Monday 29 March 2010

Carry on.....

eating pies. We've done loads of it. Of course this was only cos Gran loves pies and chips, so it had to be done (I'm making excuses of course!). Now I'm having trouble moving!

Thank you to everyone who has sent a message of support, your words have meant alot and been so kind.

It's been okay, felt strange and sad going to Grans of course, without Grandad being there, but I'm happy he didn't suffer, it could have been so much worse couldn't it. So many people are in pain for weeks, months, even longer, so we were lucky. And Gran seems to be doing okay - it must be so difficult but she seems strong and carrying on. We were even talking about little trips away in a while - so at least she's thinking positive about the future.

I was intending to catch up on the ATC club whilst up here, but gone and forgotton my list of all my members! How annoying is that, so angry at myself. I knew I'd forget something, that was obvious. At least it wasn't my underwear eh!

Well, now sitting feeling over full and rather sick - silly woman, no idea what I can do about that, apart from walking away from the pies in future. Remember this moment Pujol!! Anyhow, thank you again to everyone who sent me your kind words, take care all xxx

Friday 26 March 2010

My Little Grandad

Passed away early this morning. We're so relieved he didn't suffer for long, and his hospital visit was short - and we got to see him.

Our Grandad was such a character. He was my biggest fan, stopping anyone in Tesco to tell them what I was doing. He was so proud, it makes my heart ache.

We'll all miss him, and I apologise for any unanswered emails or messages - but well, this has been why. And also why I'm not travelling up to Birmingham today, couldn't face another drive - I'm abit weary.

I'm glad he was our Grandad, he was always there to get us out of any trouble, which meant we could take risks maybe others may not have been able to do - he was our safety net. And we have so many memories, really funny ones. We'll all really miss him. He was just always there.

Getting olds abit rubbish isn't it......but doesn't it make you realise how precious every day is.

Well, don't want to make my readers sad, so I'll share a funny story from the hospital when we were visiting (thankfully, as a family I think we've always found something to laugh at - keeps you sane doesn't it). As we were leaving my gran stopped on seeing a couple who did stand out from the crowd (she looked as if she may have been a lady of the night with her man!), anyhow, not to far from them Gran stated "funny what you see when you haven't got your gun" - laughing!! Never heard that expression before - bloody glad she didn't have her gun, can you imagine. So that'll be my new expression I recon - cracker isn't it. She was actually really funny, did loads of stuff to make us laugh amongst all the sadness. My little Gran.

Sunday 21 March 2010

How do?

Home again,for yet another flying visit. Spring has found us up in Peterborough, and when I went home and walked
the doggies the sun was shining. Isn't it nice to feel the warmth again. My little teela
was such a happy doggy.

Had a good week again. It was fab seeing everyone from do crafts
again, been ages, so we had a really good catch up. Wanted all the hobby art stamps,always loved them. Want so much stuff - I'm supposed to be sorting out not stocking up! Anyhow, really nice to finish my week with Kirsty, her stuffs so cool, and we had a good catch up.

Thank you everyone for your comments on my last post, I always read them and it's lovely to hear off everyone, and your comments are always great, thank you gang.

I've actually left my comp at work, having major withdrawls! Don't we get attached to our gadgets! Means I should crack on with the sorting eh....mmmm!

Picked up my spuds n onions for the allotment,gonna have to get out my shovel and get digging,it looks like a
wasteland at the mo. Come on you sun, shine on tomoz so I can get messing in the dirt!

Hey, did the lethal thing of having a look at some forum thing. Now this is something that should never be done, cos let's face it if your on
the box there's going to be people who I annoy. Haha, and funnily enough they have started turning me over! Thank goodness for the remote control eh. Mind you, if I turn on c&c and I'm on urgh awful, always switch over. Even I do my own head in, still sound like a male Lancashire farmer! I didn't get upset about the negative comments, gotta take the rough with the smooth, and I'm loving it. Must admit though, I agree that I do go on abit! Think I need to knock the chocolate ration for breakfast, makes
me abit giddy (but it's soooo good!). Choc making - it's on the mega list as well.

Well chums, my hairy kids need feeding and I need to drag my lazy butt of the sofa
and get this room sorted - can you believe I couldn't even find a pair of scissors! I'm just creating piles of stuff rather than doing anything
constructive! Got a sore knee, looks like a scabby 5 year olds (that'll be the wine and beer mix from last night then won't it). Right.....get on pujol....stop the waffle! Ttfn

Wednesday 17 March 2010

Spring again,

Everytime I come home to Canterbury it really feels like spring - unfortunately Peterborough's still stuck in October!

Anyhow, not posted in ages, so thought I'd do a mega catch up. Lifes been treating me well - I was worried that Jacob's birthday would hit me harder than usual this year, with being apart from Nicky - but actually I was okay. Obviously sad, but nothing like I have been in the past, or expected to be. I even went home, saw my friend who has a tiny (very cute) baby, and then sorted out some of Jacob's things that I haven't got rid of yet to give to another friend - so it was very positive. It's a relief, but you also get a sense of guilt, which I know is stupid, but it's as though you feel bad for feeling okay. Silly emotions arn't they.

Anyhow, Mother's Day was also okay. I had a quite time during the day inbetween shows, but then got on with it, and enjoyed the day.

My Dad and step-mum came to visit us in the Warehouse (oooh aye, not told you about that one have I - how rude). Well, when in work I now live in a Warehouse. It's hilarious. No frills, but it's fab. I live with 3 chaps at the moment who are great, in fact I've got a photo of our Shaun to put on actually, as he was creating pictures with the pro-markers!

What else has been happening, well don't feel like I've been home much - seems to be flying visits all the time, which is a shame, but it does make it feel like a holiday every time I'm here!

I've got more shows on C&C this week, and also booked a couple of Demo weekends, which I will post on my blog as well. OOooh, booked the date off for my skydive as well - smashing!!!! Can't wait. Me and Howard are joining in with the ELF Skydiving Day on the 4th June. I'll be setting up a page to try and get sponsor money (it's for Exeter Leukaemia). This is definitely the first of many (I hope - haha, could be the first n last eh!).

Well gang, that's me up to date. Still not done any crafting, so still not able to re-apply to get on the bloggers crafting list thingy (oops). Can't even see in my craft room at the mo - I started "sorting" well you know what thats like. It's a joke.

Righto, I'm going to see what's next on the list, take care and hope your bulbs are blooming xx

Monday 1 March 2010

Spring has sprung

hahaha, this is only a quickie cos I'm running late (oh, no, really me!). Just have a look at the last post I did and the comments - the first one is from a penis enlarger! hahaha. They get everywhere don't they, with their promises. Idiots - what will a single female be doing with one of those for goodness sake. Answers on a postcard...........xx