Monday 30 January 2017

Easy backgrounds - Indigo Blu

What else did I get up to for my last show....wellllll....Lets get out the gilding flakes!

I "inked" my stamp up using the flitter glue, which I immediately cleaned off my stamp.  The glue stays sticky, so there's no panic about getting the flakes on in a rush.  I actually dusted a little pink mica over the stamped image first - not much, just enough to give the variation between the mica, and the flakes.  So, after dusting the mica, take the flakes and rub them into the glue, removing the excess with the texture sponge.

I used distress ink to add more colour, and texture, to my paper, overlaying the images so they blend together.

On the same decorative paper, I stamped my sentiment, which I simply cut out

I then inked round the edge of my paper, and the wording, and glued my sentiment in place.  I also mat and layered my paper in place.  

I added some of the thick slap it on over the sentiment - this will dry clear, so will look like a textured glaze

Saturday 28 January 2017

Indigo Blu - Gilding flakes and stunning stamps

Arrgh, my photo's are playing up - sorry, you'll have to view this at an angle!

Okay, so finally I've caught up, and can share a few goodies from this weeks Let Leonie Loose show.  I was using stamps, papers, stencils and gilding flakes, all from Indigo Blu.  First I took one of my papers, and stamped using staz on, and the circle stamp

I filled in the gaps with the edges of the butterfly stamp, which is really cool as it's just texture

Using the Flutter Glue I sponged through the mini mask

And then rubbed my gilding flakes onto my paper, removing the excess with the sponge

Here's another dodgy photo....tilt!  I mixed the mica powder with the thick slap it on, so make a lovely paste.  I used another of my tiny stencils, and slapped some of my paste onto my paper

Using my staz-on, I stamped onto acetate

The acetate is fab to go over your backgroud - play around with where it looks best.  I glued it in place using the thick slap it on, which gave it a little bit of texture as well

Using a scrap of the paper, I stamped one of the sentiment stamps, and tore the paper to just give me the main word.  I used the black ink pad to edge the paper

To finish, I wrapped string round the card, and stapled the string and sentiment in place, and mat and layered my card 

Thursday 26 January 2017

Little fish, Big fish, Swimming in the water......

Anyone who knows PJ Harvey will recognizs that.....any takers?

In other news....Carabelle stamps again!!  Hooray, I hear you say.  And so you should - these are lovely as well.

I made the background using my Distress spritzers onto watercolour card.  I then stamped the circles over the top using distress ink pad.  The mermaid and fish I stamped using staz-on.  The detail of this image is stunning.  The distress crayons are fab for colouring the image, and great to add tone and texture.

This was a strange choice for me - not usually a stamp I'd go for...but I really really like it.  It's really cool.  I made my background using the distress crayons in my art journal.  I wanted the mermaid to sit in the background and be really subtle, so I stamped using my distress ink.  I also wanted her to be on both sides, so I stamped her onto tissue paper, which I then glued onto my page using decoupage glue. 

The fish was a cool background, made from all the inks, and then dried.  I stamped and embossed my fishy, and cut it out.  I did add some extra elements in - to break up the colours

Finally, a sentiment.  Finishes it off.

Oh...I forgot to share this one.  I created the background with the distress crayons, and just overstamped using the paint daubers.  It's ready to become something!

Wednesday 25 January 2017

Carabelle A4 Stamps

These are just LUSH.  I've fallen in love with Carabelle Studio stamps anyway...but the A4 ones are amazing.

The tree stamp, everyone fell in love with, it is tremendous.  I'll share what I did with it.

Because the stamp is so big, it allows you to play with colours on the actual rubber.  I "inked" up the stamp using my Distress Paint Daubers, I used the brown and then the blue.  I then spritzed onto the stamp with the ink spritzer, which is yellow, and blends the paints wonderfully.  The acrylic block is A4, so fits the stamp perfectly.  I then used the Distress Crayons on the edge of the card, and dragged the ink across with a wet paintbrush.  This gives a lovely soft background blend.  Use watercolour card for the best results.

This time, I stamped the tree with staz-on, but I wanted a more subtle and misty effect, so I gave my card a wash with DecoArt Tinting Medium.  This is lovely, as it gives it a subtle wash. I stamped over the top of the tree with the beautiful faery, and coloured her in with Distress Crayons.  I love this.  

Tuesday 24 January 2017

Carabelle Studio - more stunning stamp designs

I'm a little late doing these few posts, so this weeks LLL show will creep into the later part of the week....but I'll make sure I get a few posts done for you.

I did really want to share some of the makes from last week, as I adored the stamps I was working with.  The A4 stamps are fantastic, I definitely need more of these in my life.

Firstly I used a wonderful mandala stamp which I actually "inked" up using Tim Holtz Distress daubers. I then used my Distress Stains over the top.  Make sure the paint is dry, and it will give a lovely resist type effect.

I removed the centre of the mandala, which I put aside for another card (this was the theory....obviously I put it in a safe place, never to be seen again).  I then used one of the Distress Crayons to colour in the centre of the image, this covers up any white bits

It also adds depth to the image

I created my background with the Daubers, dragging the two colours along to give a lovely wood like effect.  I then stamped and embossed the large mandala image.  The sentiment was stamped onto a piece of kraft card, and then I glued the smaller mandala image onto the larger.  The sentiment was bowed and glued in the centre of the mandala.  I love the white on that background, it looks yummy.

oops, forgot this bit!  I mat and layered the card up, and used a nice piece of hessian which I frayed, I liked the texture, it really goes with the image.

There, sentiment in place, job done.

I used the stamps again for the show, I stamped and embossed the two stamps then used the Distress Stains over the top.  I then used the Tim Holtz Spritzer which breaks the stains up, and adds a different colour to the mix

I added some colour to the mandala with the distress crayons, blending them in slightly.  

This was the one I actually did on the show, which needs making up into a card, but I figured I'm share it with you as the colour combo is completely different.

Thank you for nipping on by.  I hope you love the stamps as much as I do, and managed to get hold of them!!  More Carabelle!!!

Wednesday 18 January 2017

Tim Holtz - Distress Crayons

Hi folks, how are you?  It's a bit chilly here in Peterborough.....still waiting to see some snow though. I feel we've missed out this year.

I've been busy prepping my Let Leonie Loose show for today, and have got a great selection of Tim Holtz goodies.  I wanted to demo with a mix of products, just to see the difference between the products, and how they work alongside each other.  Needless to say, I've run out of time before idea's...maybe I have spent to long just watching ink dry! The battle is real, crafters will relate to this.

I also picked some more wonderful stamps from Carabelle.  I know I've showcased their products quite a few times now, but they are all different - and stunning.  These are just as special.

I wanted to share a couple of projects with you.  First I used a set of the Wax Crayons from Tim Holtz, and literally just scribbled my colour to cover a sheet of A4 cardstock:

I love it!  It looks a total mess doesn't it.  The thicker you lay down the crayon, the easier it will be to blend.  You will be able to keep adding colour and layers to build up the density of colour.

I have blended the colours with water, and where needed I have added more colour to help the blend.  I didn't aim to get it completely smooth though, as I rather like the texture of the distress crayons.

Next I used this stunning stamp.  It's massive!!  

I added a little of the distress dabbers, which are an acrylic paint.  This means I can easily sweep the paint over which will add texture as well as colour

I then stamped my wolf stamp onto Paperartsy wax paper.  

I added white gesso onto the back of the image to make it pop 

I stamped the image again, and cut out the wolf head, which I coloured with the crayons

The wax paper scrunches up wonderfully, but the ace thing is how it reacts when heated.  I glued it down with wet, clear drying glue, and then blasted it with my heat gun.  The wax melts, and the paper merges into the background.  It's really cool.  I then glued my wolf head in place.

Take the stunning border, and stamp at the top and bottom

And then use the mandala stamp.  I used white gesso to stamp randomly over my piece.  Making sure I was stamping off the page.

To finish, I stamped my sentiment and embossing with black embossing powder, which really makes it stand out.