Monday 2 July 2018

Let me loose with some new stuff....

Wow, the suns proper out out isn’t it! Blinking boiling. And here I am, tucked away making Christmas cards! Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not complaining. I’ve had a lovely weekend with my other half and my little nephew, Charlie. It’s a mixture of happiness and deep sadness, seeing my beautiful sister in his little eyes. Knowing what we have lost, but also acknowledging the joy he brings us all. 

So, I’ve had my time in the sun, and now it’s cracking on with work. I don’t often make a big deal of the amazing stuff I’m lucky enough to work with on my shows....but you know, I could!! From tv firsts with the incredible carabelle. Launching brand new ranges from amazing people like our very own Mama Makes. Bringing the brand new collections from the mighty Graphic’s not bad is it. And this week we have a brand new company to Hochanda. On my show. The first time we have brought a collection, well, two collections, from My Minds Eye. And they are stunning. Really exceptional quality. Great designs. So easy to work with. It’s a privilege to share these goodies with you.

So, the sun maybe shining, but I’m working with My Mind’s Eye, so crack those flags Mr Sunshine, I’m happy enough indoors 😊