Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Now, those of you who know me, may know I'm not a mega decoupage fan (it's the cutting out - can get right on my nerves!). However, had a kit to do that was on today, and thought I would share a couple of photo's. The sheets came with matching cards. For a change I cut the centre out of a couple of these cards. The first I attached a piece of acetate behind the aperture. I attached backing paper inside the card, and the first piece of decoupage onto this, so it is in the centre of the aperture. I then built the rest of the decoupage on top of this, but on the front of the acetate.

The second card I cut the frame closer to the picture border, tied a ribbon onto the right of the frame. The decoupage this time was placed onto a mat, and then built in the centre of the frame.

Hope you like them. Tomorrow I am planning my workshops. There are still a few places available, so if you would like to book please get in contact for more details.



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