Tuesday 31 January 2012

Dawn bibby and friends (without the bibster)

Haha, yep today I'm being dawn. Now I wouldn't mind swapping places as she's in america looking at wonderful crafty things! Soooo jealous. However, we have some good stuff on the show. Beautiful products in fact, here's a couple of photos, I better go set up some demos...

- thank you for popping along and having a read, Leonie

Monday 30 January 2012

Good times at the Craftstation

Had a great day today at craftstation is kirkby in Ashfield. Its a lovely shop run by Helen, who holds more workshops than I have hot meals! Amazing.

All the ladies (ahem, and gentleman of course!) were lovely, and were a pleasure to craft with. Here's a few quick snaps from the day and the cards we made....I think more photos will pop up on Facebook!

- thank you for popping along and having a read, Leonie

Workshop day...

As you drive do you do that thing where you realise what you've forgotten? So far think its only my camera. On my way to Kirkby for a workshop, wish I hadn't gone the pretty way my sat nav suggested....it didn't go for the quickest route!

- thank you for popping along and having a read, Leonie

Thursday 26 January 2012

Crafty (sleepy) day!!

Only sleepy due to my silly dog escaping last night and having a lovely time whilst I worried about him! Animals.

Anyhow, great day ahead. Ideal world at 11am, painting with the brilliant Matthew Palmer, love those shows.

I have Ali and her brand new stamps at 12. Bit of a rest then 3pm more painting, and to end a lovely day me and Debbie with the ladies.

Okay, best go get ready....

- thank you for popping along and having a read, Leonie


Just a very quick note to let folks know I'm doing a workshop on Monday, think there may be one or two places left, please check out Craftstations web site for details:

Seeya then :)

- thank you for popping along and having a read, Leonie

Saturday 21 January 2012

Today we are....

At c&c headquarters and doing:
1pm cricut
3pm art for all with Matthew Palmer
5pm cricut
7pm Purelite essentials

I'd love to know if anyone has bought the art kits, I'm very tempted indeed, he makes it look so easy!

Better get the wellies on, I have 3 impatient dogs waiting on a walk!

- thank you for popping along and having a read, Leonie

Friday, cricut and Humphrey!

Had a lovely day today. We launched the POW, which was the expression at a fantastic price. I love being on with Mel, her samples are fantastic, have a look what she has done with her cricut:

Beautiful arnt they! I've asked for an expression, for research of course!! :)

Then I had the lovely Sara who had one of my mega favs, Humphrey....altogether, awww

My first show was with Jodie and we sold out, wow. Like that, means Jodie got to go home early and I got back to making cards. Actually I was making a card from a scrapbook kit i was working on. I did a page for our c&c club members page on the web site, not sure when it will be up there, but please check it out - the papers are lovely, and it's great to show some simple but effective ways of scrapbooking.

My early night has gone to pot, got a good day tomorrow as well, tell you all about it then!! Night.

Great ormond street hospital

I haven't blogged in ages, how rude! And this is a posting I wanted to do when I got back from our visit to GOSH, so late it is, but at last I'm catching up.

We went to record for c&c at great
Ormond street hospital, and then Flora came into the studio. I learnt so much, what a brilliant lady, so articulate, confident and knowledgeable. Great ormond street are so much more than a hospital, and function on so many levels. The planning that goes into the care provided to each child who needs GOSH, from around the world, is amazing. The medical care is something I knew about, that's the hospital bit...but schooling, preparing for exams, making sure the kids still get trips out. What was really interesting is the preparation for a child who has had a long term illness and been in hospital - or in and out of hospital for long periods of their life. Flora explained that as a child, your looked after and protected by parents and nurses, but as your care goes from the children's hospital to adult care the patient needs to understand and start to be able to deal with taking a different role in their care, dealing with doctors, understanding their condition. This was something I hadn't even thought of, but there's such a good system in place to make sure this is handled in the best way possible - as Flora explained it can be a scary and strange transition, to suddenly be in control.

We take so much in life for granted, and complain over nothing - comparatively speaking. My auntie spent some time being treated at GOSH many years ago, they now have a ward just for children suffering from Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). When my auntie was born my gran struggled to find any information about the disease, and from my grans persistence and love the charity Debra (named after my auntie) emerged. It shows how much has changed and progressed, and now GOSH have the care necessary to take on the critical diseases, the illnesses that are rare and not understood, like EB was all those years ago.

There's so much more happening at GOSH, but primarily it's about the children and the families. I'm grateful we have such an amazing institution.

Here's Flora. The next time your having a moment feeling sorry for yourself - just give yourself a little talking to. We all do it, we all pamper ourselves with self pity, some people seem to do nothing but complain and wallow. Then you meet someone who has been through so much at such a young age, but is so strong and optimistic, it really gives you the slap we all need now and again to realise just how lucky we really are.

A real inspiration, and I'm sure we'll see more of the lovely Flora on our screens - a budding actress.

Thank you GOSH and everyone who contributes to keep their amazing work possible

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Wednesday 4 January 2012

Sands Skydive - finally the video!!!!

This posting has been way to long in the posting. 2012 had some brilliant moments, the biggest and best for me was the skydive we did for Sands. It was the first time I'd spoken/written properly about Jacob, so it meant such a great deal that I had such an amazing team willing to jump with me, the wonderful Dee to organise everything, and then everyone out there who kindly and generously donated. I was staggered by the amount we raised: £9647.50. Isn't that fantastic. So, to my team thank you. Dee, you are born to organise (anyone needed an event planner, she is the lady, you can find her on LinkedIn under her full title: Denise Fitzsimmons), and everyone who donated - you have helped parents in a time of life that is so devastating it can be hard to know how you will ever be okay again.

I promised I would pop on the video - how long has it taken!! I know, I'm rubbish. But here it is!! It makes me nervous watching it. The first bit are random people being chucked out aeroplanes to advertise the school. Then it's my turn. You see us getting suited up, just notice I start trotting off to the plane without an instructor! Mmmm, slightly over confident there eh - even the steps to the plane made me nervous. There's a few in front of me, and then you will see the girl go out first with a camera on her head, my first instructor goes out and stands outside the plane to my left, and the second instructor is in the plane on my right. We have to jump at the same time, as obviously they are initially holding me, so I can't wimp out otherwise it makes it tricky for everyone else! They hold on to special fastenings on the suit. This helps stabilise me, so they can check my body position and advise me how I need to adjust. I have to do the count, and then I release the parachute. And then that's me...on my own in the clouds (not for long, I'm soon on my own in the middle of a wheat field!!). The landing needed work.

What an experience.

I hope you enjoy.......who's coming along this year??