Monday 29 August 2011

Back - to the land of the living

.....almost. Okay, not quite!

The last week or so has seen an assortment of adventures. First I took my little self to the wonderful Edinburgh fringe festival.

What a feast for the senses. There's so much going on. I saw brilliant comedy, dance, theatre and circus. Edinburgh is such a beautiful city, and really friendly. I could waffle for a lonnng time about my trip, I won't, but if you haven't been and get chance - do it!

After my taste of culture I met up with a bunch of mates to go to Solfest. It's a tiny music festival up in cumbria. We drank, sat about, chilled. Had a little drink!! You can imagine. Had a great weekend. That's the start of the birthday celebrations.....oh the birthday. Should I mention the big, the scary....urgh 40. Yep four, zero. Mother. How did that happen! I'm not 40! It's a lie isn't it. Oh hum.

Now I'm at my mums to spend my actual bday with family, before trotting back to Peterborough and create and craft - feels like I've been away ages!

In crafty news, the new web site is now really getting there, we have lots of lovely goodies, with new and exclusive stamps to come. Really really excited about that. I've also, finally, done some tips and technique clips, nice and basic to begin with, but our clip family will definitely grow, so keep nipping on to see what's been added. Check out the calendar as well, we're going to be popping on photos as well as the bits and bobs that are going on.

Well, I'm off to look for my fancy dress costume! A party has to be fancy - especially a 40th. Rude not to. Any suggestions as to room decorations? The theme is a Victorian Circus! Xx

- Leonie

Monday 8 August 2011

Days off include.....

Filming!! Excited today, we are doing some educational clips for my web site!!! Eeek. And we have stamps in the pipe line, which are lovely. Very flippin excited don't you know.

Poor Dylan has been in the wars, the vet thinks it's a bite. He's got quite a big puncture wound. He does play rough with his mum and bro, but that's taking it a little bit to far. Me and Dawn think he's probably run into a stick or something. He seems alot better today.

Righto, I'm late, so best stop messing and sort myself out!xx

- Leonie

Saturday 6 August 2011

Create and craft day...

Will mainly consist of a later start. Like not getting up at 5.30! So, what's on the menu today then:
1pm - miss Nancy and the pick of the week
2pm - simplicity sewing, oow that'll be with the wonderful Jennie, and we have new stuff!
4pm - pottery. Excellent.
5pm - papercraft....more to be revealed!
7pm - more to be revealed!

- Leonie

Thursday 4 August 2011

Create and crafting...

Morning all. Well today's agenda reads:
9am Ali Reeve new templates
10am Jennie Rayment and those wonderful bags
1pm Noreen and flower soft, aww not worked with Noreen for ages
5pm bags ladies again (Jennie and me)
Home time....yeah!!

- Leonie

Monday 1 August 2011

Workshop and c&c

The next workshop has been booked for the 14th august. Check out
for full details.

At c&c, so far I am in thusday 9, 10, 1 and 5. Friday 8,9,12 and 3. Then Saturday 1,2,4,5 and finally 7.


- Leonie

Inspirations...part two!

Had a smashing day today. Thank you to everyone who came along, really good fun. Love play days! Distress inks were top bill. After all these years they are still so popular. Shows how good they are I suppose. Glad to be chilling out at mums, recon an early night is in order. Isn't sleep brilliant!!

Paint daubers

Inks, stamps, glaze and goodness

Stains, stamps, ribbon


Me and Sarah, happy mucky mitts!