Friday 12 April 2013

Inkadinkado it!!

Stamping with gears - what's that about I hear you say?! Well, this is a system that inkadinkado have brought us to make pattern forming easy and incredibly effective. The team have sent us finished samples that are just amazing - canvases, picture framing, bags, table clothes...and Cardmaking (obviously). I had to take some photos for you to show you in more detail.

Try to catch johns shows - he's back with me at 4, then again tonight at 7. He's also back tomoz with Nigel...but I've forgotten what time!

Okay, photos:


Linda Simpson said...

These are all fabulous samples and thank you for sharing. Great shows.

Linda xxx

Unknown said...

They are brill! Another week or so before my budget can stretch but love the card and fabric samples. What fabric inks would best suit that are washable?

Karen xx

nikkib said...

I do like the idea of this so I treated mysekf to the circle and square seperate bits and some extra stamps... loved the samples and learnt alot watching John demonstrate the sets.....