Tuesday 30 April 2013

Your melt pot and stamps

Now, to continue with our melt pot experiments, we can of course, use our stamps.  So many ways to use stamp!  You can pour your UTEE onto your non-stick craft sheet and stamp into it.  I love this technique, as when you pour you can also sprinkle more embossing powder into your utee.  Because of the heat, your powder will melt with no need to apply your heat gun.  You can use any stamp - as long as it will take the heat of course.  If you want colour, ink your stamp first.  Allow the stamp to sink into the UTEE - if you are using wood mounted just be careful not to get the UTEE stuck to the foam part as it can be trickier to release.  Allow the UTEE to cool slightly before lifting off the stamp.

You can also use your UTEE directly onto your stamp.  Pick a good background stamp for this, and make sure it is one that can stand the heat.  I ink mine first, with Versamark if you dont want any colour.  If I want a large sheet of patterned UTEE, then a pour a dollop onto the stamp and using your silicone tool, spread the UTEE down over the stamp.  It will cool really quickly and you will be able to peel it off the stamp.  It is a lot easier to peel off if you have an unmounted stamp, as you can bend the stamp away from the UTEE.

You can create a thicker piece of UTEE, just pour and leave.  Or you can create a perfect shape using a cookie cutter.  Pour a thick layer of UTEE onto your stamp, making sure it will be big enough for your cutter.  Whilst the UTEE is molten, pop your cutter into it and press down.  The cutter isn't sharp, so won't damage your stamp.  Keep testing the UTEE with your silicone tool to make sure it is cool enough to handle, and take away the cutter and peel off the stamp.  You may be able to actually snap the excess UTEE away from your cut shape - however you may need to cut it off, but it should come away easily.  If you wait for it to cool it will be a lot more brittle, and therefore may snap when you try and take the excess off.

Using your stamps with UTEE means you can create brilliant patterns, backgrounds and main embellishments.  If you need something that isn't brittle you may want to add Flexi to your pot.

Once the image has cooled, to emphasise the texture add a little of the gilding wax - it looks ace!!

Here's the links to the stuff I have been using on my web site:


Stamps HERE

Melt Pot HERE

Heat Resistant Craft Mat HERE

Gilding Wax HERE

The top image is the one peeled from the stamp, the lower one was cut with the cutter from the stamped image.

Monday 29 April 2013

Moulds and the Melt Pot

Okay, so from the You Tube videos you will have hopefully now seen all the moulds - the last one is actually a sugar craft mould - this you will find on Create and Craft or from Blossom Sugar Art.

I found the mould wouldn't work unless you cut the pieces apart (don't trim the ends off though, as these will help you line up the mould easily).  I added mica powder to the top of the flower, then poured UTEE into the bottom half - don't be scared to over-fil, and then when you close the mould don't worry when the UTEE over spills.  Allow to cool a little, then cut off the excess UTEE.  You can shape the flower using the melt pot - gently touch any parts you need to melt on the side of the pot and the heat will melt the UTEE.

The leaf is something you may need to practice.  It's just a little wire, wrapped and then left in a loop.  You will dip this into the UTEE, and lift out, making sure you angle the wire.  This will give you a skin of UTEE - it's very delicate, but really effective.  The flower is also really fragile.  Try with lots of different silicone moulds so see what effects you get.

Sunday 28 April 2013

Moulds and the melt pot

Yesterday I used normal craft moulds for pouring - but raid the kitchen for any moulds that look good - as long as they are silicone they should be fine with your UTEE.  I have used lovely silicone heart cake moulds. You don't need to add a release agent, and you can really layer your UTEE, adding elements to create layers and depth.  I love this technique, definitely one of my favourites.  Click HERE for the links to the web site, this is some of the items I used that are on my web:

Mica flakes HERE
Graphic 45 papers HERE

The other bits and bobs were from my crafty stash - and obviously the kitchen (obviously once used for UTEE, the cake mould will never be used for cakes...not that it was!).

Use the clear UTEE, I popped a little paper in the bottom, then started to pour in the UTEE.  I added words, hearts, stars, and mica flakes.  You can allow one layer to cool then add another layer - this gives you depth - and a fantastic embellishment. You will get air bubbles, again pop a few, but some of them will look cool. Try it!!!

Saturday 27 April 2013

Moulds and the melt pot

Moulds are brilliant to use with your Melt Pot - this is what differentiates a melt pot from anything else, and makes it a must have tool.  This first section I have used silicone craft moulds - there are various shapes and styles to choose from - so experiment.

Click the HERE next to the product for the link to the web site:

Face mould HERE
Round face mould (as above)
Mica Flakes HERE
Metal Flakes HERE
Gilding Wax HERE

Using moulds is so easy, all you need do is pour!  Dust the mould with mica powder, sprinkle in a little Mica Flakes, sprinkle in a little metal flake - experiment.  When the UTEE is still warm, but set, turn it out of the mould.  If you want to use the shape for jewellery you can put a hole in the shape whilst it's still warm.  If you want it to be less brittle, add flex to the melt pot.  When the UTEE has cooled down, add the gilding wax - this really emphasis the detail and texture from the mould that the UTEE picks up.  Allow to set then buff with a soft cloth to make it really shine.

You Tube video's and voucher reminder!!

Hey crafters, how are you on this fine morning (well, I think it's fine, I'm sitting in the studio at work at the mo, so haven't seen the weather in a while!).  I hope you are all well.

Just in case you haven't found the You Tube video's yet, I thought I would share the link with you on here.  There are more being edited, so will be ready for you to have a look at soon - and please have a look at the older ones as well.  The most recent have all been using the Melt Pot.  I love this little machine, it has of course been around years, but has been having a resurgence - which I'm really happy about.  It's lovely to see so many people digging their melt pots out and discovering all the things you can do with it.  I think because there are so many silicone products on the market now as well (not just craft stuff, but baking things), it means we can do even more wonderful things with our UTEE.

I have been posting photo's and simple instructions, but if you would like to see the video's the links are here:





Now, I also wanted to remind all the ladies and gentlemen who joined myself and Debbi on our workshop that you have a voucher to spend.  I haven't put a deadline on this, but I normally forget all about vouchers, and never use them, which is such a waste.  You should have received an email from Debbi with the code which you need to enter when you are checking out on my web site.  If you haven't received the email, please let me know and I can send the code to you (please note, this is only for those who came to the workshop - sorry everyone else!!).

Friday 26 April 2013

Dipping technique using the Melt Pot

This is a technique I love - but I can get wrong rather easily!!  Do check the video on You Tube to see the demo (which I actually did correct!!).  

I used (click the here for the link to the web site):

Gilding wax HERE
Gilding Flakes HERE
Melt Pot HERE
Heat resistant craft sheet HERE

Pop a little of the gilding wax on the twiddlybitz tag, this acts as a background.  Using a pair of tweezers, dip the tag into the clear melted UTEE, take it out allowing any excess drips to melt back into the pot.  Now dip into the flakes, allow to cool then using a texture sponge take off the excess flakes, then dip into the pot again. You will get air bubbles, which you can pop - some of them however, look brilliant left as they really add texture. This time I added a heart.  Keep dipping until you are happy with the layers created, and the depth - adding embellishments with each dip.  Use the edge of the melt pot to take off excess UTEE.  

Thursday 25 April 2013

Melt Pot

Well, as we speak my wonderful boyfriend is loading my demo's with the melt pot on to YouTube for me - I'll give you the link asap.  However, I will post photo's of the things I have made, together with the links for any products used from my web site in the meantime (keep checking my posts, more are to follow):

These hearts will show the embossing powder (UTEE), to it's full potential.  When we use stamps and moulds we dull the powder, and loose the fantastic marbled effect which we see in the pan.  For these hearts all you need to do is pour from your pan, quite random, and then use a cookie cutter to cut your shape.  Make sure all the elements are attached, otherwise part of your heart will drop off.

I have used Melt Pot HERE
Heat Resistant craft sheet  HERE

Monday 22 April 2013

Blog candy winner

Just a very quick post to say well done to VAL JONES, you are the lucky winner of a lovely pot of UTEE and my favourite face mould!!! If you can drop me an email with you addy ill get your goodies in the post for you (please make sure you don't pop your address on here). My email addy is:

Thank you everyone who entered - sorry you weren't lucky this time, but I'll be doing more candy so make sure you try again.

Well done Val xxx

Thursday 18 April 2013

Updates and busy ness

Just a quick posting really to say, oops, noticeable lack of posting going on yet again!  Well, I've been trying to load all my new goodies on my web site, and to be honest it takes ages!  I've managed to get the Melt Pot on there, some fantastic new Templates, really love them.  I've got stamps from Hero Arts, some of the Saturated Canary designs - basically anything I really like!  I have yet to put on the Media Mixage from Spellbinders, some new moulds from Crafty Notions, the Inkadinkadoo stamping gear....oh wow, the stuff!!

I did promise the lovely ladies I met at Ally Pally, that I would post tutorials on different uses of the melt pot.  I haven't forgotten, and as soon as I've caught up, I shall get on with my melting and creating.  In the meantime, who fancies a little blog candy.  I finally managed to post out my last winner....took ages but hopefully she loved her wonderful ribbons! This time I thought - as the melt pot is making such an amazing come back, how about a pot of stunning UTEE from crafty notions, together with a fantastic face mould - my favourite!  All you need to do is respond to this posting and I'll pick someone at random (it will be random, no favouritism I promise).  Please do keep an eye on my blog, as last time I had no email addy to get in contact, so I may have to post the winner on here.  The blog candy offer will close tomorrow evening at midnight (has to be the witching hour :)), so get blogging folks.

Righto, dogs in and an early night, I have an Inkadinkadoo show on my own tomorrow at 8am - really looking forward to having a play!!

Night all xx

Monday 15 April 2013

Back to my new stamps.....

This little chap is my thinking bird, chilling on a branch with his back to us.  I wanted to use the gleams (or the gilding wax - same product).  However, if you put the wax over the embossing powder you loose the definition of the image, but if you stamp and emboss over the gleams you get the magnificent sheen and retain the definition.  This card will get you doing both techniques so you can see the difference.  I will start with photo's and then there will be full instructions and materials.  Anything available on my web site will have HERE next to it, which you can click on and go directly to the web page.  Enjoy a little joy.

A little Joy

Bird stamp HERE
Joy stamp HERE
Black embossing powder
Gleams – Peacock HERE
Black card
Silky ribbon HERE
White card
Songbird CD: Pink music background paper HERE
Pink paisley background paper
Silicone glue/glue gel
Heat Gun

Step by Step Instructions

On a piece of white card (only needs to be the size of your bird stamp), rub the 3 gleam colours.  Buff off to shine, and then ink your bird stamp with the Versamark pad and stamp onto the gilding wax.  Cover with black embossing powder and emboss

Cut out the body of your bird and a little of his tail (I didn’t cut the swirls)

Stamp and emboss your bird again on a corner of the music paper (if you are using a brand new stamp you may want to take the coating off the stamp with a little cellotape or double sided tape – alternatively stamp on scrap paper first)

Cut your image out so you have a nice even border all the way round – mine measures approx. 10.5cm x 6.5cm. Lightly go round the edges of the paper with the pink gleams. Mat and layer a piece of black card onto your stamped image

Using a glue pen, apply glue around the swirls of your bird’s tail, and up the left side of the body. Cover with iridescent glitter

Using silicone or glue gel,  glue your Gleamed bird over the top of your stamped image. Put to one side to dry

Cut a piece of black card approx. 13cm x 9cm. Using the heart stamp, stamp randomly over the piece of black card using your versamark pad.  Cover with black embossing powder and emboss.

Allow to cool for a moment, and then apply the gilding wax over the image.  I mixed all three colours, just rubbing the wax in gently. When happy buff the card to make the wax shine

Mat and layer this onto a slightly bigger piece of black card

Cut two pieces of the paisley paper by 4.75”x4.75”. Edge both pieces of paper lightly with the pink Gleams

Stick one piece of paper to the base of your easel card, and the other to the piece of 5”x5” black card

Angle the black gleamed card as per the picture, and stick down.  Allow the image to “fall off” the card, and then from the back, trim off any over lapping pieces

Tie a piece of white silky ribbon around the card and fix at the back with double sided tape.  Now attach the topper to the bottom half of the easel card using double sided tape (make sure you only apply tape to the bottom of the topper, as you don’t want it sticking to the top of the card

Make a “bow” by folding a piece of the white ribbon – so it looks like your wrapping the ribbon around your fingers.  You only need one fold, so the ends are neat. Tie another piece of ribbon around the middle and tie at the back, in a knot. Using silicon or glue gel, attach this onto your topper

Cut a border from the top of your music paper, and mat and layer this onto a black border. Edge this using the pink gleams, and attach to the base of your easel card, with 3D foam

Stamp the word Joy onto a piece of the paisley paper. Emboss using the black powder, then cut out so you have an even border. Mat and layer this onto black card

Attach the Joy onto your card, near the top of the bird (use flat glue to attach it to the topper, and silicone to lift the side that comes away from the topper)

To finish your card, add 3 gems on the border, and 3 gems to the top right of the card

Saturday 13 April 2013


Well, I'm home, running round like a fool as usual, packing, dog walking and eating, ready for my dash to London. I'm staying over so I'll be wide awake for the morning demoing at Ali pally.

The melt pot was fired up again last night, this time for use with the texture treds. These are cool - you don't need to worry about the heat from the UTEE at all. I used them with mica, brilliance ink, and the gilding waxes (when you use gilding wax on your UTEE wait for it to cool down first).

I'll pop a couple of photos on and then crack on with my "to do" list!

Friday 12 April 2013

Inkadinkado it!!

Stamping with gears - what's that about I hear you say?! Well, this is a system that inkadinkado have brought us to make pattern forming easy and incredibly effective. The team have sent us finished samples that are just amazing - canvases, picture framing, bags, table clothes...and Cardmaking (obviously). I had to take some photos for you to show you in more detail.

Try to catch johns shows - he's back with me at 4, then again tonight at 7. He's also back tomoz with Nigel...but I've forgotten what time!

Okay, photos:

Thursday 11 April 2013

Air dry clay

Talking of the sugar blossom moulds (previous post!), I forgot to share with you the pictures of my project in the most recent Cardmaking and papercrafts magazine. How rude of me. I was working with the Martha Stewart air dry clay. This is fantastic, light weight, clean and of course, adaptable. You can see full instructions and materials in the mag, but for the following materials, just select HERE:

Air dry clay HERE
twiddleybitz HERE
graphic 45 HERE
masks HERE

Air dry clay can be used with moulds to create flowers, and much more! Why not use it for your books! Oh yes, the cover of this notebook is air dry clay! You can use it with masks for texture. Use your paints to colour, and mica powder or gilding wax for sheen!

Lastly, of course, clay is the best for model making. This is where it all began for me in the craft world - so my little bird was a joy to create. For his body I screwed up a ball of tissue paper and worked the clay around it ( saves clay!).

More melting pot goodness!!

On create and craft we have the brilliant sugar blossom shows with some great moulds. I have used these with air dry clay before - but thought lets give em a go with UTEE! Oh yeah, they work a treat. They don't need any agent to stop them sticking as they are silicone - however I did find they work better cut in half with the UTEE.

Dust the top part with mica, or mica flakes to get different finishes. To make the leaves take a piece of wire and form into an open oval. Dip into the melt pot and lift out at an angle, allowing a thin skin of UTEE to cover the oval. If you find it doesn't want to hold, and keeps popping it may be you don't have enough UTEE in your pot, or your lifting out to quick or not at an angle. Try this technique for butterfly wings.

Prepping for ally Pali with the melt pot

The melt pot bubbles away, and I dip this and that to see what happens! As I am demoing the melt pot at the weekend, I wanted quick flowers - so went for my favourite wax paper (it's a new fav - check it out on my web site).

The flowers are cut from rough circles, scrunched and popped together on a metal brad. I added a little of the gilding wax to the top of the flower, then dipped into the molten UTEE. The brads are handy, as they are easy to pick the flower out of the UTEE with. They cool quickly, and are then attached to my layers of graphic 45 paper. Notice the little card sentiment "moments", even this has been dipped to give it a wonderful glazed finish!