Thursday 18 February 2010

More snow.......nooooooooo

Puh, more snow. Loads of the wet stuff. Dogs loved it as ever! Teela almost rips my hand off when I make her snow balls. It's funny, I felt whacked when I finished work, and really hungry, but had to walk the hairy kids first - and they took my mind off everything - even food! Happy dogs make a happy home don't they.

Anyhow, work was great. First time I've worked with Nigel (worked with Hazel before, who is lovely). Nigel's CD's are fantastic - even love the first page. This is why the crafty world is so fab, it's huge! To think I never used a CD before I came to C&C - and still got kits where everything was printed and you could only use it once! Well, I tell you. Mind you, was printing something off for tomorrows show last night and ran out of ink - really annoying. That's it - need to be organised in the ink department now. Urgh, organised, hate swear words.

Well, got my glass of wine, and my kit for tomorrows show to do my demo's - I've got the HOTP CD, so wanted to have a play. Got the launch of the POW as well tomoz, hooray.

Hope the snow melts by tomorrow for everyone, and there's no dangerous icy roads.

Tuesday 16 February 2010

Pancake day

Had to buy cheating pancakes, they just weren't the same - good job otherwise I would have eaten the whole packet.

Whacked today. Left home at 4am to get to work, and got home about 8pm - I'd forgotton I had an appointment when I said yes to the extra day - so it meant I had to miss the craft club - pooooooooooo. Really disappointed, Jane had loads of bits and bobs to play with, it looked great. I can't be selfish and just organise it round me I suppose, wanted to though. Next time (plate spinning and juggling - haha that's not the state of my head, but what Jane's promised to teach us!!).

Had a good day today, the last two hours seemed abit mad - think my brain was abit mushy - but had a good un all the same.

Back to work on Thursday, but I've brought home some home work, so hopefully get some crafting done tomorrow - fingers crossed. Poo, just remembered I've left my pro-markers at work, how annoyings that!

Righto, I'm off to bed, ttfn xxx

Monday 15 February 2010

Craft Club

Just a reminder about tonights craft club. Great chance to come and have a bash at making some brill Shrink Plastic with the very talented Jane. It's open to everyone, no need to book. We all pop about £2 (or £3) into the pot to go towards refreshments and the hire of the room - extra cash raised will go towards club stuff (maybe days out etc!! wow).

The fun will begin at 8pm sharp, so make sure your there.

Jubilee Hall,
Cow Lane

There is a small car park (a tiny bit that's free, the rest you have to pay). But there is a large free car park a few mins walk (it's a Homebase one).


Saturday 13 February 2010

Knitting and Flippin!

Well, finished my shows here at Create and Craft - great day as usual. I love the knitting - it's lethal, there's so much to try isn't there, but that loom Hayley had was fab, so quick and easy.

Now, tomorrow I am really looking forward to meeting Jak Heath, and the Flippin men and women. Can't wait. The images are really good fun arn't they, and I love Jak's work, been having a nosey at her blog. We have two hours together so it should be brill.

I'll also see Steph, we pass like ships in the wind - is that the expression, sounds abit dodgy! Anyhow, it'll be great to have a proper catch up tomorrow, the woman's been up and down the country again - she's always so busy, I've never know anyone work as hard - but is always so upbeat and happy (there has to be off days, but I certainly haven't seen one yet).

So, that's work covered, on a gross but good note - I had a scrummy chocolate cake and a prune yogurt for breakfast!! haha, it's good for you honest. Stephen's other half had been baking and I was mega lucky enough to get a slice. I had such good intentions of getting it home, puh, as if.

Righto gang, I'll update my dates for next week in the next couple of days, and - how exciting - we are going to do the sky diving thing!!!! Wow, can't wait, will keep you posted.

Wednesday 10 February 2010

Craft Club - Shrink Plastic

Hooray, rooms booked, Craft Club resumes. Really, really looking forward to it. Jane is going to be demoing - and we are all going to be getting stuck into Shrink Plastic jewellery. It'll be fab. The club will start at 8, so get there a little earlier so you can grab a brew, the address is:

Jubilee Hall
Cow Lane

There is a list of stuff we will be working with, so if you have bits and bobs lying round then please bring them along (please don't worry if you don't, we all share and Jane and myself will bring extra goodies):

Shrink plastic (cream, white, frosted, clear)
Sakura gel pens, glitter are effective / coloring pencils
Sequins and any tiny beads
Heat mats
Hand punch / crop-a-dile (to put earring findings through)
Heat gun
And tweezers to pop the tiny bits on, very useful but not essential.
Assorted large punches (3" and up)
Assorted rubber stamps for decoration
Assorted inks and cotton balls for gently rubbing in colour onto the shrink plastic to give a soft background hue - the black staz-on is the best to use.
Earring findings, pendant ribbons, brooch/pin backs

I hope you can come along - I forgot to mention, nibbles!!!! That's all I'm going to say - nibbles (they're in all craft bags arn't they?)

Tuesday 9 February 2010

The long list......

never goes down does it - the "to do" list that is. I write them, literally, then I'm lucky if I get round to ticking off the first "to do". Well, I have managed to ring to try and get my tap fixed (I'm having bath withdrawals with a leaky tap I can never turn off), don't panic the shower is working so I'm not going without soapy water!

I have also written to all the lovely Crafty Club ladies to set up the next date - I'm planning for next Monday, but this isn't definite yet, I will confirm asap. Jane will be giving us a shrink plastic lesson - her jewellery is amazing, definitely not to be missed.

Okay, I'll update my dates for this week, and then hit that list

Tuesday 2 February 2010


Had a great day today, thank you to everyone who came to see me at Inspirations - and to the whole gang there as well. It was great. Played with all my fav's - distress ink, alcohol inks and dabbers. Brilliant. Had some beautiful stamps to work with as well. The shop is massive. Couldn't believe it - craft and chocolate under one roof, what more can you ask!

Saw familiar faces which was great.

Thank you everyone, great to get out there demoing again - plenty more of that to come from now on eh folks!

Inky fingers - hooray xx