Saturday, 27 April 2013

Moulds and the melt pot

Moulds are brilliant to use with your Melt Pot - this is what differentiates a melt pot from anything else, and makes it a must have tool.  This first section I have used silicone craft moulds - there are various shapes and styles to choose from - so experiment.

Click the HERE next to the product for the link to the web site:

Face mould HERE
Round face mould (as above)
Mica Flakes HERE
Metal Flakes HERE
Gilding Wax HERE

Using moulds is so easy, all you need do is pour!  Dust the mould with mica powder, sprinkle in a little Mica Flakes, sprinkle in a little metal flake - experiment.  When the UTEE is still warm, but set, turn it out of the mould.  If you want to use the shape for jewellery you can put a hole in the shape whilst it's still warm.  If you want it to be less brittle, add flex to the melt pot.  When the UTEE has cooled down, add the gilding wax - this really emphasis the detail and texture from the mould that the UTEE picks up.  Allow to set then buff with a soft cloth to make it really shine.


Sylvie said...

WOW! Thanks for the inspiration.. makes me want to play ..:) Sylvie

Carole Z said...

Fab Leonie..great inspiration, I really do love my melt pot..had it for Christmas and use it all the time! Carole Z X

Unknown said...

Fantastic videos, Leonie. I've never used metal flakes.what a great idea.

But, note that you can't have multiple UTEE colours going using Project Pans. TheProject Pan creates a additional barrier between the UTEE and the heating element and therefore doesn't get hot enough to properly melt the UTEE. I keep one project ps just for Chocolate!

Unknown said...

The Unknown comment above was me.

Judi Hodgkin said...

Bother! Third time lucky