Friday, 21 August 2009

jeepers creepers

Okay, not had time to do any postings - sorry! I'm organised for my workshop tomorrow - even have everything packed. I then have to keep unpacking to find things to work with (lethal, just know I'll forget to repack something).

I am also working on cards for next week, Craft Day! Whoo hoo. Loads to do, and a great TSV, so cracking on - not even been able to get to the allotment or do my ATC club (I was actually getting up to date as well, grrr). And Uni work - puh, I am so behind.

Righto, thought I'd check in before cracking on with Crimbo cards (no, snowy scenes when its sunny, wrong).

ps I will be putting more details of our MacMillan Coffee Evening, still waiting for confirmation of the venue.


rosie said...

hope you manage to get sorted Leonie. love your blog x

amanda stokes said...

Hi Leonie!if you're like me you def forget something lol
ooh a craft day?when's that then?
hugs amanda x

Lorraine Robertson said...

Always a nightmare trying to organise in advance then pulling everything back out again as the one thing you need always seems to be at the bottom... LOL

Can't wait to see what delicious goodies await us on Tuesday. I have a demo on Wednesday so it gives me a great excuse to sit packing my trolley all day long in front of the TV...

Keep meaning to ask.. are you coming to the SECC with Dawn in October? Sure hope so.

Lorraine xxx