Sunday 9 September 2018

Staithes art festival


I did pretty rubbish at the daily blog post didn’t I!! I have excuses... I was ILL. Only a cold, but mother did it floor me. I suppose it’s because I’ve been run down, so it sneaked in. I think I’ve avoided a chest infection....fingers crossed!! So maybe trotting off up to Staithes wasn’t a great idea....but it seemed like the best medicine I could think of. Art. Good company. Beautiful scenery. Good energy. It’s the best way to mend.

The lovely Carolyn opened up her house to us, and we descended with paints, stamps, inks and goodness!! And within hours the house was unrecognisable. 

Myself, Lou, Kaye, Emma, the two Tamara’s and Carolyn chatted and crafted, then on Saturday trotted into Staithes for the festival. It’s utterly stunning. Beautiful little town. I love the quirky little alleys, the mix of architecture, and of course the wonderful views. Even better, a lot of the houses have been taken over by artists, so you can nosey inside the houses at the same time as looking at art!! Perfect combo.

There’s so much incredible art on display, it’s fantastic to see so much talent.

I better stop waffling as I can hear through my very muffled ears, the ladies are up and about, but I’ll share some pics.

Take care xxxx

Sunday 2 September 2018

Another birthday then.....

First, I’d like to say thank you for all the lovely comments regarding me joining the clarity team. It’s so exciting, and couldn’t come at a better time. I read all your comments, thank you 😊

Before I crack on with work, this weekend saw another birthday. It’s a birthday month for our little family. Charlie, my auntie, me, then mum. All within the week. And of course the first lot of birthdays without my sister. It was a tough one. Thankfully I spent a full day with Charlie. He’s such a wonderful child, and he made me realise I want to be the best person I possibly can for him. I want to have adventures, explore and make sure he’s a happy bunny. I’ve also taught him great stuff like cold beans, blowing bubbles in his milk shake and dipping crisps in his soup!! Haha, his dads loving it!!

I did have loads of fun with the girls as well. I’ve said it before, and hopefully I’ll never stop saying it...I’ve got some good mates. Such a tonic.

Now, work. I’m sitting to design this evening, and have a great LLL show planned for this Wednesday, so will be back in my lovely workshop here in sunny Brighton, to prep. 

In the meantime, I figured I’d share some photos, as I know Ive been rubbish putting my makes on here recently. This week I’m going to try a bit harder....go on, put on your bets. Let’s see how many days I can achieve!

Here’s some cards made using the fabulous stamps from AALL and create. I love their designs, they’re so cool.