Thursday 27 August 2009

Okaydokay, thought I'd pop on a few cards I made for Craft Day, with brief descriptions. Did a few more as well of course, but forgot to take photo's, and then took my camera into studio but didn't really get chance to use the thing! Work and all that jazz.

Had a good day today, great to see all the gang again. Jane and Gill were busy with beautiful cards for the DVD, Rena was busy with everything! Dawn came in and I bet had a late night trying to get everything sorted for tomorrows filming - all go as ever. All this and I'm out tomorrow evening for my Birthday, hooray (Saturdays cards could be funny!! haha, better not celebrate to much eh).

This first one was done using Momentos ink pads, just completely cover gloss card with your ink, blending the ink to lighten the shade. Over stamp with the same ink. The image will bleed a little to give a beautiful background effect. Finished the card with the lovely Woodware Christmas tree stamp.

Another card made using the Momentos, this time using peel off stickers as a mask, apply the ink with a sponge to gloss card covering your peel offs, then remove the stickers to use for another card (never wanting to waste anything eh!!)

For this card I used a few shades of the Momentos ink pads, using the same stamp to overlay the images. This gives depth to the card.

This was my favourite card, using the Design Objectives stamps, Momentos ink pads, and Brilliance ink pads. I used the little tree, stamping a couple of times with one ink, without re-inking so I obtained different shades. I added colour round the edges of the card using a sponge, to blend the colours in, leaving a clear part which I could add my main focal image to (this highlights your main image). I stamped the reindeer, cut it out and added it to my card using 3D foam. Simple matting and layering finished with a ribbon.

Didn't get as much chance to play as I would have liked, but this was my first attempt at using the Tim Holtz crackle paint, and it's FAB. Loved it. For this one I have simply made a background, and overlayed my main focal image. The new distress stickles glue are also tremendous. Want them all...nope, need them all!

Liked this card as well, and easy to do. Using a circle punch, created my background sky, which I inked around the edges and stamped using a snowflake. Stamped my little Christmas village, coloured it and cut it out then matted it over my circle sky. Popped it onto my card which I framed with my ink pads.

Wednesday 26 August 2009

Craft Day - done and dusted

Phew, what a day! another speedy post I'm afraid, as I drove up North today, which seemed to sap the last available ounce of energy out of me...get out the violins. Craft Day was good. Great to see Amy, and loved Dawn's crimbo get up! Very jazzy. Had a laugh with our Claire, dying to know how the protesting went (ask Claire), didn't see the other crafters though - we were on different floors so you never bump into folk.

I was feeling abit mad yesterday actually - bit giddy. It's that Amy, leads me astray!!

Monday 24 August 2009

Busy busy

Craft day tomorrow - I'm ready(ish). Hope I can sleep, always have trouble when it's an early morning (haha, saying that I overslept last time didn't I!).

Thank you to the ladies who came to the workshop, it was lovely to see you, and I'm really looking forward to the next one.

This is going to be a very quick post, as I need to hit the sack or else!!

Seeya tomoz gang

Friday 21 August 2009

jeepers creepers

Okay, not had time to do any postings - sorry! I'm organised for my workshop tomorrow - even have everything packed. I then have to keep unpacking to find things to work with (lethal, just know I'll forget to repack something).

I am also working on cards for next week, Craft Day! Whoo hoo. Loads to do, and a great TSV, so cracking on - not even been able to get to the allotment or do my ATC club (I was actually getting up to date as well, grrr). And Uni work - puh, I am so behind.

Righto, thought I'd check in before cracking on with Crimbo cards (no, snowy scenes when its sunny, wrong).

ps I will be putting more details of our MacMillan Coffee Evening, still waiting for confirmation of the venue.

Monday 17 August 2009

Princess Lottie

Well I got to the party - just!! Talk about cutting it fine, me and Kathryn had to get ready in the loo's!

It was a lovely party, Carly made a brilliant fairy castle cake, and Lottie was wonderful as ever. She is such a beautiful little girl - she makes everyone feel special and important.

Anyhow, I'll share a few photo's but then I have to go, I'm so sleepy today, don't know what's wrong with me - feel like the plugs been whipped out and the energy batteries leaked. Got loads to do as well....oh hum.

Princess Lottie and her mummy Carly

Grown up Princess's!!

Princess Lottie with a choice of Princes! Lucky girl.....

Saturday 15 August 2009

Princess party

Well, I got lost in the woods this morning - I do that so much, and what bad timing, got so much to do. We are going to Lotties party and have to dress up as a Princess! Got some material, not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. Might put on pics after so you can have a laugh!!

Yesterday was a bad day, so very unproductive. Wanted to get all my ATC's sorted, and finish my workshop organising, but all plans went to the wall I'm afraid. Oh Hum.xx

Thursday 13 August 2009


I know, I shouldn't swear - jogging for goodness sake. This is it though, another attempt at being healthy. Get this for a good start to the and the doggies, grass still slightly wet from the evenings rain, but the sun raising its head and warming the air. A slight jog, then a moment to recover from the shock! A few blackberries, sweet, fat and juicy. Even a few tiny beautiful sweet little plums picked straight from the tree, then another longer jog. Home to 15 mins of abs work out - then porridge. mmmmmm. Isn't that a good morning. I think the fruit gives me the inspiration to do the last jog - Teela loves the blackberries and plums! Dylan just kinda swills them around abit then spits them out - he just doesn't get it!

Anyhow, need to crack

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Wine dilemma

I had to turn off the comp last night earlier than expected, cos I spilt red wine down my computer!!! Whoops. The screen went blank and I thought that was that, but thankfully it's dried out and back up and running! Can't say how relieved I am!

And it's meant I can read my brilliant messages - have you seen the fab cake receipe from Claire for my courgettes! Coffee evening cakes are sorted - thank you so much Claire - and hows Australia (lucky thing you!).

Tuesday 11 August 2009

MacMillan Coffee Morning

Kathryn, Carley and me have decided to be part of the MacMillan Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning, which is a fabulous way of raising money for MacMillan, having a good get together and an excuse to get crafty!! Oh yes, crafty crafty crafty.

We have yet to confirm the venue, but that will be done by the end of the week. Now, although its called a coffee morning, we will actually have to have a coffee evening! I know, breaking the rules already, rebels. The date will be the 24th September, we will be serving coffee, tea, a cheeky wine or two (rude not to), cake, maybe home-made chutney (you might be saved from that one though), courgette soup (haha, can tell who's got courgette plants on their allotment, glut or what) - wonder if I can make courgette cake!! I'm also thinking selling crafty goodie bags, doing make and takes, and should we throw in a party game as well - damn fine idea for pass the parcel, you are never to old for that. Musical statues!!! Yeh, from coffee morning to kids party in the flash of an eye.

Anyhow, enough of my waffle, that's the plan so far. How exciting. Obviously all proceeds will go to MacMillan. Recon it's a good idea to bring along your ATC's to trade as well. Party!!! xxxx


Now, those of you who know me, may know I'm not a mega decoupage fan (it's the cutting out - can get right on my nerves!). However, had a kit to do that was on today, and thought I would share a couple of photo's. The sheets came with matching cards. For a change I cut the centre out of a couple of these cards. The first I attached a piece of acetate behind the aperture. I attached backing paper inside the card, and the first piece of decoupage onto this, so it is in the centre of the aperture. I then built the rest of the decoupage on top of this, but on the front of the acetate.

The second card I cut the frame closer to the picture border, tied a ribbon onto the right of the frame. The decoupage this time was placed onto a mat, and then built in the centre of the frame.

Hope you like them. Tomorrow I am planning my workshops. There are still a few places available, so if you would like to book please get in contact for more details.


Thursday 6 August 2009


Just thought I'd pop a picture of my sunflowers because they're pretty!

Dawn Bibby's Design Studio

Thought I'd pop in the full title, as I don't write it often as I always presume everyone knows our Dawn - so therefore I don't need to add a title - but as promised I'll pop on some photo's from my demo at Dawn Bibby's Design Studio last weekend, and a little waffle on how I achieved the results. Phew, isn't it warm - been baking in my room today (I'm not complaining!!).

Okaydokay, photo's:

This first card has been made using the Smooch inks for the background as well as directly on the stamp. Now the backgrounds are really easy to achieve, and fun (not to mention messy if your like me!). First take a piece of non-coated card stock, the Smooch do not dry on coated card. Spritz the card with water, completely soaking it. Take a sponge (any old sponge, preferably not with bits of soap still in it however) and apply some of the Smooch ink to the sponge. If you wish to create a frame then simply lightly place one finger in the centre of the card, then dab the ink around the edges of the wet card, you will see the inks spread and flow beautifully towards the centre of the card. When the ink becomes lighter, re-apply more Smooch ink to the sponge, and continue until your happy with the colours. You can add different colours, or more water if you want the ink to spread more. I like to leave mine to dry naturally, as this will capture some of the movement of the ink - but you can dry it with a heat gun if you are in a rush.

To stamp with the Smooch ink, simply apply the inks directly from the bottle using the lovely directional tip, to the stamp. Apply a couple of colours, I'm rather hap-hazard with this technique, and stamp. Some stamps will suit this technique more than others - try more solid stamps as opposed to outline images. If your a tight crafter like me, then you can try to very lightly spritz the stamp before cleaning off the ink, and stamping again. As the Smooch is water soluble it will water down and you may get another image!

For this card I used the same technique to get the background, but rather than creating a frame, I covered the whole card. When it was dry, I overstamped using Vivid Ink Pads, which give a strong colour. Finish using the Smooch inks to paint with, as this will give a more intense colour, and show the wonderful pearlescent sheen of the paints.

Again, working the inks to create frames, then overstamping with the Vivid Ink Pads. The bird has then been coloured with the purple smooch. I like being able to use the inks as a background and then to highlight and colour my focal feature, this ties in the colours and gives you more options with your ink.

Unfortunately I didn't take any photo's of a solid background which can be achieved with the Smooch inks. Take a re-inker for your embossing pad, and smear a little of the fluid over your un-coated card stock. This will allow the inks to glide over the card stock. Pick up some of the Smooch ink with your finger and glide it over the card. Again mix and match your colours. If you want a smooth surface, gently brush over with a sponge or brush. I obviously recommend doing it with your finger as it will add texture and depth (and it's more fun!).

Well, I thought I'd got more photo's than that - next time!

Wednesday 5 August 2009


Today I gave myself the day off - and chilled out. Even though I had lots of stuff to do, I really could not be bothered, so didn't. I'm now sitting here waiting for Nicky to put a film on with Dylan fast asleep on my foot (aww).

The weekend was great. Saw loads of familiar faces, and met lots of lovely new people as well. It was a real success. Tomorrow I'll pop on some photo's and also some tips on using Smooch (they may be inks in a tidy little bottle, but follow my lead and I'll make sure you get mucky paws!).

I was really chuft that I could drop my sis off at her new job - good luck Maz. I know she'll do brilliant, but isn't it scary! Urgh.

I came home to a very tidy house, happy doggies, and when we nipped up to the allotment we had about 8 courgettes! Went to work on Tuesday, and Nicky even made blackberry jam! How good is that. Courgette chutney and jam for everyones crimbo pressies this year I recon. Does jam freeze.

Righto, enough waffle. Pop back tomorrow for tips on Smooching (haha, alternatively google that one, you get alsorts of top tips!).