Saturday 21 January 2012

Friday, cricut and Humphrey!

Had a lovely day today. We launched the POW, which was the expression at a fantastic price. I love being on with Mel, her samples are fantastic, have a look what she has done with her cricut:

Beautiful arnt they! I've asked for an expression, for research of course!! :)

Then I had the lovely Sara who had one of my mega favs, Humphrey....altogether, awww

My first show was with Jodie and we sold out, wow. Like that, means Jodie got to go home early and I got back to making cards. Actually I was making a card from a scrapbook kit i was working on. I did a page for our c&c club members page on the web site, not sure when it will be up there, but please check it out - the papers are lovely, and it's great to show some simple but effective ways of scrapbooking.

My early night has gone to pot, got a good day tomorrow as well, tell you all about it then!! Night.

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Chloe's Nan said...

Wow, I love Mel's creations! She is sooo talented when it comes to creating with the Cricut xx