Thursday, 28 February 2013


As per usual it's taken me ages to share my photo's from Stitches!  Terrible behaviour.  It was a great show, I didn't see as much as I wanted to, but did see loads of familiar faces.  It is completely like a social get together, with all my new buddies from C&C, and my old mates from QVC.  It was lovely to see Kim and Ken from Spellbinders over as well.

I did work, on the Sunday I demonstrated for Hunkydoray.  Love working for the Hunky team, obviously cos they are all brill, but because with their stuff everything you make looks good - the product makes your work look good!  I've attached a few photo's at the end. I was working with the new wedding products, great as they are all the neutral colours, which means you can add your own colours depending what you need for the wedding.

I had to go back to work on Monday, but then Tuesday I was back at Stitches walking the show.  This year I am going to invest a lot more time and energy into my web I was walking the show with a mind to goodies I wanted to work with and bring to my lovely crafters out there.  A big parcel is already on the way!  Eeeek, so exciting.  It's lethal buying for my web site, as I just want everything.  Damn good fun though.

Now then, I'll share my photo's from the day - gotta say my 10 cards an hour definitely fell short, think I made 1 card an hour!  oooops (I did make more than the photo's taken, promise):

 The sweet stand...raided and empty before then end of day one!! (not by me...before you even go there)
 Michelle, my lovely demo duddy

 Aww, the lovely Anne Marie

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