Wednesday 29 December 2010

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I enjoyed seeing my family and friends, it flew by as ever, but really crammed as much as I could in. Got a fantastic camera as well, just need to learn how to use it!

I'm back in Peterborough, work tomorrow, and I pick up my keys for my new pad! Oh my word, really excited. Getting abit worried about leaving Canterbury as well, know it'll be a huge wrench, but I'll be fine, having my dogs back and my new massive garden will make up for it.

Did everyone have a good do? Did Santa bring lots of goodies?

Well, I'm going to have a ridiculously early night! Hooray. The next few weeks are going to be rather mad I imagine, so I'll try and build up some much needed energy.


- Leonie

Wednesday 8 December 2010

Craft club

Hi gang, now I wanted to let everyone know that we will be having a craft club on Monday, that's the 13th. I hope everyone will be able to make it, and if you haven't been before of course you are more than welcome. We hold the club at Jubilee Hall, which is on the corner of Cow Lane and Wincheap road (just as you pass the Kings Head and the pedestrian crossing if you were coming from Canterbury, you will see it tucked behind the car park). We start at 7.30. There will be refreshments, and of course it's Christmas, so I'll bring along mince pies. I'll be making Christmas decorations with my wonderful scented glitter (mmmm). I'm hoping people will bring along tips and techniques to decorate the house and tree for Christmas. I'll be bringing along some crafty bargains as well, because I need to organise myself and do a little bit of sorting - ready for my big move!

The big move, well I'm very very sad to be saying it will be my last proper club night in Canterbury. I really hope the ladies will keep it going, as it's a great place to come along to share idea's, and I hope I'll get invited back to maybe do classes or workshops when I visit. Sob, yep I'm leaving Canterbury. I'm leaving with a very heavy heart. We escaped to Canterbury after we lost Jacob, to try and start again, and I really fell in love with the city. It's so friendly, there's loads to do, brilliant pubs..........sob. My new job of course meant I wasn't here much - to be honest this hasn't really been a problem, I've enjoyed coming home and going back to work - but the real problem has been the fact I haven't anywhere to live with the dogs when I'm in Peterborough - and the recent event with my dog walker really forced my hand to make the move. I've found a lovely house in Peterborough, with a big garden which I know the dogs will love (so will I, it'll dull the sadness of leaving my brilliant allotment). It's close to work, so I'll be able to nip in on them if I've a long day.

I'm really really going to miss Canterbury, and I'm promising myself I'll be back. I will be visiting of course, so I hope I won't loose all my crafty friends I have made - and you never know I may make even more when I do classes.

That's my news, all of this will be happening in the new year, so I'm attempting to organise myself, do lots of visiting, along with everything else of course! Always something to keep us busy eh! Can't wait to get my dogs back though, and I hope to see friendly faces on Monday...... xx

Craftaganza Weekend

As promised here are the cards I made for the fantastic weekend I spent with the Crafters Companion team and the brilliant crafters. We had such a good time, and I got loose with glitter (poor poor hotel!!).

The first project I prepared was a tag, which could be used as a topper for a card of course. This was easily made. First the base was created using Spellbinders Labels 12 dies, cut the largest then the next one down, then cut a frame using both of these dies. I used the wonderful watercolour card to cut out my frames, and used the embossing mat to make an embossed border.

Now, ink, my favourite! I used Distress Ink Rusty Hinge and Wild Honey. I stamped using the beautiful stamps designed by the very clever Jayne Nestorenko, the Cute Companions Christmas Delights range (if you haven't tried these yet, get them, they are really delightful). The image I used was the rabbit reading a Christmas wish list. Simply stamp in the darker Distress ink, and using a damp paint brush gently blend some of the ink from the image. This gives your picture tone and you can even create a base. If you need more ink, simply dab your Distress ink pad on a mat or plastic bag and pick a little ink up with your paint brush - mix the ink with water to dilute the colour. Using the Rusty Hinge stamp the Yuletide Greetings word to your tag.

Using a cut and dry sponge, pick up the Distress Ink Wild Honey from the pad and start to blend the ink round the edges of the stamped card. Add a little of the darker Rusty Hinge round the edges.

The largest label can be coloured using the rusty hinge colour, when covered I used a splash of water to give a little texture. I only added a small touch of colour to the frame, as you want to keep some white to allow it to lift the top label from the bottom, and not blend into the layers. I wrapped a piece of ribbon around the frame and then glued the frame to the largest label, I then stuck the smallest label on the front with 3D foam. I tied a piece of cinnamon stick to the top of the label.

To finish the tag I mixed some ground cinnamon with fine cut glitter. I added a larger proportion cinnamon to glitter - until I was happy with the fragrance and colour. Using a quickie glue pen I applied glue to the embossed edge of my labels, and covered with your wonderful smelling festive glitter.

Why not try adding cinnamon to embossing powders, I haven't tried it yet, but it's on the "to do" list!!

Next is the snowy Love card. The base of this card was made using the letters from the Adorables CD (fantastic for the paper selection as well!). I printed the capital L as large as I could, twice, and then the rest of the letters the next size down, just once. Print them off and cut them out.

Go round each letter with a white gel pen. Now stamp using a black staz-on the cute figures, again from the Cute Companions Christmas Delight sets. I used the snowman, mouse with her little toy, broom and quite a few snowballs. Colour the images in using you preferred medium - I used watercolour pencils for this card.

Now it is simply a case of putting the card together. The letters actually form the card, so first you need to stick the two L's together. Put them one on top of the other, the back one you need to score and fold, then attach them using double sided tape. The L's will now open like a L shaped card. Now build the rest of the letters and figures to the top L. Design the card first so you know where you want to put your characters, you can have them over lapping, interlinking, some flat and some attached with 3D foam. It is important all the letters are straight, so the card will stand up. It is also important all characters overlap to keep the card together. This will form the front of your card.

The back of the card, so give stability, I have used a little torn card to resemble a snowy hill, attach this behind the back of the second L. You can add more "snow", if you feel the card needs an extra layer.

Try using this method to create personal cards with someones name, or a message. You can have your figures dotted all over the card, and using the CD's means you can alter the colour and pattern to make it different every time.

A touch of glitter glue adds a lovely finishing sparkle.