made my flowers and leaves. I then used my Distress Markers (Broken China and Peeled Paint), to colour in my sentiment and heart stamp direct onto the stamp (I did them one at a time, so the ink wouldn't dry). The markers are really nice and wet, so you do have some time to actually mix the colours on the stamp and get a great stamped image. Try stamping twice, or even spritzing the stamp with water, this mixes the ink on the stamp beautifully.

The picket fence Distress Marker is fabulous. I used it on the plain uncoated card to add dots - it almost looks like the colour has been bleached out.

I highlighted the dots of the embossed card with Stickles glitter glue, and used this on the edges of the flowers. Use craft glue to apply the flowers and ribbon to the card, and then Pinflair to add the heart, I then used the white enamel accents on the dots on the stamped heart. I love the lace, just a little of this makes a perfect finish.

For more photo's please check out the gallery page of my web site, which is HERE

If you would like any of the bits I have used, just click on the following:

Embossing Folder

Stickles glitter glue

Distress Markers


Enamel Accents

Sunday 15 July 2012

Vegi options!

Have to share this one! We went out for tea last night. Our table was booked for 8pm, the main meal was served at 10.15pm. Bad enough, right, so I was already on one.

I had ordered the vegi option of the chicken caesar salad. I should have asked what this was precisely, but took a punt. For my £6.99, the vegi caesar salad was lettuce, croutons and an egg!! Honestly, that's it. With a bit of dressing. It took two hours to prepare that little feast. Don't worry, I'm not one to have a whinge and do nothing about it, I complained and they didn't charge, then halved the bill for the wait - but can you believe they even try and pass that off as an actual meal! Note to self....ask before ordering (or avoid salads :) ).

Anyhow, not crafty but had to have a sound off. Back to walking the dogs whilst we have a break from the rain - anymore of the stuff and this river is bursting its banks again.

Friday 13 July 2012

Thank You ATC

Following my show with the brilliant Ali, I had to borrow one of her techniques for my latest batch of ATCs for our customer orders (everyone gets an ATC or card in their parcel). Ill pop on instructions on my web site tomorrow (tonight is for sleep!!).

The photos a little ropey as its my rubbish phone camera...hope you get the gist of the finished sample though:

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Pressie from crafty notions!

I had to share this with you! I got a little pressie with my order, from the lovely Katie at crafty notions. Amongst my parcel of goodies I have a handcrafted fragile sign, toothbrushes, horses, soap, an eye. Haha, just found the eye!! Amazing. I've attached a piccy xx

Monday 9 July 2012

Framed Art

I may have mentioned my obsession with frames at the moment, and really allowing your work to become a piece of art.  This is a frame I did whilst prepping for a demo with Creative Expressions.  The frame is a cheap one from IKEA, which I used for making into this lovely little shadow box.  If you look closely you will see the back of the frame (which was actually the glass for the front, has been stamped and then encrusted with mica flakes.  Scrummy. Please take a look at the Gallery on my web for more details:

Home.  Dry, head ringing, avoiding cleaning the muddy boots as yet, but had such a fantastic time at T in the Park.

Okay, the weather was a trifle wet.  We were lucky, as I'd managed to get us in the Residence Area (posh camping), it did mean we weren't swamped with mud.  And it also meant we could escape the zombie mud kids.  I've never seen so many people look so incrediably vacant.  I have never been to a festival like T.  There were so many kids absolutely paralytic, and I'm not just being an oldy (oh yes you are!!),  I'm on about 15/16 year olds.  They're still kids right?  It was quite sad really, girls 16 years old, lost all their mates, pissed out of their head, covered in mud from falling over. You really wonder how many of them end up in really bad situations.  There were so many casualties.  So, so glad we didn't camp with the kids.  The lads just think it's a laugh to pee on your tent.  I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much at all. As it was though, we could escape to our lovely tent, with really nice neighbours, proper flushing loos, showers!!  Oh yeah, that's the way to do T in the Park!!  We loved it.

And the music was amazing.  We saw Florence, we love you Florence.  Maverick Sabre, Elbow, the Roses, Chase and Status and to round it all off Kasabian.  Triffic quite frankly.  We managed to see a string quartet who were really good, a street dancing crew (funny, mainly women/girls watching that one!!), caberet and comedy.  Damn good mix of everything.

Rain, puh, so what!


And finally in this selection of "Leonie being good and actually blogging"  I have one of my favourite stamp collections, Studio 490.  they have a fantastic range.  Expensive, but great quality and I use them a lot, so worth the money I recon.  Again, I will hopefully get chance to put everything on my web site with more detail, go see if I got chance!!

Sunday 8 July 2012

More framed goodies

Mmmm, my attempt at getting things to post whilst I was away kinda failed.  I set up the schedule, but for some reason it didn't work.  Such good intentions as well!  People have been commenting about instructions on how I have made things, I have been putting these on my web site (I only want to write instructions once).  They will be in the gallery, so please have a look there for directions (saying that, not sure if this ones on yet, it was all before T in the Park!!).

The web site is:

For this post we will continue with the frame theme.  I love using spackle, sorry we haven't had it in in a while, we are trying!!  I have used it here for texture.  Obviously the eco paints give a great coverage.  Try spritzing your Cosmic Shimmers on glass, they dry and look amazing.

Metal face

This one is again using the fabulous moulds, but this time with the added extra of metal flakes.  I love the way the indent the embossing powder - so effective. this could be a jewellery piece, a trinket for your cards, a piece of wall art (frame it), or like me it's just a thingy!!  I like it as such though.

Please, yet again, take a look at my web site, for further details.

Friday 6 July 2012

Flowers and things

No this is the first in a collection of little toppers (or the perfect piece for a frame).  I love the combination of colours, and dependant on the colours you choose (allow yourself to be brave with the colours, you will be surprised at some of the fantastic creations you come out with) they will always look different. I have used different embellishments to give dimension, and also texture.  Very fun, and very addictive!

Wednesday 4 July 2012

We continue our florish of activity with some samples I made whilst demoing for Crafty Notions.   I'll pop basic instructions on my web site. I should actually be with Crafty Notions this weekend as they are having a demo weekend.  If you want to be inspired, get some lovely goodies, and do something to escape the rain, do pop along and say hello for me.  It's in Newark, they have loads of parking (free), and I may have mentioned, lots of good crafty stuff.

Now, I have a flaw in my plan to get my blog sorted so it posts when I'm away....I'm now sat in my mums house up North, and my photo's are on my computer in Peterborough.  Whoops.  Ah well, I'll do what I can.  I remembered the tickets for T in the Park - that was a result (can you believe I almost forgot them!!).  So excited, I was listening to my play list all the way up.  Please let there be sunshine.

Anyhow, todays specimin:

Tuesday 3 July 2012

Day two, this is positive.  However, I was intending by now to have everything photographed and on here with the dates set when they were to be published.  All, and I mean, all best laid plans seem to go flying out the window.  Ah well.

So, this is a project we did from the last workshop.  It turned out to be some project.  It was great actually, as everybody did something completely different.  No two were the same.

Again, please check it out on the web site, where I have put very basic instructions (sorry, you had to be there for this one!!).

Righto, past my bedtime again. Night all.

Monday 2 July 2012

Whoops, been ages again.  Work has been really busy, plus we had a workshop last week, which was brilliant (thank you again Peterborough posse!).  I'm off away this week to T in the Park with my sister, can't wait.  The kids are being house sat by Auntie Andrea and Uncle Tim....awwww.  So, the plan is to pre-load some finished projects.  I am hoping these will all appear on my web site as well, in the gallery, with instructions.  This will depend on time.  The first one is there though, cos I've just done it. Righto, lets see how far I get with this plan....!!

The first card we did was definitely inspired by Sue Wilson, and the arrival of the new and incredibly beautiful embossing folders.  It was really difficult deciding which one to work with.  If you do want to get basic instructions how we put this together please have a look at my web, you should find it here:

If you fancy coming along to a workshop keep an eye on the website, we always post dates on there and send out emails to anyone signed up for newsletters.

Okay, now I need to walk the hairy kids in the rain (mmmm, hope that stops before we have to pitch up a tent!!).  Hopefully you'll have a post every day (fingers crossed, wood touched, reminder set :)