Thursday 28 February 2013

You tube video

Howdy, the first of my quick card ideas is now up and running on you tube...more to follow. Let me know what you recon - and is there something on my web site you'd like me to demo?

To find the video, just pop into you tube and search for me :)

Leonie Pujol (just in case)


Funny isn't it, you may have been doing something for years, and it was just yours - then someone comes along and tells you it has a name and is a "thing". It is an entity.

That's what happened with my own doodles, I found out that my mere doodles were actually zentangles. I'll be honest, at first I was rather reluctant to take on this new title for my doodles, and didn't want to learn patterns...and then I had a go. Hooked. Yep I love it. And it is absorbing, relaxing and of course additive. Even my boyfriend had a go (after his famous sonic drawing, obviously).

If you haven't tried it yet, turn your doodle into a zentangle. It's good fun.

Top two photos are my boyfriends, I think they're brill. The last is mine.


As per usual it's taken me ages to share my photo's from Stitches!  Terrible behaviour.  It was a great show, I didn't see as much as I wanted to, but did see loads of familiar faces.  It is completely like a social get together, with all my new buddies from C&C, and my old mates from QVC.  It was lovely to see Kim and Ken from Spellbinders over as well.

I did work, on the Sunday I demonstrated for Hunkydoray.  Love working for the Hunky team, obviously cos they are all brill, but because with their stuff everything you make looks good - the product makes your work look good!  I've attached a few photo's at the end. I was working with the new wedding products, great as they are all the neutral colours, which means you can add your own colours depending what you need for the wedding.

I had to go back to work on Monday, but then Tuesday I was back at Stitches walking the show.  This year I am going to invest a lot more time and energy into my web I was walking the show with a mind to goodies I wanted to work with and bring to my lovely crafters out there.  A big parcel is already on the way!  Eeeek, so exciting.  It's lethal buying for my web site, as I just want everything.  Damn good fun though.

Now then, I'll share my photo's from the day - gotta say my 10 cards an hour definitely fell short, think I made 1 card an hour!  oooops (I did make more than the photo's taken, promise):

 The sweet stand...raided and empty before then end of day one!! (not by me...before you even go there)
 Michelle, my lovely demo duddy

 Aww, the lovely Anne Marie

Wednesday 13 February 2013

First workshop of the year booked!!!

Okay folks, the first workshop I have managed to sort for this year.  Rather excited, already doing designs so you will be working with my kit!!  Eeeek.  We are holding the workshop at Drayton Manor, which is right next door to the theme park!!  haha, in the lunch hour we will allow you to nip out and have a go on the big dipper if you want.  We are going to do different cards and projects on the Saturday and the Sunday, so if you do want to make a weekend of it, then at least you will get loads of idea's - have hopefully have a good giggle along the way.

Monday 11 February 2013

Ali gets her masks out!

Another few photo's I wanted to share from the creations of the wonderful Ali.  I always love Ali's shows.  She really loves to use all sorts to create something amazing - from cornflour to vasaline!!  Masks are fantastic, there are so many different ways you can use them.  The general uses are the obvious ones, inking through the mask, spritzing, embossing - but then Ali mixed her PVA adhesive with cornflour to make a dimensional paste.  Check out Ali's DVD's for more idea's, and make sure you always record her shows on C&C :

Beautiful creations by Mandy Shaw

I love Mandy's work, she is so incredibly talented, and her work makes me want to sew and create.  The designs are really modern and fresh, with quality materials so your finished piece always looks great.  One of these days I will definitely try a kit or two by Mandy...the only tricky bit will be deciding which one!

Photo's from last week!!

I've been meaning to pop these on my blog all week...finally getting round to it!  I wanted to share photo's of the lovely Steph coming back to C&C, and some of the brilliant work our guests produce.  So first, the return of the lovely Steph and Nancy:

 Steph had a welcome back cake....which Gen and myself made light work of!!