Thursday 18 February 2010

More snow.......nooooooooo

Puh, more snow. Loads of the wet stuff. Dogs loved it as ever! Teela almost rips my hand off when I make her snow balls. It's funny, I felt whacked when I finished work, and really hungry, but had to walk the hairy kids first - and they took my mind off everything - even food! Happy dogs make a happy home don't they.

Anyhow, work was great. First time I've worked with Nigel (worked with Hazel before, who is lovely). Nigel's CD's are fantastic - even love the first page. This is why the crafty world is so fab, it's huge! To think I never used a CD before I came to C&C - and still got kits where everything was printed and you could only use it once! Well, I tell you. Mind you, was printing something off for tomorrows show last night and ran out of ink - really annoying. That's it - need to be organised in the ink department now. Urgh, organised, hate swear words.

Well, got my glass of wine, and my kit for tomorrows show to do my demo's - I've got the HOTP CD, so wanted to have a play. Got the launch of the POW as well tomoz, hooray.

Hope the snow melts by tomorrow for everyone, and there's no dangerous icy roads.


Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

shaz earl said...

loads of snow here too Leonie took 2 hours to get home normally takes 20 minutes good luck with the show tomorrow x

Unknown said...

Leonie - not sure if you read your comments, but i'm a nosey sod and often follow links to visit other people who have left comment... LMOA when I followed the link to the blog of your first commentor on this post...!!!

Anyway - i'm intrigued as to what the pick of the week is, and know that Jak Heath will be on tomorrow so would it be anything 'flippin'??? although could be totally putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 5!!! Good luck with whatever it is - I will be watching anyway as off work sick at mo.

You make me giggle and smile to myself - I love watching you present.

Paula x x x

Anonymous said...

Ooooo please send some down to Wales..just love the snow..
Look forward to watching you on t.v tomorrow..Can`t wait for the POTD..I`m like a big kid..
Take care.
Sian x

Joanne said...

Hi chuck, no snow up north.We've got blue skies and bright sunshine. Just wondering if the snow stops the railways!!!!!!!??***xxxxxx

Unknown said...

Ok Ok - I put 2 & 2 together and DID make 5... hope the snow went - we had a flutter in North Derbyshire but hardly anything left and certainly nothing on the roads. At least you got into work as I just been watching the show with the envelope templates on. Some lovely samples on there.

Paula x x x

RobG said...

Hi Leonie, great show with Nigel and Hazel. I love using cd's. I would have bought Nigels cd the other day, but I've been buying quite a few of Debbi Moores recently. The snow's just started here (again) :D


Sara said...

Loved your demos Leonie, and think you are a breath of fresh air to C&C to be honest.

I love this funny and sad and honest blog.

Keep up the good work!! I love experimenting with inks and stamps and always end up totally messy. Wish I lived nearer to you and could get to your craft club. Maybe one day.....

Sara xx

Sharon Noble said...

Hi Leonie,
i love craft Cd's easier to store then Kits and you can use them more then once .

Hope your having a great day
hugs Sharon

Susan said...

I've been making cards for nine years and have yet to use a CD, dunno I just like the thrill of buying proper paper IYKWIM.
I think it's because my sister-in-law makes cards using them and I can always tell they are home printed. I guess just not my cup of tea :)

Anonymous said...

Thanx Paula for pointing it out to us !!! and giving us a laff x

jordiegirl said...

Yes it's another nosy follower.

Had to take a look at SizeGenetics too after reading about the comment on your other post.

Just delete the comment if you want to, although they haven't said anything rude I suppose so that's okay. Just seems odd someone like that on here following a crafting blog eh!!!!!!

Anyway gave me a laugh tonight - thanks.

Anonymous said...

Message for Sunday. Sending you wishes today Leonie. I hope you do something nice.