Monday 29 June 2009


We're home.

Glastonbury Festival, the best place on earth.

We all look up at the same sky and it's beautiful.

Yep, Glasto is an amazing tonic and refreshes the hippy soul (you don't even need the magic cakes to feel the love!).


Need to catch up on my horrid emails now, 990 in the inbox - urgh, then I can come back and share some photo's.

Wednesday 24 June 2009


Great day yesterday, was lovely seeing Clare who did a brill job. The TSV was lovely, wanted one. I'd worked on a few of the DO kits for Dawn, and they are soooo cute, and it's nice to get something quick easy but looks good now and again (even though as you know I like to mess).

Great seeing lovely Paula as well, it was like a little crafty get to gether.

Anyway, that was a quick post, but I have to leg it - Nicky's hot on my tail today to get things done and will go mad if he sees me on here!!!

Thursday 18 June 2009

Sunny Days

Another lovely sunny day here in Canterbury. Loads of kits have been delivered ready for next weeks TSV - don't know what the actual TSV is as Clare is doing it (be great to see her, it's been yonks!!), but I've got some goodies to be getting on with.

In the meantime I've been getting abit excited about Glasto - the day after the TSV (mmm, glad I'm not driving). Ordered my She Wee!!! haha. Has anyone seen them, they look hilarious! It's basically a funnel you use to wee, so handy for festivals (or long walks when bushes are scarce!). Hopefully it'll be a liberating experience, not a soggy one (NOT using this one when I'm tipsy - can you imagine!! Don't.........)

Nicky in the Glasto hat!! haha. I liked that kit, the knitting one that was on the other day (think I've already babbled about it). Definitely going to get some more wool and get knitting - socks!! Love knitted socks.

On a crafty note, I was working with the color core card the other day, did you know if you trickle bleach on it (I used the thick stuff), the card raises and, when dry, you can sand the raised bit to show the other colour. I tried this on the card which is black one side, and coloured on the other, and it worked a treat. You can make your own free hand patterns. Don't think I took a photo of that one though (I know, typical). Oh yes I did..........

Monday 15 June 2009

Back home....

from our weekend retreat crafting like little crafty critters. Had a great weekend. It was busy as usual, the sun shone, and I think everyone had a good time. I got to play with the new Smooch inks (mmmmmmmm, nice), and get abit messy as usual. Lovely seeing the Topaz totty again (thinking of you having a giggle at that one Debs!), it's great catching up with everyone, I get really excited and talk to much as soon as I get in the room.

Dawn's shop looked fab, really wanted to spend, but didn't have time for any of that shopping malarky!

Obviously took my camera, but did I remember to take photo's!! I'm rubbish.

It was great to see so many familiar faces who actually came to the event as well, and of course to meet so many new people.

Well, back home, bit worn out and my phone has now decided to go on the blink, it's refusing to charge up. Funny isn't it, how life without a mobile is almost unthinkable - I never even know what time it is! Need to put batteries in my clock now! My new car is really cute, and small! Think the dogs are abit disgrumpled - they can't stretch out the same to sleep on the way home - well Teela manages to but poor Dylan.

Righto, better get organised, back to QVC tomorrow so I'm having a nice early night to try and catch up on those missed zzzzzzzzz's.

Thursday 11 June 2009

Ready for the weekend???

I'm not!!! Got to do my Uni presentation tomorrow, and the Wallace and Gromit animation I did has disappeared!! Gone I tell you. I'm sick as a dead parrot. What the hell have I done! I presumed it was okay, it seemed okay when I downloaded it and saved it - but oh no, it's gone!


Anyhow, it's now stupid o'clock again, I have to go to Uni, come home, pick up the car and dogs then hit the road (lots of twoing and froing). Hopefully I won't get up North to late so I can have a bit of a chill before the crafting begins!

Looking forward to the weekend at least, be lovely seeing all the Topaz Totty, Paula and of course the Crafty Clan who are coming along to join us on Dawn's residential.

I'll have cheered up by then, promise. Won't be snapping if you use to much micro dots, or stick your paper on up-side down! haha.

Had loads of photo's to upload, but it's got abit late (computers probably eaten them anyway).

I'll be back after the fill you in on any gossip (and if there isn't any, I'll make it up).

Thursday 4 June 2009

A Makey Do

If you have chance have a peek at the Makey Do web site

Jen has put on my Q&A thingy. Really looking forward to it and meeting Jen, recon we'll get on very well, remember to come and visit us, Saturday 11th July at the Guildhall in Sandwich. I'll be there at opening times, and there will be beautiful handmade wonders to buy, things for the kiddies to do, as well as goody bags. To good to miss.

Also look out for the craft show on Monday 10am on QVC, I have a couple of items and there will be other guests there as well, so it's a mixed bag of things for you to get stuck into.

My poor baby starlings. They keep flying into our window. We have the bird stickers on, but it doesn't seem to be deterring them. Thankfully they have all been okay, but it's very worrying. Cheeky sods though, I have bought a ground cage thing so the small birds stand a chance of getting some food (and the fat pigeons and greedy starlings can't get in), however the baby starlings can! They're the only ones brave enough to wander in at the moment. Righto, back to work and stop obsessing about the bird!